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Reviewed 24 February 2009 is a great reality/gonzo site in the Meat Member network which they describe as, "We take real porn stars to local Los Angeles sex shops, dish them out to any of the customers, and catch it all on tape!" This network specializes in treating women like... well, meat! But with their enthusiastic permission, of course! Even more good news is that Midnight Prowl has over 200 videos in their archive and they are updating regularly, approximately every two weeks. Obviously, has built up a following of fans that enjoy watching the crazy stuff that happens when porn babe hooks up with sex shop customers.


In looking through their archive, the sex shop theme was somewhat variable - not all the scenes centered around that action, so there is some diversity in the setups here, but that keeps it interesting. Regardless of how they get there, the main premise of the site is always carried out, i.e., horny porno babes down on their luck, letting random guys off the street fuck 'em silly wherever they want. Sometimes they go back to a grungy motel room, other times the action happens right there in the sex shop. At least they're nice enough to throw down a mattress for the ho in the aisle! The guys drilling these babes look like prison escapees or your basic L.A. degenerate who hasn't been laid in a while (or a century), so Meat did a good job of hiring/finding (or whatever) dudes who fit the theme perfectly.


The movies are divided into Parts 1 and 2, and at this point in their update schedule, it looks like there's two weeks in between. I feel your pain. Fortunately, as a Meat member you have access to their  huge network of 50+ hardcore  sites to keep you busy while you wait to see what mis-adventures befall your little L.A. slut on her gonzo journey through the dark places of meatland.


The main Members welcome page gets you started off with upcoming scenes across the network, plus top rated updates and latest updates. At the bottom of the page you'll see bonus DVD content and quick links to all their kinky hardcore xxx sites.  A convenient drop down menu lets you jump to the site you want. The Midnight Prowl members area shows the top three latest updates, as well as the entire update archive. An interesting little twist I noticed: up until the last 4-5 of their latest additions, each girl was called "Whore" - the site had accumulated 145 of 'em. After Whore #145 (Ricki White), they seem to have stopped using that word (awwwww?). Anyway, the hos... I mean, girls, are now shown by their name, without the whore numbering system. How will we ever keep track now? Gosh!


I checked out a couple of scenes, one of the most recent featuring Audrianna Angel, a saucy redhead with smallish tits and trim bod. One thing Meat does very well is inject humor along with their cum into every... pussy? Well, into every scene. The main man who orchestrates the action is quite the comic, a somewhat annoying middle-aged pervy dude who keeps the good times rolling and knows his way around porn babes and Porn Valley. In Part 1, he and another guy get blowjobs from Ms. Angel and he does her in doggy before heading out into the night for the prowl. He continues to interview the ho... excuse me,  lady, and learns some sexy things about her. Our beauteous trollop Audrianna got her sexual start in life fucking her coach in school plus a lot of football players (she was the athletic type). This conversation is carried out in the back of a limo as they travel over to Ye Olde Sex Shoppe (well, that's not its name, more likely it's called The Porn Valley Pleasure Palace or something). If you're a fan of gonzo reality setups, you'll really enjoy this stuff. Midnight Prowl is all about getting to the prowl, doing the prowl, and finding guys to prowl with. Once they hit the sex store, more funny interactions take place - she lifts up her skirt and shows one potential prowl "customer" her pussy, but he declines. Another guy, a little Mexican dude, says he's a virgin (really funny). Finally, two willing participants are lined up and the fucking begins. Most of the scenes at Midnight Prowl feature threesomes or more. Both guys are told to put on condoms, so either they really are civilians (non porn actors) or it's part of the act. Everybody gets lubed up - she blows one guy while the other does her in mish and doggy. They fuck her on the mattress in the low budget sex shop with the racks of dirty videos around. The sex is pretty straightforward - the main entertainment value here is the overall lead-up to the action and the grungy reality feel of two horny amateur guys screwing a porno chick. The video quality was fair and had the usual moments of shaky camera angles that cum along with this genre. I personally enjoy this type of porn quite a lot. Running time: Part 1 - 42 minutes; Part 2 - 17 minutes. Each video contains a hi-res photo gallery and a vidcap gallery. This video had 100+ pics and 200+ hi-res photos, available in slideshow format, but no zip file. The hi-res photos were fairly large and quite good - the vidcaps were somewhat smaller.


Movies can be downloaded in clips of about 2 minutes, in small/large WMV, small/large MPEG, and in streaming. You can also download the full movie.


I previewed part of another scene featuring a skanky little Puerto Rican chick (Whore #136 when the whore numbering system was still in place), with a nice rack named Aliana Love. As with the other scene, it starts with an extended funny and sexy gonzo style interview, cock sucking/fucking with our comic master of ceremonies and another sleazy dude, before jumping in the back of the prowl limo  to the sex shop to seek out derelict human garbage for our ho... I mean, lady, to fuck. Two major losers agree to participate (not having fucked since Reagan was president according to the scene description lol), and off they go to Motel 6, just off the 405 freeway for you locals reading this (oops, don't wanna get too specific here!). Actually, it was bleeped in the video so we'll keep it our little secret. Condoms are used in the scene. The director guy gets into the action again, so it's a foursome at one point. Lots of blowjobs, doggy, mish, pussy eating - a pretty good orgy going on in that room. Again, nothing over the top freaky as far as the sex goes, it's all about the journey leading up to it, the sleazy setting, threeway, etc. plus the funny remarks throughout. Good times! Contains 300 large hi res pics and 400 vidcaps.  


There's a lot more to see at Midnight Prowl, so I've really just touched the tip of the cock (or iceberg?) on this site, so I'm certain there are lots of laughs and low-class turn-ons to be had here. And just like some guys dig watching average looking amateur chicks screwing, I like watching guys who aren't buff super studs gettin it on. Not that some of the guys here aren't in okay shape, but it's nice to see a few lesser specimens in crappy surroundings doing it just like the average derelicts out here! As they say, "Pornstars Fucked By Average Joe." On that note, I'll give a thumbs up to Midnight Prowl - apart from the two-part division of the movies which update two weeks apart which is frustrating, I found it as entertaining, if not more so, than many sites of its type I've seen. Take the Tour to get a graphic preview, sizzlin trailers and hot scene descriptions of all the action! Go out on a prowl with this crazy bunch of sexed up freaks... but shhhhhhhh, don't tell anyone I told you where that Motel 6 is...


Support is provided by live chat, email and phone for members. The Meat network is definitely one of the better values out there if you like a wide variety of hardcore reality material like Midnight Prowl! Check out all the action for just $4.95 (3 day special trial). Join by credit card, check or phone.


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XXX Pwnage Rating - 4 Stars
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