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Reviewed 30 July 2009


Fancy a trip to Dr A. Nus? Or maybe you want to follow in his footsteps - examining hot sexy girls chuff holes? Well, Dr A. Nus, is like no other quack I’ve ever seen because the way he checks out these girls asses is with his erect cock - inserting therein - and then pays them hard fucking cash! As you will have no doubt figured out by now, this is another jolly German jape of a site, dealing with first time anal adventures care of


Apparently, and who am I to disagree, all the babes on this site are ‘a-hole virgins‘, in as much as they have never experienced dick up their shitter, before… honest. And from the look on some of their faces I believe it, you can feel the tension as the slaphead Doc inserts his donger up to the hilt for the first time ever and squeals of pleasure (or pain!) are emitted from the gob of said Fräulein.


Okay so having read the last few reviews (BangedInPublic and DateSiteLiars) it’ll come as no surprise that the layout is the same, identical barring the content. Even the main headings/links are the same with subtle name changes obviously. Personally I like the look, its not fussy its bright in your face styling. Content is displayed in list/thumbnail format and there are some nice touches such as being able to vote for scenes - this data manages the order in which the very hottest babes are listed on the right hand side of the site, so make sure you cast your vote wisely!


There is a good looking slideshow option for viewing photo galleries - photos are available in two size resolutions (900x600 and 1500x1000 respectively). Users can adjust the speed, flick between sizes - all in all, the sort of features you’d expect from a good slideshow tool. Alas no zipped content, though you could always right click save as…


Currently 32 movies and the same number of matching picture galleries, reside in the archive, which granted is not big, however weekly updates will see this figure rise over the coming months. Probably the best thing about all this is, is the movie quality. Its superb full screen 16:9 HD available to stream in Low/High formats (700kbps/1.5Mbps). But that’s the downside. No downloads and the server struggles to keep pace. That is disappointing - streaming servers need to be like a fucking 5 legged Cheetah on Steroids otherwise the whole experience becomes a suckfest. Come on you tight gits, lets have some downloads!


Shame about the downloads, but then again if you are of patient disposition, you won’t sweat it. For anal fans you really do need to take a look because its totally off the wall 100% German hardcore at its finest and $19.95 for 30 days access is pretty low considering its all HD. There are no bonus sites but if you opt for the Superior Pass ($39.95 per month) you get access to all the sites listed below.


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