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Reviewed 29 September 2009


For all you fans of BBW's (big beautiful women), Miss Mina's solo big butt site is chock full of her audacious booty!  The key words I'd use to describe this site are: a TON of stuff to feast your eyes on (pardon the pun) and "interactivity". She updates constantly (yay!), and keeps her bubbalicious self in your face with an ever-bouncy supply of her unique personality. The Tour page gives an eyeful of what's in store as a member and truly, if you're into "fatties", Miss Mina's your gal. Unlike some chicks who advertise as BBW's, Miss Mina really fits the category and lets it ALL hang out, every which way. And that's what fans of BBW's are looking for, not girls with a few extra inches and curves, but the real deal and she is! Her bio says that she's 5'6, 280 lbs and her measurements are 42D-44-60 (yes, 60 inches of butt!). And she's no newcumer to the industry, having been around since 2002, so that's another reason why she's built up such a huge archive at her site. Her motto: keep it hard and keep it real! She's been featured in Hustler and on the cover of Big Butt magazine, so I think she can rightfully claim the title of BBW pornSTAR, and one of the hardest working ladies in the BBW scene today. Unlike so many solo models, whether BBW or stick thin glamour, so many of them seem to think  all they have to do is put up a few pics and vids and call it a day and you're gonna renew your membership or even sign up to begin with. But not Miss Mina. She knows what her fans want and she gives it to 'em! Lots and lots of it! Even her bio is quite lengthy, with all her interests, likes/dislikes, and of course what she likes to eat (baby back ribs, peanut butter and candy, among other things).


So, what do you get here? Well, for starters, 10,000+ pics, Miss Mina on live webcam, fetish play (footjobs, smoking, farting, butt worship, etc), and 1700+ videos. She does a weekly cam show and has also archived all the shows for replay. She also does phone sex, answers fan email and has a personal blog where she talks about her life and all the crazy stuff going on in it... and in her spare time she's probably planning on taking over the world. Just kiddin, but this gal is busy and works her site 24/7. People, this is what fans want! This is what paying customers who put down hard cash demand today from any type of porn site, and she gives it to you!


Going into the Members only area you see all of Mina's latest picture and video clip updates, along with a video blog and private camz, snapz and videoz and her voice blog where she talks about her thoughts on various subjects or just how she's feeling that day (on her latest update she had a bad cold and felt crappy. Feel better soon Mina!). But it's that type of interaction and her willingness to be closer to her fans that makes the site more than just a sex/performance area. She also has a collection of MP3 audio clips where she reads responses to fan email and she has a fun collection of fan signs as well.


Everything is well laid out and professionally designed. She also has a monthly members only contest where one member chosen at random receives a free 10 minute private camshow. Another winner received a free custom 15 pic set. In addition to her cam shows, there's numerous live cams and chats always going, so you're sure to find something interesting to divert you even when Mina isn't on.


The main Navigation area shows Home, Pictures, Videos, Cams, Store, Book Me, Blog, Board, Theater, Goodies and Contact. Click on "pictures" and you'll see all her latest photo sets in zip file, updated quite regularly, about every week or so, averaging around 50-60 pics per set –with titles like "Wet and Messy Honey Shower", "Tubby Tart" and "Lick My Lollipops". The pics are large hi res so you can see every luscious curve and get a real good look at her famous 60 inch butt.


Again, this is all solo so there are no guys, but she does a great job of catering to her nichey crowd who dig face sitting, fetishy style BBW porn. She spreads those ass cheeks wide and really loves to pose in a variety of outfits, often string bikini panties that show just how BBW she is! She obviously enjoys putting a lot of thought and creativity into what she does. I could say, "Gee, she'd be pretty if only..." If only she weren't fat? But hey, that's the point, she IS fat, and happy as can be that you're into her looking the way she looks.


Click on the Videos link and you'll see a range of clips, most average around 4-6 min with titles like, "Fat Acrobat Farts", (yes, she's quite into farting!), "Orange Balloon Crush N Pop"  and "Puny Penis Humiliation". The closest she gets to a real penis is a dildo, so there's a lot of licking, sucking and playing with fake cocks. Each clip gives the running time and title. There's no scene description, so you basically just click on whatever intrigues you and find out what she's gonna do. Videos are available in High and low WMV, and FLV (flash file). Needless to say, there's a lot of booty shaking and titty action from Miss Mina. I previewed two of her clips: "Spread Nude Farting On Bed" and "Banana Anal Creampie". If you're into watching a fat chick fart (she seemed to need to work up to it a bit!) or sticking a banana up her fat round ass, you'll enjoy these clips. Mina has a sultry voice and always does her best to put on a good show.  Keep in mind this is amateur, do it yourself porn, although Mina is always striving to improve. Her videos are pretty good for being of that type and she manages to get some fairly good camera angles going.  It's all about looking at that jiggling jello ass of hers.


As indicated, she lets her members get up close and personal into her life and her blog makes for entertaining reading. She confesses that she has social anxiety but she enjoys her level of "celebrity" that she has attained through working her site and expressing her sexuality in various forms. She does update every few days and seems to really enjoy that aspect of her site. Her life IS her site quite a bit, although she does have outside interests, but when you join Miss Mina, you get the whole package, with lots of different ways to get to know her, whether through her blog, private cam shows, or phone sex. Personally, I think that's very cool and a lot more entertaining than some models with a distanced attitude toward their fanbase. Bonding with the fans is the name of the game these days, and without it, I don't care what you look like or how glam you are, you won't have a following.


Go to the "Cams" link and that gives you access to a buttload of live cam feeds, many featuring BBW models. At the "Store" link you can purchase her videos or buy "a la carte" from clips4sale. There's also a link to book a private cam show with her.


Want more? You can get that too: MissMinaBBW Fat Porn Star Booking RT Massage/Facesitting Sessions (giving & receiving), lapdances, fan photo shoots and other fetish sessions during Fall/Winter 2009. Upcoming tour city dates will be coming soon too!


As you can see, she's out and about and ready to do business (even with her social anxiety, it doesn't seem to get in the way of giving lapdances!). Want some facesitting action?  Mina's your girl.


If that's not enough "interactivity" for you, she also has a forum (I had to enter my pass again to get into that area) which seems to mainly be an area where she makes announcements or other updates, but it's yet another aspect of the site that she has going for her. Gotta give the lady credit, she has all the bases covered! The "Goodies" link is a handy collection that leads to her Twitter feed, exclusive artwork, mailbag, plus litttle known facts about this luscious lady.


So, is this bang for your buck? Well, what else do you want - Mina to move in with you and be your personal BBW slave? Who knows? She might do it if the setup is right! Just kiddin... for what's on offer here, there's more than enough of her to go around... and around... and around!  


And as I said, she'd really be pretty if only... ahhhhh, never mind. I guarantee you'll like her just the way she is.


Membership costs $19.95 for 30 days (recurring) or $24.95 (non-recurring). A full access 3 day trial is also available priced at $7.95 (recurring at $19.95 thereafter). Join by credit card, phone, email, or snail mail! Plus billing options for non-USA fans!


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