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Reviewed 13 December 2009


No need for fake rubber cocks here, these guys totally live up to the description: Monsters of Cock! You'll see some of the biggest dicks in porn at this site, which is part of the equally big BangBros network. This super-sized cock site has been online since 2003, and with weekly updates all during that time, we're talking about a big-dick sized collection of vids (over 300) and growing! Most feature the same 3-4 guys - Ramon (13 inches!), Castro, Shorty Mac and a few other studs popping up here and there like Shane Diesel, but the girls are where you'll be focused as you watch 'em struggle to stuff these big boys into tight holes. My jaw hurt just watching the valiant blowjobs from these gals, but hey, didn't they know what they were gettin' themselves into when they signed on the dotted line? Well, whether they did or not, you'll get off when they stretch and OPEN WIDE to take on the challenge! This certainly isn't the only big cock site around, but it's still one of best.


You'll see many well known pornstars at Monsters of Cock - Jayden Jaymes, Mariah Milano, Shyla Stylez, Priya Rei, and many more, plus newcummers to the scene eager to prove that they aren't scared off by a few XXXtra inches of cock! Like, uh, 13-14"? Nahhh, not scared at all, until they get their first glimpse of the "monster" in the guy's pants! Eeek! Is that a snake, a coke can, or a baseball bat? Wow, you can see the fear factor growing in their eyes, but then it's time to get down to business. And unlike some big cock sites where the girl's surprised expression at the guy's "huge" size is obviously fake, these girls really do look a bit freaked and nervous about coping with what these dudes are packing in their pants. So, that makes it more real and enjoyable.


All the BangBros sites are organized the same, so once you've been to several, it's easy to find your way around. The Main members update area shows you the latest added video with 12 hot and graphic pics to whet your appetite - click on one to get a larger view. It shows the title, date added and detailed scene description that's quite entertaining. Beneath that are the rest of the updates, and if you doubted that this is a monster cock site, the pics prove otherwise! OMG! I had a minor panic attack just glancing at some of 'em. Guess I'm not cut out to be a porn queen, lacking the spirit of adventure and all that! And for you guys out there, I know the "size matters" concept is a big deal in your mind, but these dudes get into the realm of OUCH! lol... so, don't feel bad about your perceived "shortcomings"!


The overall navigation on the page is clear - the right side of the screen shows the Top Monster of Cock updates, staff favorites, top girls, plus the top updates across the BB network. Excellent search tools help you find just about anything you want, browse by girl's name, by site, or sort by top category.


I previewed several scenes, the first one being their latest as of the date of this review, titled, "Tagging That Ass!" I hadn't seen the girl elsewhere, a beautiful, exotic dark-haired Hungarian hottie named Aliz who's done other scenes at BangBros. She's paired up with Shorty Mac, a black guy with a dick the size of a spray can. In fact, they hold a can next to his dick and it's about the same size. He's a short dude, but his cock makes up for that.  Holy mother of all that's holy or unholy in the world of cocks (that's my BangBros imitation lol) this guy has a thick dick that really is eye-popping. They show Aliz a black spray can and tell her that Shorty has a black spray can, too. The moment of truth arrives and Aliz laughs a bit nervously when she sees what he's got. She gives him head and takes him as far as she can into her mouth. True dedication! But deep throating a guy this size is next to impossible, but she did her best! She's a slender, petite looking girl so it's even kinkier to watch her take his fat cock into her, doggy and in various positions. Great camera work, you see it ALL. I rate this scene A freakin + on the hotness scale. This freaky Hungarian size queen with a stretchable pussy definitely got her dose of man meat that day! By the end of the scene, I'm sure she was convinced that Shorty is, indeed, the size of a spray paint can! No anal in this one, strictly pussy action, but that it was all good. Running time: 42 min of moaning, groaning big dick action.


Next, I wanted to see some anal action, so used the search engine to pull that up. I found a real winner in "Anal Attraction", featuring luscious blonde pornstar Adrianna Nicole. With natural 34D tits as well as being the winner of numerous adult industry awards, after watching this scene, I could see why. Feeding my fascination with Shorty Mac, (he seems to be in many of the latest updates), I was once again mesmerized by Mr. Spray Can himself. And I knew this one was anal, so just had to see how that would be accomplished. The scene starts with her washing dishes and talking about she loves it in her ass and sucking cock, but she shows her "miniature" pussy and doesn't want anything that big in there.  So, anal it is!  Looks like it's Shorty's lucky day! Adrianna gets on the kitchen floor and plays with herself for awhile as the camera focuses on her pussy and ass. Her remarks are priceless when she first sees what he's packing. "That is not your dick!" and "That's crazy!" I swear, this guy needs a crane to hold that thing up. She gives him head, saying, "I guess my big mouth is gonna come in handy". I'm watching and wondering how the anal is gonna play out. When she asks how they're gonna fit it in there, he says, "By any means necessary!" I'm thinking, maybe with a crowbar, pry that ass open? My curiosity was building, for sure. All I'll say is the anal was off the hook, she masturbates herself to orgasm and it looks real while he's shoving that HUGE cock in her white ass, so I'd have to say it's one of the hottest I've seen in a long time. I think you'll agree. Shorty sure as hell liked it and the sounds she made were unreal!! Running time: 40 minutes. I checked out another anal scene which was also really smoking.


Most scenes are girl/guy, but are a few threeways and foursomes, use the search engine to hunt those down! The fourway features another Hungarian freaky chick and four guys: Jon Jon, Rico Strong, Ice Cold and Wesley Pipes, with double penetration included. Looked super extreme and wild.


BangBros gives you several options for watching videos: stream the full movie in Good Quality (800 kpbs), High (1500) or Madman (3000), or download the entire video in WMV. You can also download or stream or parts (4) in WMV or MPG, as well as one minute clips. A sample trailer lets you check it out before you download.


Videos also come with high quality photo galleries containing hundreds of large pix as well as good quality screencaps, all in zip file. You can sort the pics by chronology or popularity (vote/rank). In addition, click on the girl's name for a well-written, interesting bio, including her measurements, background and other info that enhances your enjoyment.


I would say the main downside is the overuse of the same 2-3 guys in many of the scenes, but maybe finding dicks this big isn't easy lol... but I didn't find it a huge disappointment and the vids I previewed more than delivered as promised. I've seen other so-called big cock sites and the guys weren't that much bigger than the average porn dude, but the guys at Monsters of Cock truly are big (spray can and give the girls a run for their money. It was difficult to know whether the chicks were moaning in pain, pleasure, or pride at simply being able to accomplish the mission!   Also, if you're a fan of interracial, dark black cock sliding in pale white ass/pussy or mouth is certainly a turn on here as well. The vibe isn't mean or brutal, at least the scenes I previewed weren't, so if you're looking for sado stuff, it's not that type of site. BangBros tends to keep an edge of humor while not letting the action get so softcore that it's dull. For me, that's a very enjoyable and winning combo.


The rest of the site has links to the rest of the BB network, set up to easily browse all their sites, girls, 5000+ videos, top rated content, live webcams/chat, and member specials at other paysites. There's a link at the bottom of the page for Customer Service with excellent FAQs and information.


So, if you dig watching spray-can sized big big cocks, Monsters of Cock will not disappoint! And oh, Shorty Mac is also a graffiti artist, he's multi-talented, not just a sex symbol lol...

Membership costs:  A (limited) 2 day trial: $1.00; Monthly: $24.95; or One Year: $89.95 (that's just $7.50 per month!). Pay by credit card or check! One pass gets you access to the full BangBros Network of 29+ sites, plus Monsters of Cock… where The Dicks Are Big And Not Made Of Plastic!


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