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Reviewed 23 November 2009


Newbie Black is aptly named for two reasons: it features amateur black girls new to the porn game and it's also a fairly new site at the huge, having been added to their lineup in 2008 with 68 videos currently in the archive. That's a lot of content for being around only a year, because BangBros aren't slackers with their updates, adding a new vid every week.


If you're lookin for the same 3-4 ebony porn babes doing their thang, that's not what Newbie Black is all about. It's about watching eager hot booty shakin, luscious natural tits, and all-around solid sexy action - the strength of BangBros network is bringing in new ladies lookin to show off their "skills" and rockin bods on camera. And for being newbies, they seem to be quick learners! Hmmm, I love that new car smell, don't you? There are a few known pornbabes like Nyomi Banxxx and Kapri Styles included here and there, but overall, they stick to the newbie theme, so you will get a break from the same ole same ole. A few of the girls have done scenes at other BangBros sites, but most are just starting out and getting their feet wet (and a few other body parts!).


At the main Member's area, you'll see the first page of hot pics/scenes, with the title and date posted clearly shown. Many of the pics show off what black girls are famous for: boooooty! Some of the girls are chocolate, some light, but they're all thick in the right places. Looks like there's a nice variety here, some with tiny tits and caramel skin, others with big natural breasts bouncing and swaying. You'll see 'em in different settings, poolside, fucking inside and outdoors. You'll want to get in here and start sampling what these gals are putting out.


The site is easy to navigate, and if you've spent time at other BangBros sites, you'll easily find what you need. On the right side of the screen you can check out the top newbieblack updates, staff favorites, and use the search engines to find girls by site or name, as well as porn categories. At the top, you'll see the BB network links to browse all their girls, sites, live webcams and member specials. This network does a very good job of organizing their content for ease of use. They should by now since they've been around for nine years, so they're doing something right! Gotta say, I love BangBros reality humor style, especially their scene descriptions such as: "Stacey's got ass for days and DSL's (dick suckin lips) that'll make a dick dent a zipper." Many of the scenes feature their main man Shaggy as the... uh... shagger. Shaggy apparently attracts babes like flies to honey lol... maybe it's his personality? Lol


There isn't a particular focus on interracial - some of the guys are light/white or mixed, so it's not one of those "freaky white guy fucks nubian black chick" sites, but you can easily search specifically for an IR scene if that's what your taste is.


So, I previewed a couple of movies, which usually run around 45-50 minutes, so you're getting feature length material here, not just 10 min clips. The first one, "You're My Girl Blu!", mainly because the sample pic showed anal and I'm not about to pass that up! It featured a chick named Blu Diamond and  they give a bio on every girl. I really enjoy reading the bios BangBros does, they make an effort to do more than just fling out some random stats. Blu has been in the biz since 2008, natural small tits and a "hybrid" pussy. WTF? That's a new one on me, but I think it's a cross between an innie and outtie... BB likes to get real specific on these pussy issues, which is part of the amusing entertainment value of their sites and the feel of their whole setup.


Blu is wearing brown fishnet leggings and a gold lame halter top. The set is kinda cool, retro 60's stuff. The guy cuts an ass-sized hole out of her stockings and gets his nose in there, licking and enjoying the view. This vid is definitely for you ass lovers out there. She gives a sloppy, enthusiastic BJ too! Newbie Blu isn't lazy, this girl works for her money. The guy is hung and she took him, with major deepthroat action and in her ass, so she gets quite a workout. She uses a blue (maybe that's where she gets her name?) butt plug/dildo to stretch out for the anal, and uses it while he pounds her pussy. She also shows a little of her pole dancing skills. The sight of her oiled-up butt shining through the perfect round hole in her leggings is guaranteed to get you off. Blu is ready to get down and dirty and isn't shy about showing off her butthole. Overall, a pretty good scene, running time: 45 min. You can stream it in good quality (800kbps), high (1500) or madman (3000). Every vid comes with a set of screencaps and high quality photos, each with 1000+ pics, available in zip file. The pix are large and clear, and the screencaps better quality than most you'll see out there.


Other options for viewing/downloading the videos: download the entire movie in one large file in WMV, download in large clips in WMV or MPG, stream large clips in WMV, download or play small 1 min clips, and you can also sample a trailer.


The second vid I checked out was a threeway titled, "Booty, booty, booty, booty, rocking everywhere!" That's a whole lotta booty! Two luscious luvlies are at the laundromat and they've got some kinky stuff in their load, like handcuffs. Mike knows he can't pass up freaks like this! His instincts are right, because they both get going on his dick with an enthusiastic blowjob, (wow, these newbies put the effort in!) and he gets into some hot anal with one of the chicks while the other girl watches and helps. The babes, Taylor Starr and Eve Madison, do some lesbo action, fingering, and are both really cute and sexy in their skintight jeans. And did I mention they have great booties? lol. Their natural breasts prove you don't need a boob job to do hot porn. Hundreds of screencaps and high quality pics in zip file included. Running time: 43 minutes.


Of the two scenes, I liked the second one better, simply because I thought the girls were a little better looking, but that's just my opinion. Overall, most of the chicks at Newbie Black are above average. As always, BangBros does a good job of capturing the reality/gonzo feel in their shoots and this site is no exception, bringing new girls, new faces, and above all, new booty, to your wet little keyboard. The only downside is, some of these girls may be on their way to non-newbie status soon, but you can always say you spotted the future pornstar at Newbie Black before your pals did!


Membership costs:  A (limited) 2 day trial: $1.00; Monthly: $24.95; or One Year: $89.95 (that's just $7.50 per month!). Pay by credit card or check! One pass gets you access to the full BangBros Network of 29+ sites, including!


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