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Reviewed 11 May 2011


I like to give my cock a good workout at least once a day which is probably why my right forearm looks like a leg of lamb! That said, there is always room for improvement and an unhealthy lifestyle of porn, beer and fags (that’s cigarettes folks, not queers), has taken its toll on the lazy XXX Pwnage Webmaster. I really need to get involved in some sort of sport. And I have the answer:! Yes indeed, a site full of energetic girls getting down and dirty all in the cause of the dreaded “E” word (exercise). Tennis tarts, baseball bitches, soccer sluts, football fannies, hockey hoes, cheerleader cunts, even boxing babes are wrapped up in this sticky spunk rag of a site.


This is definitely what I need, well probably not, but nevertheless its about as far as I’m willing to go regarding physical activity! Yes, its grab the Kleenex time once again!


First impressions are very good. The quality is spectacular in fact it has quickly become an instant favourite of mine. Its pulled from the randy network bowels of which means 26+ sites are included and everything is now produced in top notch 1080p High Definition (the older material isn’t quite so great, but still DVD quality in most instances). has been online since September 2007 and contains 121+ scenes or should that be sporty themes? Its 100% true to the athletics premise and I must say the models are absolutely gorgeous. A few personal highlights include: Madison Fox (wow what a blonde stunner), Katie Kox (another blonde bum fuck) and Brynn Tyler (yet another golden locked fuck bucket). There are also loads of brunettes plus some sweet looking black chicks too.


The update schedule has been up and down over the past 6 months but seems to have recovered and is currently updating weekly/bi weekly. Don’t be surprised if things slow down or stop for a while though.


Movies quality is awesome with a wide choice of viewing/download options, ranging from 1920x1080p High Definition (Flash, plus 720p and 480p versions) to DVD quality WMV. Lower quality formats cater for slower connections such as WMV (720x540) and MPEG (320x240) and Apple users can enjoy Quicktime movies and iPod/iPhone friendly MPEG-4 versions. Members can also watch a preview trailer of each 25-30 minute movie.


Photos can be viewed online in a slideshow tool or downloaded instantly in convenient zip files. The high resolution sets generally contain over 75 images per set, which is excellent.


Fucking, sucking, anal and pussy licking is the order of the day and be sure to check out the multi babe orgy scenes - fucking heaven! I have thoroughly enjoyed my workout at and I’m pretty sure you will to, especially if you like your birds fit and taught like an 18 year old virgin!


Grab some Lycra and head over to Naughty Athletics right now - membership costs just $24.95 per month which is way cheaper than any gym and way more fun to boot!


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XXX Pwnage Rating - 5 Stars
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