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Reviewed 02 April 2011


At you get the best of two worlds…: pissing and  bondage/domination action. The site launched in Feb. 2011 and is the latest entry in the fetish niche of watersports which has tons of hardcore enthusiasts. If you get off watching hot young girls  peeing on demand in a bowl, drinking pee, getting pissed on, pissing all over themselves in fear, and generally  being subjected to a variety of humiliating situations as obedient whore slaves, Piss Whore Training will be one of your favorite porn destinations. These little piss and pain sluts are more than ready to do their Master’s bidding!


The Members Area at PissWhoreTraining gets you into the action without delay showing  links to Videos, Pictures, Cams, Network and Support. This site is the latest addition to a larger network specializing in kinky fetish content such as and Lactalia,com, and much more. So it’s a perfect addition to the lineup here especially if this is the type of material that rocks your world.


Currently there are 60 videos of exclusive and very hot pissing action. In keeping with the domination theme, each clip is a “lesson” in which a slutty whore is trained to be an obedient piss slave. There’s no model index or search engine yet but it doesn’t really matter  whether you watch the scenes in order or not.  Just jump in and get your feet wet (so to speak!). Each clip averages around 5 minutes or so, with some running a bit longer. They all have a very horny description which I guarantee will  make you want to check it OUT!


So, what kind of kinky  stuff can you  find here? I previewed several clips and found them to be well done , especially the interaction between “Master” and slave. The dude  off camera giving the orders is excellent, he really gets into the verbal end of it and degrades these little piss gulping babes with his  demands. Check out “Piss Virgin Sage Part 1”. Sage is a delectable little babe who stars in many of the scenes at the site.  She’s a cutie  with huge dark eyes, petite bod and plump pussy lips. The camera angles are perfect… close-ups and upshots that get you ready for the show. Sage’s Master writes “Piss Virgin” in red lipstick on her stomach. She squats to pee and fills an entire measuring cup with her liquid. She then gets her first taste of what it’s like to be a piss whore in training as he pours it all into her open luscious mouth.


Light BDSM (ball gag, binding, cuffs, mild flogging, slapping, mouth fucked with dildo, etc.) can all be found at this site with the submissive girls usually  starting their training wearing pretty little bras and panties. Bald pussies make it  easy to view the warm stream as the sub squats over a clear glass bowl and lets it run! In one video featuring Natalia, her Master orders her to drink water until her bladder is full  to bursting… water torture anyone? Yeah! She’s happy to finally let it out!


This isn’t a dungeon type of setup if you’re expecting  that. The scenes I watched were shot  in a plain white kitchen or a  bare impersonal room, with necessary plastic on the floor to catch all the warm wetness. I liked that approach here because it doesn’t distract from the pissing action. Sometimes intruding too much of the Master/slave surroundings can end up being the whole show. However, there’s certainly enough of the domination element and pleasure/pain theme to make it well worth your while. If you’re looking for over the top badass abuse, it’s not exactly in that league, but it’s not too soft, either. In my book, any site devoted to watersports is pretty darned hardcore. I’d rate it somewhere in the middle, which can be super good in its own way.


Each video has a picture gallery. Click on the pictures link at the video itself or the top navigation bar and you can view photos in either large or medium size,  available in zip file. Galleries are screenshots of the vid and vary in number. Some have as many as 300 pics or more, or as few as 20, it just depends. The large pics are really good, clear and you get that all important close up look of some hot pussies and domination action.


Videos are available in WMV or MPG4 format for full download. There were no trailers or previews  so you only have the photo galleries (which track the vid) to help you decide if a scene is worth your while. There’s no update calendar posted, but they say at the tour that there are new updates every week. Since this site has only been online a month as of this review and there’s already 60 scenes, that’s a  good load of content already. If they keep it up, this will be a solid collection of pissing/golden shower/domination vids and pics.


The Home page shows the latest vid and picture updates, along with  links to the larger network bonus sites,  live cams (third party sites outside their network), recommended sites and Customer Service which provides basic email support for tech or billing questions.


By itself this site wouldn’t merit $29.95/mo membership fee, but because it is part of a larger fetish oriented network with over 25  sites that  update regularly, I’d rate this a good deal. There’s some kinky hot stuff that you won’t see everywhere and the addition of is just what the Master ordered!  Get in here and watch these humiliated sluts wet their pannies for ya!


Membership costs $29.95, which includes full access to all the bonus sites in the network!


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