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Reviewed 02 April 2010


Olivia Pain is a skanky nasty chick with tiny tits who digs doing things like fucking a guy with a strap on, taking a cock up her ass and sucking dick. She also looks like she's capable of churning out a lot of dirty scenes for you to get off on - the main downside to this potentially hotter site is that there's not much content - five videos and five photo galleries. is part of the Puzmedia network which includes 12 main sites plus 100 bonus feeds and live cam action so that takes a little of the "pain" away from having not much of Olivia Pain to fulfill your kinky fantasies. However, because this is a new network, starting up in 2009, there's indications that it'll get bigger with time.


The Home page of the network has a "News" area which gives a general blurb about what you get - a models update once a week, free webcams, and lots of hot action. The top navigation bar shows My Favorites, Recent Updates, Next Updates, Our Sites, All Models, Livecams and Bonus Area. Underneath that you'll see the latest updates, the next update and all updates across the network. While there's no update calendar, they seem to be true to their word that they update once a week. That doesn't mean all their sites are updated that often, but as a member here, you will get something new just about every day, so they are continuing to keep the content flowing across the board.


That brings us back to Olivia Pain. The latest video posted June 2009, so as of this review (April 2010) it's been almost a year since this particular site has updated. Does that mean it isn't worth a looksee? No. The strong point of this network is that most of their "girl sites" as they call them feature chicks that aren't very well known which I always see as a positive and it's definitely toward the amateur side in tone so that's also a plus factor in my book. Olivia will appeal to the more fetish minded among you, with her rather severe looks, dark hair and somewhat dominating attitude. All five of her vids pair her up with the same guy who I assume is her boyfriend, so it's like watching a real couple. He's a punk Euro type who obviously digs getting her strap-on up his ass.  The layout of her site is beyond simple so you aren't gonna get lost in here! "My Videos", "My Pictures" and "About Me" are the main links. In "About Me" you'll see some of Olivia's stats - age (27), muff (everyday shaved!), favorite position (penetrating partner on top with front entry). She doesn't have a forum or interactive elements such as a cam or blog.   


The title suggests that the site is built around her, but it's more of a couples thing with the two of them together.


Click on "Videos" and you'll see the offerings - each has a title and date posted. Examples of titles: "Olivia Anal Action", "Fuck Me Hard", and "I Hate You" (strong teacher/schoolboy scenario). This isn't a hard BDSM site by any means so don't expect rough bondage or super freaky stuff, but Olivia obviously digs being the boss when she wants, but she's good at receiving a hard fuck too. I previewed the strap-on vid titled, "The Real Pain" and it's pretty hot. The chemistry between her and her boyfriend is an added bonus, he's into what they're doing all the way. Even though the site isn't advertised as a boyfriend/girlfriend type of site, I always like seeing a pair who obviously "work" together regularly and know each other's personalities as well as bodies. The scene starts with him licking her pussy and fingering her ass (she's majorly into assplay), and she returns the "favor" by fucking him with her fake cock which he totally loves. Olivia has some cute tats, including a Playboy bunny on her lower back. If you like your chicks skinny, she'll fit your fantasy in that department. While she lists her age as 27, she sometimes wears teen-style panties or outfits. The strap-on vid was my favorite of those I looked at. The running time isn't listed, but most are around 15 min. or so.


Videos can be downloaded in HD quality or LO, or streamed in clips in High or Low. Low was not the greatest quality although it is viewable - Hi is a lot better, so be sure to use that format.


Click on "My Pictures" for the photo galleries. There's five galleries, and the pics are great looking, clear beauties, fairly large size, most averaging 75+ pics. They can be viewed in small, medium, or large in slideshow, and are available for full download in zip file in small and medium size, so there's a good range of options in the galleries. You can also rate the pics and write comments. I always prefer the photo galleries to be on the same page as the vids so you can easily reference which pics go with which vids, but with a site this small, it's fairly easy to go to the gallery that tracks with the video.


Support is provided via a link on the page which lets you send a message to the admin to report a problem. I didn't find any other FAQs or detailed support info.


Overall, it's a shame there isn't more updating at Olivia Pain and her freaky boyfriend because they definitely have the potential to do lots more kinky stuff, and maybe even up the "pain" factor beyond a whack on his rear end. They make a weird pair so if that's your scene, you'll like these two. As always with small content sites, you have to look at the bigger picture, i.e. it's part of a network of 12 rather unusual "girl" sites plus the cams and 100 bonus feeds covering all the popular porn niches which adds up to quite a lot of porno fun for your $$$. Since this network seems to be fairly new and continuing to add sites, it just may be worth a look around because most of the chicks are not the glossy big titty type and there's an emphasis on teen as well as punk, bit of a unique mix. And for me, that's never a bad thing!


Membership: Monthly: $29.95; 90 days: $59.95 or 180 days: $99.00. Pay by credit card, online check or direct pay (EU).


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