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Reviewed 04 February 2010


It is often said that you should never assume anything. And I wrongly assumed was going to be a fairly tame softcore site - not that that is a bad thing. Busty MILF model Eve is well renowned for her stunning lingerie and stockings (see, so I was thinking, great, a site full of Eve posing in various states of undress, plus a few friends in the mix… nice. Sure enough you do get some fabulous nylon and pantyhose sets but what really caught my eye was a link titled ‘Custom Sets’. Sites like this serve up a distinct advantage over multi million dollar porn studios cant (or won’t) provide. Eve will actually do members requests in the form of movies and or photosets! And yes, I understand this is not the most groundbreaking statement, but bear with me, these are no ordinary requests in fact there seems to  be a real thirst for pissing over at which turns this bog standard soloesque site into something rather special and raunchier than I ever imagined!


Site design is simple and though I’m not particularly keen on the ‘frame’ style navigation it does work okay. Once logged in you’ll be greeted with the latest updates. To the left is a vertical menu, with links to: Nylons, Pantyhose, Hotpics, Lesbian, Custom Sets, Fetish, Movies, LiveCamShows and Home. All pretty self explanatory and its good that the main niches have been segregated so no need to rummage around. There is a surprisingly high volume of content too, check this out… total number of photosets in parenthesis:


Nylons (225)

Pantyhose (172)

Hotpics (90)

Lesbian (200)

Custom Sets (62)

Fetish (48)


Wow, calculator time… that’s 797 photo sets - all downloadable in prezipped files! Okay so that may not be the largest collection ever produced but its top notch in my book especially for a solo babe/nylon niche site. The imagery is very good too, bordering on, if not high resolution and well worth downloading. I confess to raiding the archive for my own pervy stockings stash. Each gallery is date stamped too.


Movies are less well represented but still get a good hearty back slap with 102, 640x480 resolution, WMV videos available to download at time of review. I found the selection I viewed to be very good; again worthy keepers. By way of a roughish estimate, I averaged out this collection at 15 minutes each, which is acceptable.


Action is where its at here, with some really hot and horny amateur nylon encounters. As previously mentioned the ‘Custom Sets’ really get the temperature soaring, especially if you are a fan of pissing (which I unashamedly am!). In one movie Eve, rides a big ole black knobbly dildo then proceeds to stick it up her tight asshole whereby she lets a tidal wave of golden liquid flow all over and around her pussy which glistens while she plays with her swollen pink clit and open cunt!


Fans of lesbian shenanigans are equally well catered for with some impressive photosets and glorious movies usually culminating in mutual masturbation and even the fetish niche gets a look in with some sexy latex outfits, less than sexy rubber masks (just my opinion) and full body stockings getting a good airing.


There are no bonus sites, but no less than 68 erotic wallpapers so you can always have sexy Eve close at hand. These are downloadable in the most popular screen resolutions (800x600, 1024x768, 1280x960 and 1600x1200) .


This is an impressive, tidy little amateur site. It may not be the most polished but it scores highly where content is concerned and that’s the bottom line. Regular updates equates to a highly recommended site especially at just under 21 Euros (around $29) for 30 days unrestricted access to


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