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Reviewed 22 September 2009 - Revisited 30 September 2011


Just a quickie update today as I have an appointment with my sex therapist! As we all know Mike and his fuck pit of an apartment is something of a legend in the cyber sex world and get those part poppers out as celebrates ten years online this coming November. In that time the site owners Reality Kings have never erred from adding new content on a weekly basis and since the last review I see that things haven’t changed all that much - which is just how I like it - why change a winning formula? This site ticks all the boxes.


Anyway content has shot up like Mike’s rod up a willing chuff hole and we can currently enjoy over 469 scenes which include video and pictures (regular photo galleries and screen caps).


A few tweaks have been made to the layout and navigation, but thank the fucking lord nothing major - it all works a treat.


HD has pushed all the lesser formats to one side so rest assured you are getting the very finest movies and production values Reality Kings is renowned for.


And that’s about it really, suffice to say the membership price has been frozen so you can still get your grubby little hands on 30+ fantastic bonus sites plus this one all for just $24.95! Just make sure you pay your rent on time or Mike may stick his donger up you butt!


For additional information please refer to the original review below


Reviewed 22 September 2009 is the original ’guy places ad - room for rent’ concept and although some sites have tried to mimic this series when only the finest reality will do look no further than the fucking maestros of all things gonzo-ish.


Tell you what porn fans, its been 9 months since I last reviewed a site from the RK stable, time flies when you’re wanking 24/7! Anyway back to it. Reality Kings always provides the necessary good to get the job done - quality material, masses of content and plenty of bonus sites thrown in for good measure - nothing has changed there then. Well, not quite I noticed that some of the latest movies are now available in fucking super duper full widescreen HD (up goes the score) which was a very nice surprise.


Anyway getting back to Mike. Okay scenario time. Right its really simple all this and this theme runs throughout the site. Mike has an apartment (you don’t fucking say?!), and he has a room for rent. Sure enough, a top bit of totty strolls up to the front door and enquires about the price. Mike being a deviant of all things perverse (including money), makes it clear that its not cheap (in fact it’s a fucking ripoff!). Our poor babe broke from spending money on new nails, pussy waxes, a-hole bleaching and what not is enticed in with a view to paying the rent by either fucking, taking it up the shitter, sucking off Mike or a combination of all three! Surprisingly (or not as the case maybe) said babe is only to keen to get it on and in next to no time she is covered in Mikes jizz (bravo, dear fellow bravo).


Sure its all hard to believe, but it is a fantasy based reality site after all and a jolly good bit of fun and no mistake. The girls are exclusively European with strong sexy accents - its been said that a fair proportion are amateurs but I confirm, they screw like pros. They are also very, very dirty and like I said before its packed to the rigid rafters with anal, fucking and blowjobs.


Keeping up the fine Reality Kings tradition the entire network is identical in navigation so it’s a pleasurable experience going from one site to another. Content layout is identical too. Click on a model/scene thumb and up pops the content - simply divided between video clips and pictures. Videos are available to stream or download (options include watching small one minute clips or larger clips). Downloads are the same except you can download the entire movie too. Movie formats include MPEG4 for iPod across all videos, as well as WMV and now HD on selected (newer) material. Video quality is very good with member comments and scoring (same with photo sets).


Photos can be viewed online in gallery format although there is no slideshow option. Quality is fine. Other options include screen caps pulled from the movies and you can even download complete zipped photo sets.


There is a ‘save to favourites’ option so you can organise the best bits for later viewing and a great search function which works across the network and pulls related model scenes.


Currently there are 375 movies and photo galleries which is amazing. The archive goes back to 2001 and this particular site updates once per week


Reality Kings offer superb quality and excellent value for money - 25+ sites (which includes this site) are included for just $24.95 (30 days) or $69.95 (90 days). Be advised there is a network download limit in place of 10 GB per day, (this has been lifted from 6 GB since my last review) but don’t let that put you off its one of the best around.


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