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Reviewed 22 October 2009


Okay, I'm a sucker for BDSM sites - I've made that pretty clear in past reviews, haven't I? So, I thought it was about time to sink my teeth into a femdom playground, and Mistress Jennifer's cruel hangout was a perfect fit for my desires. This stern brunette dominatrix along with 45+ of her Mistress friends loves inflicting a rough time on the grovelling begging men who lick her shiny black boots. What does rough consist of? Cock and ball torture, nipple torment, electrical play, spanking, flogging, immobilizing bondage, humiliation, and as they say in the infomercials... AND MORE! It's also "Safe, Sane, Sensual", so don't worry guys, no models were harmed during the making of these videos! I have a feeling the male subs absolutely love the time they spend here, bent over in front of the camera!


Mistress Jennifer or "MJ" as she's called,  is a 39 year-old "sexy, confident, assertive woman" who decided to bring her real life dominatrix activities to the web in 2006.   So, she's the real deal and so are many of the babes who play here, too.  


This is a large site, with 400+ galleries, hours of video content, and thousands of hi-res photos, all awaiting your sissy boy enjoyment (did that sound  mean? sorry, I've been watching a lot of vids at Mistress Jennifer's lol). When you're at the Home page, you have an opportunity to sample the wares first, downloading free photos and video clips before proceeding into the Member area.


I enjoyed  the visual elegance of this site, simplicity itself, with an easy to navigate tool bar showing Your Mistress, Members (log in), Free Gallery, Newsletter, Store, Live Mistresses, Links and Join Now.


You'll certainly want to take a spin through Your Mistress for a bit of background on Mistress Jennifer, her stats and general info about her domination specialties. Once logged in through the Members link, you'll be taken to the main content area, showing a thumbnail, date added, and scene synopsis. On the right side of the screen, you'll see a convenient Model search engine, searchable at the Model's Page or by name in alphabetical order. The Model's Page gives you a short bio of each domme, her stats, and what she likes to do to the men in her grasp! Click on a pic and you'll see all the videos she has at the site. Briefly looking through the lineup of hottie babes, without a doubt there's someone for everyone - blondes, brunettes, redheads, thick, thin, you name it. Wearing garter belts, stockings, stiletto heels, latex, and a variety of bondage gear, many of these hardnosed ladies are or have been professional Dommes. They look the part, too. I really appreciated that they don't populate the site with porn girls who are only playing at the game of domination for one or two scenes.


Yes, Mistress Jennifer is listed here, too. I was a bit disappointed that she's only in 10 scenes (all from 2006), so even though the site bears her name, she apparently isn't that active, although that doesn't seem like a big problem when you consider that there's over 40 more strong willed women here to keep a steady flow of sadistic pleasures coming your way. In many of MJ's scenes she's paired with another Domme, Mistress Lia, and together they act as a team to inflict their sensual damage. There are a few scenes with three gals doing their nasty business on a guy's helpless manhood and getting into a little lesbo action, too.


The update schedule is very good - every three days, a new portion of a video is added like clockwork, which is admirable at a site that already has a huge amount of content archived. It would be easy to rest on their laurels (or whatever they rest on!) but that's not the case here. This site clearly has a commitment to providing value for your membership dollar. Yes, you do have to wait a few days for each new segment before you have the full movie which isn't my favorite style of updating, but at least you always have something to watch.


I checked out the latest update, Part 3 (of 6) featuring Mistress Jade Indica, a sultry long-haired brunette beauty. The synopsis of this scene: "The toilet cleaning tongue slave gets a last bit of humiliation as Mistress Jade holds his head in the freshly used bowl and then tells him he is going to the dungeon to the kneeling stock and She is going out to fuck multiple men. She returns and sits in front of him, describing the great time She had with some wonderful lovers. She shows him how soiled Her black panties are with white cum and She puts some nose bondage on him to help him smell the male drippings. She feeds him off Her fingers from Her pink pussy hole."


Sounded pretty kinky and it was. The scene ran about 10 minutes - not long, but enough to get a buzz. The guys at this site are about what you'd expect. Most aren't hot to look at, but that's not why they're here... they're here for the punishment. I must say, I haven't seen any nose bondage before, so that was new (ouch!). You'll definitely see some creative and very astute females at work here. Mistress Jade is quite verbal and never lets up the whole time as she taunts and torments this poor dude in the kneeling stockade. The video quality was very good, professionally done and needless to say, Jade Indica is a feast for the eyes. What guy wouldn't love a little (or a lot) of torture from a babe like this? BTW, his name is "squirrel balls"!


There appears to be only one format to download, WMV. I didn't see any tutorials or help/support page for this site other than an email contact - perhaps they don't feel it's necessary, things here are pretty self explanatory, although more options for video download would be nice and some type of basic download tutorial as many sites utilize these days to make things a bit more user friendly.


Videos come with a screencap gallery which can be downloaded in zip file. Click on the icon that says, "download gallery". Most contain 40-75 photos. This video has 46 pics and they are large, full screen beauties, wow you get an eyeful with these close ups. Is there such a thing as "too much information"? In porn, probably not, but you may feel like Jade and this guy are right there in your living room. You're gonna see everything and maybe more than you wanted, but hey, that's better than grainy small size pics any day.


Looking through other scenes, it's clear that this is a fairly hardcore site and you'll see quite a variety of femdom action being carried out by pros who know what they're doing. They don't all have flawless bodies (as you'll see when looking at some of this huge hi-res pics!), but they make up for it with their passion and intensity.


In addition to the videos and pics, click on Live Mistresses and you'll have access to MJ Live, a large webcam/live chat area where you can also get free credits to use in their live shows and Video on Demand. The "Store" link leads to an external VOD site for downloading many of the full femdom videos. There are no bonus sites included with Mistress Jennifer, but there's so much here, with regular dates, you won't feel deprived of hot and sexy action.


If BDSM is your thing, and watching pros (not BDSM wannabes) showing off their special talents on the bodies of oh so submissive males, is certainly one of the better places to do it. This exclusive content in the bondage niche will definitely appeal to the fans of hot wax, CBT (you probably know what that is!), and all things painfully erotic. I would have liked to see more of Mistress Jennifer herself, but if she was the inspiration for such a satisfying place, I won't make waves! I promise Mistress!


Membership details: Monthly: $24.95 (recurring) or $29.95 (single billing). Three months costs $49.95 (recurring). There are lots of ways to pay: credit card, online check billing, bank transfer, check, money order or cash!


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