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Reviewed 24 March 2010 - Revisited 20 April 2011


Updated July 2011


Perhaps I should start this review by defining the title of the site. A hybrid is a combination, and in this case, "Miss Hybrid" is the quintessential "part lady/part slut", British style. By the way, I would like to thank my UK colleague/webmaster of XXX Pwnage for allowing me the honor of writing this review because I know he feels he's the expert when it cums to all things Brit. But he wants to see if I have what it takes to understand his tawdry world lol... well, you bet your knickers I do! HAR! So here we go, into the erotic world of


For starters, you'll definitely need to explore the site's Home page and read up on just who and what Miss Hybrid is all about. The site went online in May of 2009 so it's a relative newcummer on the porno block, with exclusive videos unique to this English rose perv. She's really gone out of her way to put together quite an entertaining and sexy site and by George, nobody's arse looks better in a pair of riding pants than this classic pouty, sassy domme!


I really like the page layout and design, titled "Miss Hybrid Lady Of The Manor", showing a pic of her in those curve-hugging riding pants and three photos depicting different sides of her wicked personality: "The English Lady", "The Country Girl" and "The Kinky Bitch". When you mouse over the pics you get a flashing preview of what those categories are all about - very titillating indeed and quite professionally designed. Beneath that is the site "story", the spoiled English schoolgirl whose daddy lost her in a poker game and sold her to pay off his gambling debt to old Lord B, the perverted Lord of the Manor who is too ancient these days to fuck her himself but gets his rocks off watching her sexual debauchery with the manor house staff and assorted other playmates. While this perhaps isn't the world's most original concept in pornland - we've seen versions of the naughty/kinky English manor house lady before, there actually aren't that many in this fetish niche. Fans of this type of material will find it a quite arousing journey away from typical American offerings which can become repetitious, so for for the storyline and overall carrying out of the setup alone, Miss Hybrid gets a thumbs up from me.


In addition, the sets are really authentic manor house stuff - riding stables, roaring fireplace, quite atmospheric (note to self: must contact Miss Hybrid and ask who her set designer is!), plus the kinky outfits she loves to sport - those tight riding pants of course, plus an array of stockings, bodices, latex, gloves, corsets, thigh high boots, and a bod that'll make your eyes pop looking at her amazing tits with big long erect nipples and a physique toned to perfection. Her pierced pussy lips and clit will also blow your mind!


A simply laid out navigation bar on the Home page shows Tour, Bio, Introduction, My Diary, Members and Join My Exclusive Club. You'll also see links to both her public diary (freely available) and private diary (members only). What I like about this site even MORE is the way it combines horny writings with the videos/photos for a full experience, bringing your own imagination into play along with the visuals. We live in a 24/7 visual world, but I also know that many people really get off on a combination of written smut with the live action, so this is another huge plus factor for those of you who ardently seek this type of content and rarely find it, because it takes a huge commitment of time, effort, not to mention talented writers to produce this type of site. So, her public diary with blog entries where readers can leave comments and interact with her is great. And since it's public, you can check it out before signing up to get access to her dirtier private diary member's area.


One bonus site is also included with membership: Glamournatrix, a glamor photo site featuring lots of hot babes.


Currently there are 57 videos in this kinky English lady's racy inner sanctum beckoning you to cum in and play. There's no dates on any of the content but she states on the Home page that new material is added daily, whether in the form of vids or photos so it appears that she's actively and busily building the archive to insure that you get full value for your membership. A perusal of the Tour shows pics from past updates to give a sexy glimpse into the juicy stuff you'll find in her world.


Click on "Members" and you'll enter a nicely designed page divided into four main areas with information in each - Welcome, Content Links, Your Comments, and Get Some More Of Me. The Welcome area tells the real story of how she got into the porn biz, The Content Links shows navigation to Photos, Videos, Browse All, Members Blog (the private one!), and the bonus Glamounatrix site.


Miss Hybrid now has a dedicated server that increases the download speed and she's upgraded many of her new vids to Hi-Res and enlarged the zip file photo galleries, so things are looking very good. The comment area shows an email contact to send her your feedback, shoot suggestions and questions. She says she personally answers all member mail.


The "Get Some More Of Me" box gives links to her Twitter page, her public blog, and the official Miss Hybrid Fan Club Yahoo Group. In today's competitive porn world, a site built around a single personality must be tied into all the social networking groups and insure major interactivity with fans and she's done an outstanding job of achieving this. Perhaps a live camshow is in her future? Or maybe not, as that might somewhat detract from the fantasy/story "Naughty Lady of the Manor" concept, but I think this clever gal has the talent  to gear a camshow to fit her overall theme.


So, let's get to the "meat" of the site - the videos. Click on "Videos" and you'll see a page full of hot and graphic thumbnail pics with a title and running time. It was difficult to decide which ones to preview - they all looked intriguing and exciting, but of course, I had to get down to business and choose! I started with a short 5 minute video entitled, "Put Away Wet". Each vid has a very arousing and quite entertaining description and a set of screencaps. The title of this one hints at what it's about - yep, pissing, but before she erotically squats and lets it run, Miss Hybrid poses and talks dirty for several minutes in her stunning riding outfit, showing off that lovely rump of hers. Her pee pee left quite a wet spot on those lovely white pants which of course made it even more exciting! The video quality was stunning HD perfection, no complaints there. Everything is professionally filmed, you feel like you're watching a high quality production. She's not just a porn chick, she's a pretty good actress too, if somewhat stern at times, but that fits with her fetish/domme attitude, riding crop in hand. She's real eye candy this one, and even though it was one of the shorter clips, it was quite good. She's good at staying "in character" and keeping comments and dialogue in line with the concept.


Videos can only be viewed in one format - WMV, no other options shown, which is somewhat surprising since most sites these days provide a range of speeds and mobile formats. So, the site could do with a bit of expansion in this area which perhaps as it grows will be on Miss Hybrid's "to do list". Also, vids are not shown in clips but either streamed or downloaded in full.


Rubbing my hot little hands together I decided to preview one of the longer clips, "Room Service" at 20 minutes. This one is a threeway, with the scene description always fitting with the "Lord B is away and now I'll have some fun" theme which is actually rather well developed, not just quickie gimmick stuff but a real effort to draw you into this fantasy world with both words and videos. It starts with Miss Hybrid in bed with her latest "acquisition", as they both awaken and she plays with his big cock. The guy is this scene is damn hot, too! The maid, Lucy, comes into the room and before you know it, these three are having lots of sexy fun, with the guy fucking the maid in all positions while Hybrid helps out with her busy hand and probing tongue to pleasure them. As always at this site, the set is awesome (geez, I want that bed! lol).


I must point out that in the scenes I previewed, our naughty lady didn't take the cock in her pussy but instead solo masturbates, gives handjob/blowjob or engages in fetish activity like pissing, titty fucking, foot fucking, vibing, riding a Sybian, or girl/girl strap-on domme action. In that sense, she tends to remain "untouched" although it fits with the theme - her pussy is only for "Lord B" her aged hubby who spends time somewhere else! So, if you long to see this dirty Brit babe gettin banged, at this stage of the game she's the one in charge of the action, not the other way around. Maybe the site will evolve in another direction as it progresses, but for now, that seems to be her approach.


The Room Service vid comes with 40 large very clear screencaps, not in zip file. The place to find the best photos is at the separate "Photos List". Currently, there's approximately 120 galleries of fabulous huge hi-res photos in 1200x800 size, all in zip file and most contain 100+ pics in each gallery. You'll see this kinky lady showing off her assets in some very erotic situations and poses with an ass to die for! Pantyhose, riding gear, lesbian, pussy shaving, clit piercing and even some really interesting original artwork (sketches of Miss Hybrid) are to be found in here. Some of the galleries seem to correspond with the vids, others are their own separate shoots, so there's no systematic correlation between the vids and the photos list. I'd like to see Miss Hybrid set up a better categorization system or search engine to narrow down the shoots by date, content, video, etc. At this time it's not such a huge site that it's a problem, but if it continues to grow, there will need to be efficient ways to pinpoint what you want. I have confidence that she'll always do the very best possible to make her fans and viewers happy!


Hmmmm, okay so what else did I sample? A solo masturbation vid of her using a garden hose on her pussy to climax (very hot), a domme scene with her punishing the plumber (oh wow, wouldn't we ALL love to do that to those overcharging wankers!), but this plumber dressed in women's undies, garter belt and stockings apparently gets quite the rock hard erection while being subjected to the teasing domination she dishes out, spurting his seed at the climax. Finally I looked at a scene entitled "Chaining". I thought I'd seen just about everything, but chaining was a first for me - our kinky lady is shown masturbating with a length of chain stuffed up her twat. She then orgasms and pulls it out at the end. The scene is accompanied by a fascinating description of how daddy used to take her on his yacht and the older men in the boat yard introduced her to this bizarre practice of chaining. I must admit, there's certainly no lack of creativity going on here, and the writing is top-notch in the scene descriptions as well as in her public and private blogs (which are interspersed with hot photos too).


If I were to characterize this site, I wouldn't place it firmly in the hardcore category, although there's plenty of material that would fit that description - pissing, fucking a girl in the arse with riding crop, etc. but since she herself doesn't get fucked I'm not sure if super XXX enthusiasts would find this site over the top. I also wouldn't characterize it as BDSM, it's a bit soft for that. Fetish is the proper word and not overly hardcore at that. It's more an overall package of her personality, her quirks, and the visual delights mixed together. There's lots of sexual perverted fun to be had in this manor house! Perhaps it's one of those sites you have to see to fully appreciate.


All of the vids are exclusive and she's upped the resolution to 1280x700. Except for two videos featuring Vicky Vette, the rest are Miss Hybrid. You can also subscribe to her newsletter for all the latest juicy stuff and info. There's no FAQ page - the best place to check out seems to be the Home page for lost password or email her directly for assistance.


As she says, she loves what she does and it shows in her obvious dedication to the site, the theme throughout and the high quality of the videos, photo galleries and writing. The writing portion almost amounts to a separate sex story element running throughout so I consider that to be a type of "bonus" here. She also has shown that she understands an important fact: fans MATTER and she makes full use of forums and social networks. The primary weaknesses I see at this point are not huge - more video formats for viewing/downloading would be good, a clear update calendar/schedule with dates posted, and a search engine to help viewers find the kinky good stuff that they otherwise might miss out on.


Don't forget that you also receive bonus access to the glamor photo site, "Glamournatrix" included in the membership price of Miss Hybrid, so do keep that in mind when signing up!  If you're in the market for something "completely different" as they used to say on The Monty Python Show, I think you'll find Miss Hybrid to be just your cup of… Earl Grey (with a tip of my bowler hat to the esteemed XXX Pwnage Webmaster (my colleague from across the pond!). Cheerio, ta ta and all that guv - now, where did I put my whip???


Revisited 20 April 2011 - Updated July 2011


I previously reviewed this kinky site in March 2010 and found it to be one of the most unique and horny porn sites I’ve had the pleasure of spending several hours (or was it days?!) perusing. The Kinky English Lady herself is still going strong with her very uppercrust brand of smut and has added some outstanding new features that make hanging out in her deliciously naughty world even hotter. In addition she has just been named “Miss Freeones Eurobabe 2011“.


Her site was already great, but she’s positively outdone herself with a stunning and more informative new design which you’ll see when visiting the Tour page. For starters, larger preview videos and photos in eye-popping crystal clear definition will get your motor revved up and ready to get in here to sample all the freaky happenings at the English country manor.


Currently containing over 22,000 photos and 90+ videos, this niche bondage/lingerie/domme site is still going strong with no signs of slowing down.


Here’s some of the great new features you’ll find at Miss Hybrid:


1) Members can now chat with Miss Hybrid herself! Interactivity is where it’s at, and a real time clock at the top of the members page shows when the next chat will be so you won’t miss any of the action, clearly showing date and time of  the  next  chat.


2) Updates are now searchable by keywords, rating, category, etc. Handjob, Nylons, Fem Domme, Latex, Boots, Anal, and more are included. This site is continually updating and growing, so the improved search capabilities make it easier to find just the pervy stuff you want! Click on “Updates” and quickly see  the newest content, oldest, highest rated and most viewed.


3)  A “Kinky Calendar” - click on a date to check for the latest video or photoshoot. The Update schedule is outstanding - every 2-3 days on average, a new video or photoset is posted, insuring an almost daily dose of perverted pleasure. Recent updates have titles such as, “I Caught Miss Hybrid Wanking In The Stables” (photoset) and “Spa Soapy Tit Wank” (video).


4) Members can now leave comments and rate individual updates - your feedback is very important to Miss Hybrid, she truly cares about her members and what they want to see at the site.


5) More detailed, use friendly information pages. I particularly liked “Miss Hybrid’s Intimate Encounters” - find out all you need to know about her world of debauchery!


6) The Felix Diary - Her PA (or “perverted assistant”) Felix now has his own diary entries. It’s his job to sneakily capture on film the nasty naughty sexual antics around the manor house. Members get access to


7) The overall site design is stunning, top notch professional content and presentation. Miss Hybrid’s commitment to quality is evident throughout. And of course, the written erotica in the form of her filthy Private Diary is a fabulous element of the hardcore turn on.


This site just keeps getting better and better or should I say pervier and pervier? Miss Hybrid has now added hot live webcam shows where she does lots of freaky stuff  for your personal viewing pleasure. To find the date and time of her next schedule show, simply check the  top of the main Member's page for full information. That's where you'll also find the scheduled time of her next live chat session. Wanna see the Kinky English Lady ride a sybian? Or how about her show titled "Carry On Squirting"? She's just now started doing cam shows, so there's only a few currently archived, but this hot babe will be true to her word and keep you lustfully satisfied with her highly creative, one of a kind and super stimulating shows. The quality looks spectacular in streaming flash player. That's to be expected, as Miss Hybrid never does anything halfass! If you miss a show, no problem, they're also  available for download in a variety of formats: WMV, MP4, and Iphone. Average running time is around 20 minutes, and you can add your comment or rate her super kinky performance. I also noticed a couple of sexy music videos she's produced (under the "extras" link)  Be sure to check it out!  super hot! The camshows are  indeed a great addition to her site and just another reason to JOIN, JOIN, JOIN one of the best and most unusual destinations in the porn world!


When you join Miss Hybrid, you’re entering HER very special world of XXX - whether it’s the English Lady, The Country Girl or the Kinky Bitch. The strong point about this site, apart from the highly developed niche material and concept  that you don’t see elsewhere, is the knowledge that you’re not just watching some mass produced generic porno but a full experience produced  by a freaky lady who lives the lifestyle.  The above-noted improvements prove that she wants only the very best for those who join her site. If that’s what you appreciate, Miss Hybrid will “cum” through for you!


Membership costs $29.95 for 30 days recurring (or $34.95 for 30 days non-recurring). The best value deal is 60 days non-recurring priced up at $69.99 and get 30 days FREE (90 days in total WOW!). Pay by credit card, Sterling cash payment (own risk) or blank Postal Order (UK only).


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