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Reviewed 10 November 2010


Today we come to the end of our Euro fetish voyage and say a fond farewell to our small German network with a look at This site is in a similar vein to Yep, its femdom time once again and as you can see the producers certainly enjoy their sissies!


Watch in amazement (or disgust!) as a host of freakishly weird looking cross dressing fellas get their hairy butts rogered by some delectable honeys with strap-on dicks. However, don’t expect BDSM style torture or anything outrageously perverse as the fake cock and anal scenes form the core here. Not too sure if the feminisation of these guys actually works, as they are not total wimps in the manner I was expecting and the girls are nowhere near as strict or mean as a true femdom should be… nevertheless lets continue…


Launched in February 2010,, grasps onto the femdom mantle but doesn’t totally pull it off. It is hardcore make no mistake but if you prefer more sadistic content then I refer you to which incidentally is included with your membership deal of 6 inclusive sites.


Again, content numbers are low and currently stand at just 14 picture galleries and 26 movies.


More bad news comes care of the streaming only movies. Saving grace is the fact that these are particularly good, come subtitled for English speakers and are geared around slow to fast broadband speeds. Video format is Flash with a resolution of 1024x576, so no complaints with how they look or play. Each fetish flick lasts about 20 minutes and has a good description and upload date.


No issues to report on the photo front. Galleries are nicely presented, all are sharp and colourful. Members can download these sets in handy zip files. Expect around 50 images per set which is a bit down on the other sites image archives.


In addition to the other 5 sites included in this network, there is also a section titled ‘Bonus Zone’. here you will find a random collection of images and video  laid out in various niche categories, such as Big Tits, Fetish, Flashing, Group, Hardcore, Lesbian, Mature, Nylon, Older, Softcore, Teen and Toys. Nice inclusion as the update schedule across the board is a bit iffy.


As an entire network goes, the quality is definitely there and I like what they are trying to do, its just a little disappointing that the content is not expanding as fast as I’d expect and the recent updates appear to be rehashed material (i.e. rotated).


So with that in mind, the joining fee of $29.95 for 30 days access is a bit high and may not satisfy your needs for much longer than a couple of months - shame because this fetish series could be fucking awesome one day! Still one to watch.


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