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Reviewed 25 August 2010


When it comes to fisticuffs, beware of a girlie catfight. Lets face it a headlock from Hulk Hogan is more appealing than getting a kicking from two hair pulling, eye gouging bitches, locked in mortal combat! Wrestling is an age old sport and has developed over the years into an all singing, all dancing spectacle of pure entertainment. The pro scene is dominated by blokes the size of barn doors and while that is all well and good in WWF… where are all the sexy wrestling babes? Wouldn’t it be great if some cute looking chicks had a grapple and maybe lost some Lycra in the fondling process? Or if we were really lucky got completely fucking naked and started licking cunt and sticking dildos up the losers ass crack? Well, that’s exactly what you get at, a brand new site dedicated to chicks in the ring (piece).


Pro wrestling has always had a reputation for being staged and a bit phoney, but to be honest, although these are porn lesbians, they really do get stuck in - its definitely not handbags at two paces, its as epic as it gets - this is babe vs. babe no holds barred scrapping at its finest.


I did mention these were all lesbian combatants didn’t I? Well, I know what you’re thinking and I’ll say it… no there aren’t any bloke look-alikes, you know shaven headed macho types - these are cute sweeties - just take a look at some of the match-ups, you‘ll recognize these names for sure:


Emma Butt vs. Larissa Dee and Diana Stewart

Laura Crystal vs. Michelle Moist

Angel Long vs. Cathy Heaven

Debbie White vs. Blue Angel

Kathia Nobili vs. Angell Summers

Brandy Smile vs. Valery Summers

Cindy Hope vs. Sophie Moone


Hot fucking stuff and that’s just a small selection. Right now there are 46 fights (including some behind the scenes footage) all shot in glorious 1080p High Definition (plus video caps and gorgeous high resolution photo galleries in zip files), so you can see their talon like nails digging in and almost smell their wet pussies up close and personal, all razor sharp and crystal clear. I was really surprised at the professional way is presented - I know I shouldn‘t have been, because this site is produced by one of the best in the business, There are loads of movie download options (including an iPod version for each flick) plus a cool new look and navigational approach to the entire network (60+ sites).


But I digress. The opening titles are very convincing - its 100% wrestling fare right down to the chord strumming rock music and I loved the stats screen - unlike ‘normal’ wrestling stats (wins/losses) NFC has the total number of pussies KO’d, and scores for fingering, tonguing, fisting and a tally of sex tools used on previous opponents - absolutely classic!


The babes all wear small vests emblazoned with NFC (Nude Fight Club, obviously) and small bikini style briefs. Prior to each dust up, the fighters are interviewed POV style by a honey with a really sexy accent. The fight then gets underway and it’s always a bruising encounter, with some heavy duty slams (semi-power slams I guess you could call ‘em). There appears to be some anger management issues going on with plenty of ooohs and arrghhs plus some jeering (you fucking whore etc) as the chicks grapple to get on top (literally). Its not long before the almost non existent clothing gets torn off (clothes ripping fans will lap this bit up) and then the fighting moves onto the sexual stage. Once naked its only a matter of time before these babes use their ‘special’ moves, such as the ‘slick slit lick’ and ‘butt muncher’ (by the way, I made those up but their real moves believe me!). Its all super horny and got me pumping. Solid and professional - its 100% convincing and I fucking love it. Its mainly 1 vs. 1 though there are a few 2 vs. 1 contests.


Like I say, is pretty new so content is low at the moment but expect tonnes more to come as updates arrive weekly. And don’t forget members get rewarded each month they remain onboard with more and more top notch bonus sites (see links below), culminating in 60+ sites after two months. Best deal on the table is the one year, no rebill, option which works out at just $9.95 per month. Fan-fucking-tastic! Grab yourself a ringside seat NOW!


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