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Reviewed 16 November 2008


As most dedicated porn surfers know, the fetish/bizarre niches are growing in popularity and that includes sites featuring midget sex. There's several out there and it's an entertaining destination if that's what you're looking for (never mind what some judgmental people think). "Midget" may not be the politically correct term to describe little people, but the folks at are more interested in hot fetish sex than soothing somebody's thin skinned political feelings, so if the word midget is okay with them, it's okay with me. Don't feel bad, because the male midget at, a pimped out dude named Baby Gangster - is getting more pussy than you probably will in a lifetime, no matter how tall you are! So, suck on that! The site is described as a place "where girls swallow midget cum". And they definitely do. As with the other sites at, this is all exclusive content that you won't find anywhere else. Here's a description directly from the Midgetcum tour: "Baby Gangster is Born! Baby Gangster aka Nano the baddest ass midget porn star in the world. Curious about seeing how a midget fucks young sexy brand new girls? Well check out the discovery of 3 foot 5 inches Nano, the midget, he fucks like a rattlesnake in heat, has a big fat cock and can shoot the hugest loads you'll ever see!"

Yes, Baby Gangster is one hot pimp daddy, ready to bang the broads with the best of 'em - even if he has to stand on a box to do it. Not that I saw any scenes of him on a box, although he took a flying leap onto a countertop to get a BJ, so that was pretty wild. In addition to BG, the latest addition to the site is... (drum roll)... Lady Gangster! This little lady is Baby Gangster's real life wife. She has joined him at the site to round out the midget sex action, as she sucks and fucks guys who are way bigger than she is, and she takes 'em like a champ. With membership, you also get access to a live webcam feed with Lady Gangster on In addition, there's another female midget named Mya at the site who does some scenes. So, with Mr and Mrs Gangster, you have a two for one deal, each of them doing all kinds of nasty crazy stuff with a variety of chicks and dudes. Take a spin through the main tour page for preview video samples to see these little fuckers in action (sorry, I couldn't resist). One of the tour scenes features a girl named Jenn Lopes, a really hot and sexy babe who is described as being Miss Teen Mexico 2004. Baby G. sure can get the ladies! That's a small glimpse of the bizarre action that awaits you at


As with most of the sites at this network, the models are nearly all Latina as well as some Black girls and they're ready to experience some kinky midget love. Click on "Episodes" and that will take you to all the videos and photos. Currently there are 102 episodes going back to 2005. Updates are every two weeks on Tuesday. Click on a scene that grabs your kinky curiosity and you'll be in the movie/photo download area. I previewed a scene featuring a 19 year-old Venezuelan girl named Madonna who was one of the more exotic beauties. Each scene has a graphic description setting up the action. The movie starts with a few notes of circus-style intro music which sets the tone. Madonna strips and lays back on a couch while BG lavishes some extremely intensive pussy licking on her which she certainly seems to enjoy and get into. It's obvious that he's perfected his oral technique to compensate for his... uh... shortcomings, although there's nothing little about Baby Gangster in the manhood department. He then leaps up on a countertop (told ya!) so that he's lined up to receive her oral attentions. She gives him a sloppy bj, and then he fucks her in missionary and doggy until finishing off with a facial. As with other scenes reviewed from the Inpass network, it ends with the girl brushing her teeth with his cum. Then the off camera director scrawls "I Heart M" (I love Midgetcum) on her forehead.


Because many of the girls in this network are Latina, their English is often minimal, and sometimes it's translated on the screen so you can understand what they say. So, be prepared at times not to clearly hear the dialogue due to heavy accents. Lots of "mother fucking slut" and other XXX language are used, especially in the intros. This type of site is an easy target for criticism from social crusaders who feel it's not porn-worthy. Rather amusing, considering the wide array of hardcore stuff out there, much of which gets positive reviews. I am not here to pass judgment on adult websites. If you decide to watch, that's your business. Nobody's forcing you. As long as the sex is consensual and legal, I consider it fair game for being reviewed. You can take it from there.


There was no rough sex in the scene I watched. Writing humiliating words on the girl's forehead is a hallmark of this porn network, which does get somewhat repetitious after awhile, so that's a bit of a downside. But I still found this site entertaining because the girls truly seem to understand that it's a comic element. I didn't get the feeling that they're having a bad time and they seem to go along with the joke/comedy feeling. I can tell the difference between real humiliation and a put on. The girls here are mostly amateur (which I must confess, I have a fondness for), and many viewers also dig that style, tired of the slick porn chicks that the average guy knows he can never score with in real life. There's room for all, and a site like Midgetcum is just another slice of the passing parade. Some people like vanilla, some like chocolate, and some like watching a well-hung midget showing off his sexual talents. And by the way, Baby Gangster has a certain weird erotic sexiness about him, so he's as worthy of being a sex performer as anybody else out there. If you don't think so, honestly ask yourself if he were 6 feet tall, with the same face, eyes, and wicked grin, if he'd make a good performer. I think your answer will be "yes". He's just a lil bit lower to the ground, that's all.


Videos are available for download in Streaming or Low or High WMV format. I found the download speed to be good. The quality of the low res video I downloaded was average but viewable. This is a full movie download (not separate clips).


Each movie averages around 20 minutes. There is a Video Screenshots area, but I was not able to pull up any photos for this shoot and had to go to some earlier vids to pull up screenshots. I don't know if this was a temporary network problem or if they haven't updated or posted pics for all the shoots. For vids that do have screenshots, there are usually 100+ pics of average quality pics. They are not available in zip file. There's a slideshow option but I wasn't able to make it function. So, there's some issues at this site with functionality - not major, just something to be aware of.


Click on "Model Directory" and you'll see the entire A-Z listing of the models at the Inpass Network. Member favorites (top 12 girls across the network), Bonus Footage (wild and crazy behind the scenes vids from this gonzo network) and a listing of New Girls coming soon to the site is also available. Daily Updates gives you an across the board glance at all the current updates by day for all sites at InPass. There were 19 updates on various sites when I checked. With full membership you also get access to the InPass Cam Girls provided by Flirt4free.   


Support is provided by, with 24/7 live chat support, assistance for membership and billing questions as well as email support.


As far as Mr. and Mrs. Baby Gangster are concerned, they may be little people in stature, but I bet their bank account is anything but small… dammit! I'm jealous!


Full membership priced at $29.95 gets you 30 days access to 30 hardcore XXX sites. Like many networks of this type, you're paying for access to exclusive and unusual content. And you certainly get that here. So, if you're in the mood for a raunchy yet weirdly entertaining experience that you can't get anywhere else, check it out!


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