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Reviewed 29 July 2010


Lets face it when it comes to ladyboys there are regretfully some freakish examples that get wheeled out of the plastic surgeons office. Not here though, is home to 100% genuine all natural Shemales that have never had any body alterations, implants or surgery at all. So what you get is a ladyboy as porn god intended, just hair extensions, manicured nails, make up and a COCK!


‘Man boobs’ are an asset if you are a shemale and the models at do have small ‘tits’ (some with tan lines) but nothing outrageously inflated due to the ban on surgical procedures. I’m no expert but a dose of hormone drugs can artificially expand jugs and assume that’s what is going on here. I must confess I haven’t visited that many tranny sites, but these ‘girls’ are as attractive as they come, slim and pretty - crikey there is even a Sarah Jessica Parker look-a-like (check out Rafaella). I’m not sure if this is a compliment or not - you decide! has been online since late 2007 and is produced by the first rate company Kick Ass. That means a great user interface, clearly labelled content, good links and excellent search options.


Unfortunately this site hasn’t really hit top gear with content updates from day one, with erratic updates since its inception. As a result there are just 30 movies and 19 photosets, though these are all exclusive and ultra niche based so it’s a win some, lose some situation. Its not all doom and gloom because membership to this site includes full access to 18 Kick Ass sites, such as, and, which more than makes up for the shortfall.


Photo sets are available to view online in gallery format (with slideshow option) or download via a convenient zip file. Stunning high resolution imagery throughout. Expect around 100 images per zip give or take.


Movie downloads are available in WMV format and MPEG-4 specifically for portable devices (check out their mobile site Latest inclusions are super high quality the older material less so. There is a 3 GB daily download limit so choose your downloads carefully - I’d recommend streaming movies initially to save precious kilobits!


Action is man-on-ladyboy so expect plenty of anal creampies and cock gobbling. I’m not gay but found the content mildly arousing - maybe its because the chicks look like chicks but have dicks - a best of both worlds experience in a way. I’m sure there are plenty of guys out there that get a secret buzz out of shemale sites and if you are curious maybe this deal will tempt you - worst case scenario you’ll get bags of straight sites for free so you can’t really lose. The latest update was 26 July 2010, so is alive and kicking but don’t expect weekly updates from this individual site or you’ll be disappointed. Membership costs from $29.95 for 30 days right through to $99.95 for 180 days.


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