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Reviewed 24 October 2009


If your idea of erotic heaven is watching dominant women in pantyhose as they torment submissive sissy boys, Pantyhose Supremacy may be just what you're looking for. This site combines the pantyhose fetish with femdom action in all its many forms, with the end result being a rather hot blend of silk and sadism. These bitchy broads know how to make a groveling sub bow down and worship, and it's not always the Domme wearing the pantyhose, either. Oh the humiliation of it all! The 40+ dominatrixes here know how to make a guy with low self esteem feel even worse about himself. Hey, squirrel balls, I'm talking to you! Oops, sorry, I got carried away!


Pantyhose Supremacy (I must say, I like that title!) has been online since 2007 and during that time has amassed 360+ galleries which update every three days, clearly labeled with date. This is an ultra simple site - get in and start downloading, that's the basic theme here. The main page gives a short introduction describing what's inside: "Conceived by real life pantyhose fanatics and shot with actual submissives, the action is always intense." I love it when I see words like "actual submissives" - it creates that tingle of anticipation of being in a more authentic atmosphere. Many of these nastyass mean gals are also the real thing in their off camera lives. Give me a pro Domme any day over a chick that only does one or two scenes a year in this genre. Since pantyhose is an integral part of the theme, it's no surprise that foot and leg worship plays a role, in addition to a mixture of bondage, cock torment, ass worship, smothering, and more. It's amazing the numerous ways pantyhouse can be used as an erotic device... to tease, to tantalize... to tie up a cock or two. Or maybe I should say hogtie, as I saw in one scene here. The ideas are endless. And the pantyhose come in all colors (black, white taupe, red, purple, etc.) and styles (fishnet, body stocking, crotchless... nice!). There's often a strap-on ready to plunder the "asspussy" of a sub, who might be bent over a sawhorse, tied to a chair or strapped to a  table or ordered to lie on the rock hard floor.


You can sample some free scenes and photos at the main page, and there's also a link to pay per view through AEBN video on demand. In addition, below that you'll see a page of thumbnails as "Most Recent Updates".  Click on "Members" to log in and you'll be into the Members Gallery area. You'll see the listing of the most recent galleries/videos, clearly dated. A pretty simple layout here, not much to slow you down from getting into the action.


Many of the scenes here feature two or more pantyhose-wearing bitches, ganging up on one obediently submissive guy. I counted 52 ladies of pain available for your choosing... on the right hand side of the screen you'll find two ways to search for the Domme of your dreams: through the Model's Pages with listing by alphabetical order. You'll see a short bio of the wench, giving you a taste of what the evil lady does to her captives and her personal stats. Click on her pic and it brings up all the videos she currently has at Pantyhose Supremacy. You can also search via Model's Gallery. I randomly chose Mistress Ariana, and the search engine pulled up three galleries. Another, Mistress Ammunition, (gotta love that name!), had 10 galleries. There's no rating system or member feedback which would be a nice improvement to help find the most popular or prolific babes. So, if this is your first visit, dive in and look around, until you get a feel for who's who and what's what.


The videos are updated every three days, but not in order. For example, Part 1 of a scene with Mistress January posted on Sept 30, 2009. The last scene, Part 3, posted on October 21. It sometimes takes a while to get the full download start to finish. Movies vary in size, averaging around 6 parts, running 10 min or so per clip. I would prefer if they moved their latest updates into the member area, clearly showing the last 5 or so vids posted with dates. In any case, you'll probably watch whatever comes up next, or scroll down to find the previous segment of a video you're actively following.


I checked out the latest addition, which turned out to be Part 3 of Mistress January and "tosha" her male sub (tosha seems to be a popular guy at this site!), entitled, "Her Wishes Only". Hey, I wanted to check out the taupe pantyhose mentioned in the description, okay? And they were some hot pantyhose, I gotta tell ya. Mistress' curvacious body looks smokin in these beautiful stockings which hug her body like a glove. On top, she's wearing a lacy black bra. Tosha also ends up wearing white pantyhose, worn over somewhat saggy men's underwear. Made for an exciting scene of humiliation. She yanks them down at one point to get at his bare ass as he straddles a saw horse. The set is done in what I call "early industrial", implements of various sorts hanging here and there. It's not dungeon style exactly, more like a weird office in someone's garage, with draped curtains and lighting. But it is nicely effective for the type of material. Mistress January is a rather cruel looking brunette and the scene features ass flogging with a red whip, hard paddling on tosha's butt (until it turned very  red), smacking, and even more hardcore - biting on his ass and back that left teeth marks visible on his flesh. Some breast worship and a final hog tie with the pantyhose rounds it out. She could have been a bit more vocal/verbal (I like Dommes who really talk dirty to their helpless subs), but overall it was an okay scene and she did look erotic in her tight fitting pantyhose. His reddened ass and those bite marks showed there's some pain going on here (although no models were harmed during filming!).


Videos here are available in one format only: WMV. A weak point is that there's no general FAQ or other information about downloading. So, your options are limited if you want to download to iPod or using dial up. No streaming video was available that I could find.


Each scene comes with a photo gallery in zip file. This one had 49 pics (although they don't show the number of pics, I had to count 'em), and they enlarge to really great hi res full screen pix.


I checked out a three Domme scene, titled "Maid To Order" featuring Mistresses Mika, Kenda and Jacklyn - one blonde, one brunette, one redhead. They each wear pantyhose (a requirement here!) and sky high platform heels, and look quite hot doing it. The sub (maid jack) has a face dildo in his mouth and wears a frilly nightie thing. Looks a bit Rocky Horror Picture Show, but it's the humiliation quotient that counts and this is pretty degrading. The Dommes spit and drool into a plate which is put on jack's face. Ewwww. But if this floats your boat, you'll like the scene! Lots of cock torture with sharp heels, face sitting, and oh yeah, pantyhose! (one chick wears some cool spiderman type net hose, nice!). Comes with 57 big hi res photos in zip file. The full movie contains five parts and was posted in 2008.


Really, the chicks here do just about everything nasty there is to do (well, just about). I saw one pic of a pantyhose-clad gal in a swing, so there's lots going on. It's a big site - offhand I didn't see any water sports although there may be some. With a site with so much content and all the fetishes they depict, they really should provide a key word search to narrow things down a bit for the viewer. Unfortunately I have no way of knowing everything that's hiding in the nookies and crannies of Pantyhose Supremacy. Browsing through various clips and reading the synopsis, they all look pretty inventive and interesting, so don't blame me if I've missed a hot item or two here.


There are no bonus sites included in the deal, and apart from a general links page, the previously mentioned video on demand link to AEBN and a newsletter link, there's no other bonus tidbits lurking.


Support is provided by an email contact.  It's certainly not the fanciest site around as far as bells and whistles. However, in view of the quite large and varied array of nasty mischief available here, with updates every three days on the dot, I can't think of a reason not to like this site. If you dig vicious women doing hardcore things to humiliated guys, I think you'll find Pantyhose Supremacy is rather supreme in its own nichey little way!


Membership details: Monthly: $27.95 (recurring) or $29.95 (single billing). Three months costs $49.95 (recurring). There are lots of ways to pay: credit card, online check billing, bank transfer, check, money order or cash!


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