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Reviewed 31 August 2010


If your girl is a horny hoe with a lust for cock sucking then you may not need this site. However for most of us poor sods that only get a blow job on our birthday, will help fill that throat fucking void, week in, week out, via an almighty collection of blowjob videos and photosets.


Forgive my ignorance but, I’m not too sure where the ‘Papa’ bit fits in. When I saw this site on my porn to do list I thought it was going to feature lots of older guys (as in papa’s) getting milked by younger chicks, but nope its not a niche within a niche its pretty much a standard suck off site. Its all filmed POV style - with the guy pointing the camera at his dong (cock) to capture every moment of this gloriously messy act, watch as his meat gets wanked off and his love plums sucked until he spurts a thick load of creamy sperm into the waiting girls mouth - which she duly swallows like any good bitch should. Oh yes and some of these sluts also rim the guys asshole, so as blowy sites goes this is a fucking good un! Of course the chicks massage their tits and finger their hot pie holes to turn you on as well (like you needed it). has been around since 2003 and in that time has amassed a library of 180 great looking movies, the same number of video caps, but less high resolution photosets (which means not all scenes have the finest quality imagery - I counted over 60 mind you). Everything can be downloaded and kept forever. Photos (including video caps, about 100 images per file) are in handy zip files and full length movies can be downloaded too. If you want a quick taster, choose the small 5 minute or so clips which are available in two WMV versions (451 kbps/1429 kbps) or a dedicated portable MPEG-4 version (1566 kbps) for your mobile device. Streaming is also an option.


The action most definitely speaks for itself with a host of delectable amateur/porn honeys pleasuring huge black and white cock (that’s interracial speak, not monotone dicks). Its interesting to watch the various hand job styles employed - some use the regular up and down method, others the twist and yank - highly recommended viewing for your wife or girlfriend - plenty of good tips to be had. There is a babe for all occasions, be that blonde, brunette, redhead, white, black or Latino plus some two girl suck offs to boot. The photosets contain additional imagery of the babes prior to knob rustling where they strip and show off their gaping pussies and ripe assholes. Nice touch!


Updates have been pretty good of late, with a new scene added every two weeks so expect plenty more spunky mouth washes to cum. Of course no good site would be without a damn fine collection of bonuses and you get more than your fair share here with 33 exclusive sites (including more BJ sites such as Cock Hungry Cock Suckers, Jizz Bomb and Monster Loads) plus 22 non exclusive feeds included free - amazing! Even more so, when I tell you that its all available for just $14.95 per month, which conversely doesn’t suck at all!


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