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Reviewed 05 February 2009


There are mega sites and there are ENORMOUS sites. falls into the latter category and has been around for ages (circa 2004). Boasting, at time of review, 53, yes 53 unique and exclusive sites covering just about every depraved sex act known to man and all for one amazingly low price.


I’ll give you fuck fans a brief overview of the main site and we will endeavour to get some detailed individual site reviews up over the coming weeks.


Well, the member home page is pretty well laid out. Simple and effective relying on thumbnail images (mainly) to navigate through the enormous quantity of content. This currently equates to 21,000+ scenes, 1 million screen caps and close on 300,000 images! I told you this site was enormous and I wasn’t kidding. Up in the top right corner is a drop down menu which is used to jump to individual sites within the network. Further links point to a standard Support section and a mega bonus DVD feed (which would make a mighty fine site in its own right), with 8000 full length DVD titles to view - un-fucking-believable! That is something bloody special believe me. The DVD’s are readily available with a good update schedule and fully searchable.


Back to the main site. will appeal to any raging hetro. ‘Meat’ being the theme. I should explain that this means. Think damn dirty hoe bitch sluts galore getting their holes well and truly serviced by sizeable dick. In fact just to get an idea of the meaty offerings here is  just a selection of the action you’ll be jizzing over in no time at all…hardcore, softcore, fetish, interracial, gang banging, squirting, masturbation, anal, double penetration, BDSM, facials, MILF, oral, girl on girl, group sex, fucking hell the list goes on just check out the list at the bottom of this page to preview something that takes your fancy. If you can’t find it here you need help man!


Each site has video (MPEG and WMV) as well as screen caps (of the video) and picture galleries to complement. Quality varies but overall is very good.  Some of the older sites in this network have had their updates curtailed, but the newer ones are literally pumping material out. Likewise quantity varies between the sites with some having just a few scenes. That said remember we are talking 50+ sites right now (and this will no doubt grow with more sites waiting in the wings). Updates across the network are daily but bear in mind not all are updating (just so you know).


The only thing I would have liked to have seen on this site is a decent scene/model search engine. Fair enough you can wade through site after site but when you’re trying to track down your favourite model for instance, its way more difficult than other mega sites I’ve visited.


A two day trial will set you back $2.95 whereas 1 month is priced at just $24.93. The best and recommended deal is 90 days priced at $49.92. Why? Because I honestly don’t believe you’ll be able to scratch the surface in one month alone. Where else can you get so much for so little? Nowhere, simple as!


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