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Reviewed 27 January 2010


I’m not quite sure what it is about nylons but I reckon just about every red blooded male on the planet ‘gets it‘. Even my colleague and purveyor of filth, Honey, who doesn’t even sport a pair of dangly gonads appreciates the tempting character a pair of stockings exude. Its high time some knob boffins did some research into all this. Personally, I think it’s the feel and decorative look -  even a duff pair of pins (that’s legs folks) look better encased in form flowing nylon and a good pair of taught legs well I don’t need to go into that. Maybe it’s the way they culminate just shy of the naughty bits, I don’t know (answers on a postcard, please). Anyway I’m verging off on a tangent here. Right, down to business. Everyday should be a nylon day and today is my lucky day (again) its time to look at


If you read my recent review of Retro-Queens you’ll have the merest whiff that this site is similar. Its from the same production team behind that vintage orientated site plus and These sites are aimed squarely at nylon/lingerie aficionados. This site in particular is a wonderful experience and I maybe biased because of my passion for stockings but I reckon even someone with a just passing interest would shoot their wad within a few minutes. has been around since 2003 and that’s where the archive starts. Each year has provided us with 50 individual downloadable photosets and although these are not dated, the total number of images per set is prominently displayed. Talking of which, I just skimmed the archive and the average pans out at around 100, some a lot more some a lot less but all very good quality, the latest ones close to or high in resolution. So totting up here… we have currently 354 photosets all zipped up and ready to go.


Movies are in their own section - of which there are three (Movie Clips I-III). Right now there are 78 movies to choose from ranging from solo girl masturbation to multi girl lesbian and boy/girl/girl hardcore. You get a decent looking wide thumbnail and an erotic description, plus file size and running time. These are not feature length videos, though some are getting there at nearly 30 minutes long, more tantalizing 5 minute masturbation machines! I mean, I don’t normally require 30 minutes to blow my ball bag contents, but I am a highly charged sex machine you see (wink). The majority of movies are WMV format but I did find the odd MPG version floating around. All are standard resolution (640x480) and are nicely presented, sharp and most good enough for full screen viewing.


Great download speeds were recorded which is handy as some of the video files are big 100 MB+ - my best being a steady 770kbps using an 8 MB line!


Overall I’d say the photographic material (posing) is softcore in nature, however, the movies contain a touch of the hard stuff. That means some lucky bastard gets to fuck these nylon lovelies and cum over their supple asses. If you like to see pussy-panty-stuffing there’s some of that too and for all you lovers of heels, a bit of pussy rubbing courtesy of some sexy footwear. And what site would be without a cucumber up the love hole movie, yep that’s in here too… and it’s a fucking big one!


I reckon the best place to start is the ‘Model Base’. Here you will uncover each and very babe that features at Click on her picture and you will be presented with her stats, height, dress size, country etc plus links to her photos/videos. There are some red hot girls in here some of my personal favorites are Eve, Astrid, Nancy and Kaz B.


Site design is a little dated and navigation is within a html ‘frame’, but its been done competently enough so no major issues to report.


To be honest if you are into stockings, garters, pretty lingerie, panties a good dose of teasing plus the reward of seeing these hotties taking it all off to reveal their inner most charms (pink to you and me) it’s a no brainer. If you are looking to expand your personal nylon stash then this is the place to go especially at just 21 Euros (around $29) for 30 days (recurring at just 18 Euros after the initial month).Highly recommended nylon site.


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