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Reviewed 24 February 2010


Next to German porn, I love Japanese porn even more, and is a large (180+ movies) and growing collection of hardcore uncensored Japanese porn. If you've spent any amount of time watching Asian porn, you know that it's quite different in tone from American porn. True, the technical quality may not always be up there with the slick Porn Valley productions, but for my money, that's one of the reasons I like it so much. The girls for the most part are more natural in their sexuality while at the same time exuding the pouty, submissive and just plain kinky attitude that spells "TURN ON" for a lot of guys who are burned out on predictable scenarios, big boobs, bleached hair, tatts and fake orgasms. So let's take a tour of and see why I like it so much.


For starters, it's part of an overall mega porn network, AllElitePass, so if you discover isn't your cup of sake, you still have 60+ more exclusive sites to partake of.  Also, it's currently updating regularly. From what I could see, it generally updates about once a week with a new movie, so for now anyway, there's a steady stream of Asiatic delights flowing your way on a regular basis. We've reviewed a number of sites from this network (SleepAssault, SistasInTheHood, etc) so be sure to check those out for a general overview of how the navigation works at this network, as all the sites are laid out the same. This particular site had a number of Asian webcam links from the Amateur Girls Collection - live chat with Japanese webcam girls. There's lots of ways to search by model, category, photos and keyword, so this network has done a very good job of providing the necessary tools to locate your favorite content, model or scene.


Since this is authentic Japanese porn, there's no English spoken and for the most part, that's absolutely no problem. There may be a few scenes with a bit of setup and dialogue, but from what I previewed, the action is quite self-explanatory. And when they say hardcore, they mean it, especially fetish oriented material. Bondage, pissing, some preggo action, schoolgirl, bukkake, sex toys, straight fucking, teen, threeway, solo masturbation, couples, some  lesbian... what's NOT here would be easier to describe  than what is. So, it's safe to say there's something for just about every taste at NipPorn. Lots of variety and creative styles. Some of the girls have small breasts while others are a bit bustier, but most are petite and quite a few have their natural bush on display, a nice change if you're tired of the shaved bare look. You also get an amateur feeling in the scenes - lighting might not be the best, camera angles may go a bit askew at times or you'll see a flash go off, but I personally dig the amateur fucking and masturbation so you won't find me complaining about those small matters. I don't know if any of the performers here are pornstars in Japan, (they don't always list the model name in the scene description), and as far as I could determine, there are no model bios at this network, but if they are listed, you can click on their name to find the other scenes they've done.


In the member's area, you'll see thumbnail pics with title and date added, along with a graphic photo to whet your appetite. Click on your choice of hot Asian porn and you'll be in the movie download area, where you'll see more info - a scene description and the categories of sex action contained in the vid.


I previewed the latest update, "Bitch Gets Finger Fucked" - a darkly lit, creepily erotic bondage scene showing a girl with quite beautiful bod/tits lying on her back on black plastic having hot wax dripped all over her pale skin. The wax is red and looks somewhat like blood... she's wearing only a shirt and her hands are bound. Her male tormentor wears a mask and stays in the shadows. He then puts a bowl in front of her while she squats and she pisses into it, which he then pours over her arm and stomach. Yeah, rather hardcore, but it retains an oddly sensuous, almost artistic tone. At the end he finger fucks her. The moody lighting and overall setting made this one a kinky winner which I thoroughly enjoyed. Fans of bondage, pissing, hot wax play and fetish will find it a very hot and interesting viewing experience. The running time is 24 minutes and you can watch in clips which are available in flash, WMV/High/Low, or MPG Low, or download the full video in WMV or MPG.  Each clip has a thumbnail pic to help you choose what to sample.


The movie includes a VidCap gallery of 90+ pics - unfortunately they're not in zip file or hi-res, but slideshow format only. They're not overly large and just of average quality.  


I wanted to see how these horny babes pleasure their selves, so checked out a solo masturbation scene "Housewife's Self-Pampering Time" and once again I was rewarded for the time spent. We see Mio, dressed in conservative long-sleeved blouse and skirt such as you'd wear at the office or home - she unbuttons that shirt and slowly works herself up to a blazing hot orgasm with a big Hitachi vibe. Well, of course it would be Hitachi, what else? Lol But it's a great scene and soooooooo different from American porn. I'm hooked! Real authentic, down to earth sexuality - like watching somebody's nice, ordinary wife getting herself off in the privacy of her living room. I think more and more viewers are fans of this type of content. I don't speak for everyone of course, whatever floats your boat, but it's interesting that this site continues to update which means somebody's watching and there's a demand. The movie runs 23 minutes and comes with a vidcap gallery.


I previewed a number of the scenes at this site and could have spent many hours here because I found it quite fascinating and great to watch. For me it was one of those sites that kept you lingering when you really have other things to do! The focus tends to be on the female with the guy's hands, fingers or a toy doing a lot of very stimulating and arousing things to a whimpering Asian girl. Great close-ups of wet pussies. I loved the preggo scenes (for fans of that particular fetish, some good stuff here!), and these girls are the absolute best at projecting helpless, submissive yet giggly girlish orgasmic pleasure.


At a site like this where there's an array of different types of fetish or unusual content, it would help if they would categorize or organize scenes better or make some of the scene descriptions a little more detailed so that you don't miss kinky great content. Be sure to make full use of the search tools this network provides.


I didn't offhand find any movies that came with hi-res photo galleries - the ones I saw were average quality vidcaps, so that was a bit of downside, but apart from that, the fairly large, unusual and diverse type of material here is a great collection of what they describe as the "ultimate source of Uncensored Japanese porn". The word "uncensored" is certainly accurate and should get your attention right away. Having a lot of it all in one place is super. Ya don't see this stuff just everywhere, so get in and take advantage of what's on offer! I hope the updates continue but even if they don't it'll take you awhile to watch everything. After hanging out at NipPorn, you may just make your next vacation getaway to Japan!


Join by credit card or check for membership to the AllElitePass - thousands of hours of porn at your fingertips from $1 (1 day limited trial) or 30 days priced up at $29.97.


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