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Reviewed 13 September 2010


Lesbian sites are usually all flowery and full of pretty teenage sweeties massaging their ultra tight slits with pink dildos, but not here, this site is about lesbians and BDSM - so expect some real sick-hoe action at this one. Watch as these nasty latex and leather clad bitches torture a gamut of beautiful slave babes with a bewildering array of sadomasochistic kit (including clamps, vacuum pumps, whips and Japanese hemp ropes). Perverted pleasure for the captors oh yeah and sheer pussy torment for the captives could only mean one thing… you have been incarcerated in the depraved chamber that is the rancid fucking bowels of hell itself - welcome to


Domineering submissive chicks is all in day (and nights) work for these mighty mistresses, and they certainly live up to expectations - 106 models are featured torturing and abusing their slaves cunts, asses and tits. I kind of felt sorry for them as I watched on helplessly - these poor girls hogtied and slapped about hard - one minute the chicks are getting a black shiny inflatable dildo rammed down their throats, next their pussy lips are being stretched with weights and pegs (ouch), then roughly shafted with probing fingers or hard plastic cocks - screams are commonplace - this shit hurts, but they enjoy it… I think?


Fucking hell, I just watched a scene title ‘Sex Slave Bonny’ and couldn’t believe it - Mistress Mandy Bright had half her arm up Bonny Bon’s asshole - taking fisting to an all new level of penetration! She then proceeds to ass fuck her (with her fist) - no holds barred - while giving her thighs a damn good slap and taunting her victim with a torrent of filthy talk (YOU LIKE IT BEATCH!). Make no mistake this is hardcore BDSM alright!


Currently there are 129 full length scenes and almost the same number of matching high resolution photo sets (90+). There are also iPod MPEG-4 versions for portable devices. The latest material is now top notch HD quality (WMV 1920x1080), but even the earliest material, which dates back to 2008, is fucking excellent.


I was extremely impressed with the vivid colour and creepy sets at - the photosets are a real delight to masturbate over and can be viewed online or downloaded in convenient zip files. Super close ups of wet sloppy gash and blood gouged breasts (the mistresses tie knots very tightly you see) made my cock go all sticky and nuts so tight they exploded in spasms!


Navigation and endless search options are just pure class and members get a ton of free bonus sites (see links below), adding to what is already a fantastic experience, in both terms of quality and presentation. Updates are not as frequent as some of the sites but that doesn’t matter as the whole network updates daily.


Membership costs are staggered according to how long you join - the best value price right now is $9.95 per month for annual membership (billed in one instalment), that way you can enjoy the entire network of 50+ sites, save a lot of cash in the long run, and your cock will thank you too - awesome lezza bondage site!


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