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Reviewed 26 May 2011


Categorizing porn sites is usually easy but, had me scratching my head. It’s definitely fetish material, yet at the same time its equally at home in the uniforms niche, after deliberating over a jug of moonshine I duly placed it in the latter.


This is an unusual site - I mean its not everyday you come across cowgirl porn and it is best described as a cross between the classic early 80’s TV show The Dukes of Hazzard and a red neck yeehaw farm. Most of the chicks are dressed in a similar way to Daisy Duke, i.e tight, tit lifting plaid shirts, ultra mini jean shorts and high heel cowboy boots and while I may have wanked a gallon or two of man milk over a fully clothed Catherine Bach back in the day, at this site you actually get to see these lovely country girls get totally naked, fucked up the butt and suck dick - all of which was never a part of the prime time viewing schedule.


Riding prime meat is the order of the day and most scenes do actually take place in… wait for it… the country - a roll in the hay is just that! Scene settings include barns, ranches, off road vehicles and a convincing ye olde Wild West looking Bar. Strangely enough a few odd environments crop up, such as fucking in a shower stall (cleaning up after a hard day of cock milking no doubt) and a strange locker scene, whereby a red neck babe gets boned by a College Footballer (takes all sorts I suppose). I didn’t see any horses or beef herds but that’s probably illegal! Overall though, its bang on the money and if you fantasize about cowgirls and all the related shit that goes with it, this site will reward you with everything you desire, barring a few things, namely updates and decent content archive.


Sadly this site is let down by its diminutive size. Think Tiny Tim being run over by a 20 ton road roller - yep, just 22 scenes. Updates saddled up and left town fucking ages ago (well, December 2009 to be precise). It is ultra nichey but this may not be enough for more than a month’s tenure. The 26+ bonus sites may entice you to stay longer, but that’s your call.


Quality is good especially the last six movies that were released in full High Definition, the rest are still great looking WMV/Flash so no problems there. Download or stream options are readily available.


Photos can be viewed in a slideshow tool or downloaded in handy zip files. The high resolution sets generally contain over 50 images per set and a low resolution photo gallery (aka video captures) are also available.


The defining factor here is content vs. cost. $24.95 gets you 30 days access to the entire Naughty America stable which is awesome value, but for this site’s content alone its pricey.


Go grab yourself some country lovin‘… just watch your ball bag on those pesky spurs!


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