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Reviewed 12 February 2011 has been serving up red hot sex-ed since 2003 and continues to deliver solid fuck lessons to this very day. Excuse me while I digress, but I recall a mid-thirties English teacher I once had - she was a raven headed beauty make no mistake, slim with big tits. In a way, she was a true fantasy teacher - most were decrepit, some might say, rancid old birds who would turn your man milk sour, but not this sexy chick. There was definitely nothing sexy about that the way she delivered “ye olde Shakespeare” bollocks, but the way she’d sit on her desk, legs dangling below (like they do) enabled quite a favourable view at times. By way of climax she’d slap the dusty tome shut and unceremoniously flash her skimpy white knickers when she got off (the desk that is). We would all turn to each other, smiling like dirty teenage boys do. Those were the days. Not sure if she knew she was putting on a show (probably, she was a bit slutty) or was oblivious to the eye fuck all us randy students gave her luscious crotch, but it was welcome all the same!


Anyway, in a similar, if not totally hardcore vein, My First Sex Teacher is obviously a teacher-student fantasy style site which will rekindle a lot of happy school/college memories just like mine.


This site is big on content with over 350 movie scenes and a similar number of high resolution photo galleries (270+ or thereabouts). As this is a Naughty America network site you are guaranteed fantastic quality production values plus a really good interface where you can fine tune your search parameters - there are 52 individual categories to choose from such as anal, cum on tits, high heels, glasses, shaved and stockings.


Of course these lovely ladies aren’t real teachers, but they dress the part (typically short pencil skirts, silky low cut blouses, sheer black stockings and dark rimmed glasses) and they fit the perfect age range of 30-45 or so (some older - Mrs Dana Hayes for example - she must 50+). This is MILF heaven. Funnily enough (or not as the case may be), a lot of the students (the guys) seem a bit too old for the niche (unless they are 30+ year old retards?). Nevertheless, there are plenty of younger studs that fit the bill and they all get their nut sacks emptied one way or another.


Over recent years movies have been produced in 1920x1080p High Definition (Flash, plus 720p and 480p versions) as well as DVD quality WMV and lower quality formats for slower connections such as WMV (720x540) and MPEG (320x240). Quicktime makes an appearance if you prefer that, plus an iPod friendly MPEG-4 version. You can also watch a preview trailer of each 30 minute long flick.


Photos can be viewed online in a slideshow tool or downloaded instantly in convenient zip files. If a high resolution set (100+ images per set) is not available a set of video captures are offered as a  decent enough alternative.


All in all, everything is carefully crafted together, barring the acting which does suck in a distinctly porn like way!


My First Sex Teacher updates every two weeks and is a classy addition to what is already a stellar network, in fact Sex Education has never looked so good, especially if you join Naughty America for one whole year, which works out at just $7.95 per month (paid in one instalment). Bear in mind the standard 30 day join costs $24.95, so you will save a lot in the long term. Top site - cracking fucks as always!


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