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Reviewed 05 June 2010


Welcome to PinkTV, part of the "Pink Revolution" that's expanding the way porn is delivered online in today's rapidly changing competitive adult environment, seeking new territory to conquer. PinkTV is actually a rather impressive site that brings the worlds of interactive camgirls (500 of 'em!), television, adult miniseries, video on demand hardcore clips, hot behind the scenes live action, and photo galleries together in one enticing package. If you're tired of the "same old same old", PinkTV will fill a void, giving you the feeling that you're watching an actual broadcast television network devoted not to boring mainstream TV but porn at its best. Truly, this type of online programming is the wave of the future or at the very least, a preview of the next generation of porn content for viewers who crave more and want a multi-faceted experience with a lot going on!


Upon first visiting PinkTV, you may be somewhat overwhelmed by the many elements presented. While the layout and navigation could certainly be a bit more explanatory, after spending some time exploring various links and finding what's what, you'll soon get the lay of the land. It takes some getting used to because this isn't the standard porno website, it's really a mini-television network with all that entails.


At the main page you'll see an area that says "Welcome to Pink TV" with hot action going 24/7 in breathtaking quality, available in medium or HD quality or full screen viewing, just as if you were watching an ongoing porn TV streaming feed.  This is FREE at all times when you register - AWESOME.  When I logged on, there was lesbo action with two beauties licking and sucking, and then it switched to a model profile, so I sat and watched that for awhile. A very good, constant flow of content. Then came a kinky girl/girl/guy threeway with anal. I was hooked right there! I'm the type who digs a constant flow of stuff and the "watch pink tv" area of the site certainly delivers. Next to that area is the PinkTV Schedule showing running times and what shows will be on.


At the top of the main page you'll see "Watch Pink TV", "Live Girls", and "Video on Demand". Scroll down to read all about the network in the "Welcome to Pink TV" intro, which gives you general information and how it all evolved. This area is sort of their "FAQ", so be sure to read and find out what you get. The word "free" pops up a lot - live chat free, free behind the scenes videos, and of course the free 24-hr television featuring hardcore sex scenes. Sound good? It does to me (as I sit here watching yet another hot scene on the 24/7 television feed!).


If camgirls are your thing, click on "Live Girls" and you'll see 500 beautiful girls, ready to please. It's free to chat, and each girl has a detailed bio and sample pics. There's also couples, mature, fetish, and bbw categories to browse for your individual tastes. From looking around, I saw some really pretty chicks, hot bods, above average looking cambabes so you won't be disappointed with the selection of girls available to spend time with. Of course, to go into a private chat you must purchase credits.


When you've had your fun with the camgirls, you can jump to the videos - click on "Video On Demand" - you'll need to sign up as a Diamond member for full access to all of the PinkTV hardcore video archive, and you can sort by scenes, series, behind the scenes, model clips, selects, films, and photosets.


One aspect I really enjoyed about PinkTV are the various porn series they have such as The Brothel, a reality look into the smutty world of a Prague whorehouse,  Into The Mist (hot vampire porn with kinky bondage), and Behind The Pink Curtain (lots of sexy behind the scenes content at PinkTV). These original Pink series bridge the gap between mainstream TV and hardcore porn, or the usual porn website we've all gotten so used to over the years. The production values in these series are excellent, not thrown together gonzo junk but high quality material so be assured you'll be seeing great content, professionally shot, with some of the most beautiful women around, both well known and Euro stars that aren't as familiar to American audiences.


PinkTV also does an excellent job with their search engines, allowing you to browse by category, model, and much more regardless of where you are at their site.


I checked out the Photosets - access is FREE just for registering. Each gallery features 100+ photos, although they did not appear to be in zip file or available for download, but they are huge, hi-res fabulous pics, showing everything from hardcore action to glamour. PinkTV does not provide an update calendar, so it's difficult to know what's in the pipeline at any given moment, but the 11 galleries that were up were all brand new, posted within a few days of this review. From the overall looks of things, I'd say updating isn't a problem around here although in some areas the offerings are special selections from 2009. These guys are generally committed to your satisfaction and pleasure and the last thing they want to be accused of is having stale content, so I think I can say that you'll get a steady flow of new eye candy all the time, from one area or another at PinkTV.


Naturally, I had to check out the "Behind the Scenes" since I love that type of stuff and always watch it whenever I can.  I got quite a laugh out of "Pussy Smoke" with Shy Waters. It's only a minute long but she does insert a cig into her pussy and blow smoke out of it! Again, access to the BTS area is free just for registering.


Click on "Films" for access to original PinkTV films. Currently, they have one offering entitled, "Slave Breeders", and the price is shown as $4.99 to view this full-length sex slave all girl femdom feature with a Euro taste.


So let's talk about pricing and what you get. As noted, there's plenty free here - the FREE and XXXtremely hot 24/7 PinkTV hardcore clips (fabulous), FREE chat, FREE  BTS clips and videos, FREE photosets. To upgrade for further access, there's two levels:


Gold: $7.95/month

As a Gold member, you get 7 FREE VOD videos per month and you get to keep them in your library for the life of your membership. Unlimited free chat with or without credits. Use your private chat credits or use them to purchase additional VOD credits, plus all the free content and action.


Diamond: $22.95/month

As a Diamond member, watch all VOD content with weekly updates, unlimited free chat with or without credits, or add credits to purchase models clips or select PTV partners.


I'd say the Diamond membership is a very good deal considering all the sexy stuff you get at PinkTV that you won't find at the run of the mill porn paysite.


The main downside is that the site is somewhat confusing and it's not easy to find out when new content will be posted in a particular category. I'd like to see them add a basic FAQ for quick and easy reference. They have a tour, so be sure to check that out as it will give you a better overview of how things are run here and the basic concept behind PinkTV. Over time, I'm sure this site will evolve, change and grow as viewers provide feedback about what they want. This is definitely a place you should look into. There's no stinting on quality, the models are luscious, the action is decidedly hardcore and varied, and there's been a real investment of time, $$ and creativity at PinkTV.  And you just can't beat that 24/7 porno tv streaming feed... hmmm, I'm still watching it as I type this. So, get in here and give it a go!


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