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Reviewed 15 January 2010


I normally leave this type of site to my depraved colleague Honey. You should know by now that I’m more at home with girlie lingerie sites, but while I was perusing the sordid stockpile over at Porn Pros Network something caught my eye. It was actually a very cute looking blonde MILFette called Velicity Von. The thumbnail displayed her legs akimbo (in stirrups) in what appeared to be a medical examining room. Further investigation revealed this was indeed the scenario and sweet, oh so innocent looking Velicity was not only getting some sort of pervy internal with a Doc rummaging around her pink bits stretched wide by a speculum, but her lovely titties were encased in some ghastly glass vacuum device (milk bottle? Excuse my ignorance but sado shit is not really my thing!). Not only that but her clit was being engorged by a similar albeit smaller instrument sucking it up into a micro-cock look-a-like (interesting!). Anyway, and yes I know I’ve not even touched on the overall site yet, but upon downloading the fantastic quality HD movie poor Velicity was now all tied up, ball gag in her gob and taking a sizeable veiny cock up her yummy little asshole! Fucking hell, if this is MILF Humiliation, I‘m converted, I have joined the other side, the dark side, no holds barred sexual deviancy. Shit I need help!


Enough of my day. This site has been online since March 2009 and is part of the illustrious Porn Pros Network. Content has steadily grown at a rate of about two scenes per month culminating in 34 at time of review. The update schedule seems to have hit the brakes during December but will be back on track this month no doubt - Christmas excesses quite possibly?! Quality is the defining factor with really pleasing search options, movie formats ranging from full length HD (WMV/MPG) to small one minute clips (always good when your ball bag is full to overflowing with sausage sauce). Photos vary a bit but overall very good and fully zipped files mean you get to keep the stuff you paid for. Image quantity is something of a revelation with many hundred high resolution photographs (huge they are) and lesser quality screen/video caps available.


Action speaks for itself. Just check out the freebie pics and movies on this page. Total female annihilation would be one way of putting it. This is definitely not for the faint hearted. If your normal porn surfing takes you to nice arty softcore sites you may well be appalled at the degrading acts - feminist need not apply! The MILF‘s get a fucking rough ride for absolute sure! They get tied and bound with tape and rope then hung up for their masters wanton pleasure. Then out come the nipple clamps, butt plus, vacuum pumps, dildos, medical looking shit and ball gags, basically what every good dungeon should have! That said this is no way akin to the darker submission sites we all know. Although the content and submissive mistreatment is similar, the settings are pretty much ‘normal’, their not all dark and dingy. One scene for example takes place on a tennis court in broad daylight for fucks sake!


Plenty of unconventional hardcore here including anal makes this one to join. And joining is the proverbial no brainer because you get a ton of great looking content plus bonus material thrown in, just because they can. 30 days costs a bog standard $24.94 which is bang on the money.


So there you have it. Another great addition to the porno portfolio that is Porn Pros Network. Still undecided? Why not check out additional reviews of this networks sites: 40oz Bounce, Clusterfuck Whores, Disgraced 18, Euro Humpers, Jurassic Cock, Massage Creep, Mexicunts and Shady PI.


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