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Reviewed 02 June 2010


Its been a while since I reviewed a ‘proper’ amateur site. And what I mean by ‘proper’, is a real genuine site run by the people who actually appear before your very eyes fucking and sucking like all good swingers should. Its not full of pro models ‘pretending’ to be amateurs or backed by porn dawg millionaires this is back to basics fucking simplicity! Welcome to


The main attraction is brunette Oasis, a late thirties unfaithful housewife. She has a nice sexy slim body and hails from Albany, NY, though she currently fucks out of Arizona. Her pussy is often shaven (but not always) and she has small but shapely tits with big puffy erect nipples atop. Her poor cuckold Lance has a lot to put up with but doesn’t seem to mind, in fact he really enjoys seeing his wife’s ass pounded and records all the content for this site, which includes gangbangs, interracial, public sex, cum swapping and bukkakes. Oasis is always up for a shafting and members can fuck Oasis as long as they meet the criteria on her site (check it out dudes).


Oasis uses a couple of aliases which are the Queen of Exhibitionism and The Slut! Having browsed this site I can firmly attest to these names being 100% accurate! She really cannot wait to get naked (anywhere will do) and get a dick down her gob.


There are always going to be downsides at ‘real’ amateur sites but that shouldn’t put you off, in fact its not entirely fair to call them downsides it just goes with the territory that things may not look as ‘flash’, perfectly composed or work exactly like a site that has been professionally designed and maintained by an experienced webmaster does. So it came as no surprise to find a fairly busy home page and content that by today’s standard is dated in size and clarity. What I was impressed with was the fact that Oasis and her husband are making concerted efforts to bring the digital age to which is a big plus point.


For the benefit of younger readers (under 25), years ago there was this ‘amazing’ technology called ‘film’. None of this fancy digital malarkey we have today, this shit had to be developed using ‘chemicals’ no less! It was fucking expensive and results were iffy to say the least (I just checked out my 35mm slide collection - what a load of old crap they are). Polaroid’s that’s another thing which was big way back when… but I’m digressing somewhat as always. Anyway the very latest images and video fully exploit the latest technology so the content is sharper, larger and generally getting there, sure its not perfect but its good solid fucking bareback fun - that’s what you pay for.


Quantity wise, well its not the largest collection I’ve ever seen with 28 WMV videos that can be downloaded without restriction. Running times vary between a few minutes to half an hour. In addition to these flicks there are 100+ archived cam shows (FLV format) in which Oasis performs just for you! Open pussy, toys, getting boned… its all good stuff. Quality is average at best but that’s cams for ya! Oasis also has a webcam show every Wednesday at 11pm Eastern, if you fancy joining her LIVE?


The 100+ image galleries regretfully don’t come zipped but you can view and save individual pictures (right click, save picture as…). As mentioned (up there) image quality varies according to date. I mean this site has been around since 1996 so a lot of the material predates high resolution digital! We have sections devoted to solo/toys, girl/girl and infidelities - the latter features Oasis getting a large portion of black cock and ‘chocolate’ cream up her pussy which she enjoys immensely!


There are a fair few freebies including extra amateur babe photo galleries, plus a blog and DVD store. is actively updating on what would appear to be a weekly basis which is good for this genre.


As amateur sites goes this is a very good one to join - the action is the biggest turn on possible, it’s a no holds barred condom-less fuck-a-thon from start to finish. Jizz gets milked and spunk flows everywhere all for one reasonable join fee of $24.95 for 30 days (which incidentally rebills at $22.95 and then $19.95 each month thereafter). Other savings are available for longer join periods - check it out now!


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XXX Pwnage Rating - 4 Stars
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