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Reviewed 08 September 2011 is, as the name implies, the birthplace of all things panty related and having spent some considerable time within its nylon rich archive I can confirm it is indeed a panty palace, a knicker king and a gigantic gusset filled library of hot horny fun all rolled into one.


Panty Freek has been online since the late 1990’s and is still run by its creator Christy - a gorgeous MILF who also features heavily in her own panty section. The site has gone from strength to strength over the past 13+ years, accumulating an almighty collection of (mainly) photo galleries and more recently accompanying streaming video content.


Panty Freek is all that is good about genuine amateur porn. It may not be as visually flashy as some of today’s monumental productions, but that doesn’t really matter. Content always wins out. Personally though, I think a few tweaks here and there would make finding content easier, such as a search engine, some content segregation (photo/video) and more niche areas (types of panty, such as sheer, cotton, thongs etc). That aside links work fine. However a fair amount of clicking is required which becomes an adventure at times. Perseverance is the key and by delving deep inside, a host of gems await you. This is a hidden treasure type site.


Panty Freek is deceptive to say the least - first impressions led me to believe this was a moderately sized collection, but boy was I in for a surprise! There are thousands upon thousands of photo galleries that lie behind each models thumbnail image. I would hazard a guess that there must be 8,000-10,000 (but don’t quote me on that). I understand from the site blurb there are 22,000+ images which must be conservative all things considered.


This amazing library is split between 232+ amateur babes (the original girls), plus 75 guest appearances and a further 170 individual hotties in the wives/girlfriends section. There is also a small collection of random material (under the heading “More Cool Panty Related Stuff”) which houses guys in panties, whale tails, candid up skirts and visible panty lines amongst other things. And if that wasn’t enough material, there is an archive section of image galleries taken from the owners discontinued sister site (20 additional niches packed full of lovely panties, stockings, cheerleaders and some old AVI panty movies). Awesome!


Image quality has improved greatly over the years, but don’t expect ultra high resolution for the very earliest content. What you can expect today though is very good large resolution imagery and fairly decent video presentations. There aren’t any zip files so you’ll have to save pictures manually.


Movies are streaming only and are displayed in an embedded flash player. View in high, medium or low, normal or full screen, full length or clips. There aren’t quite so many movies, maybe a 100 or so and their not exactly feature length (5 mins max) but their good to have all the same. Quality varies from average to good.


There is an active message board, a panty blog, plus links to a panty DVD store (run by Christy) and panty sales - yep, you can purchase some of the panties worn by these lovely ladies!


If you are into panties you should get into TODAY… especially as it costs an extremely reasonable $14.95 per month! Terrific value for money.


Amateur porn at its best.


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