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Reviewed 30 March 2009


Appropriately, one of the flagship sites of the Meat Network is called It doesn't currently update (well not since 2007), but even though the archive is no longer in growth mode that doesn't take away from the meat-tastic, classic hardcore fun to be found here - approximately 60+ scenes going back to 2006. Apparently, over the years they've had to tone it down somewhat, so that shows you just how hard MeatHoles is. So, what's the premise here? Pretty simple - women as garbage. Women good for only one thing: getting fucked in all their MeatHoles. Women getting face fucked, gagging on big cocks, and most of all, owning up to their true inner whore/slut/meathole selves. Obviously, if you're into mainstream, vanilla stuff, MeatHoles isn't your preferred porno hangout, so exit immediately. I found it to be pretty damn rough and demeaning, which of course is the point. When MeatHoles first went online back in 2006, I daresay it was one of the hardest of the hard on the Net. It still is.


The ever-present Master of Ceremonies, a middle-aged Jewish guy by the name of Khan Tusian, runs the show. He does the opening interviews with the hos, directs a lot of the action, and is actually really funny. Kind of the Seinfeld of porn, mixed with titty and pussy slapping, choking, and nasty remarks. Humor always redeems an abusive perv in my world, okay?! I'd rather have it than not have it, and you get a lot of edgy laughs with the hardcore. I figure if the girls are (nervously) laughing a bit too, they ain't having too bad a time. Without good ole Khan, MeatHoles just wouldn't be the same. He's also at some of the other sites in the Meat network, so if you're a Khan Tusian fan, check it out. But let's get back to the real reason you're here: to see these whores take it. The interview segment is focused on making the girl admit she's a "piece of shit whore", sometimes asking her real name, her parent's names, where she's originally from etc. It's all about the "Hi Mom and Dad, aren't you proud of me?" game. Look at your daughter, look at what she does. She's nothing but a dirty, filthy little meathole!!! A sort of sex confessional - filmed reality style - no script or glossy set. There's a range of chicks here - you'll see the big names in porn such as Sativa, Nautica Thorn, an 18 -year old Eva Angelina (in her trademark glasses), Roxy Jezel, and more, plus other girls who may not be as familiar, their bodies being roughly defiled.


In the scene descriptions, the girls are described as hookers, crack whores, chicks found in garbage cans, babes who'll take any cock, anywhere, anytime, eat ass, lick dirty toes, etc. Most scenes are guy/girl, but there are several guy/guy/girl 3ways, one midget/girl, some interracial, girl/girl/guy, and they even include a scene that had to be canned because the girl wouldn't perform. How nice of them! So, there's quite a variety of sexual freakiness to choose from. One of the main male performers on their roster is Dirty Harry - a sleazy dude who is known as "Porn's Everyman". For a smallish guy, Harry has an amazingly big thick dick and fucks like a demon. I swear his dick is as big as he is! And he knows how to slam it to these sluts.


I previewed several scenes - one from their latest update, 12-2007, featuring Tyla Wynn. Scene description: "Tyla is a tired, cracked out whore on the edge of retirement. We treated her to a farewell she'll never forget. We banged her so hard till her ass was red and her pussy was sore. We then switch to her asshole and fucked her while she finger herself. After that it was time for a nice warm treat". Tyla hails from Houston, TX and with 300+ scenes under her belt, looks somewhat rough around the edges. Dirty Harry works feisty Tyla like the slut she is, starting with super hard deep throating of his big cock, (she took it!), gagging, and deep pounding anal. True meathole action. The scene gets pretty wild, with Tyla putting one of her hair extensions on Harry's upper lip, Fu Manchu style while Khan is off camera continuing his verbal antics, discussing what positions they should do next, piledriver, reverse cowgirl, etc. It's all part of the "charm" of this type of porn, which I personally tend to prefer over the more scripted stuff.  After some minutes of behind the scenes style gonzo stuff, he rubs his ass in her face while she eats him out and then proceeds into anal, which she takes all the way. (I guess that particular meathole of hers has gotten loosened up to accommodate big Dirty Harry). At the end, she refuses to give out her mom and dad's name on camera. Gee, wonder why? Tyla also plays with her breasts a lot - holding them, squeezing them. She must have a fetish for own boobs, or maybe she's holding 'em up so they look perkier. The video has 200+ hi-res pics. No vid caps, but the hi res pics track the video, available in slideshow but no zip format. The pics were of just okay quality. I downloaded the video in small WMV format, but would recommend you download in large WMV for best viewing. Download times were pretty fast. Movies are divided into clips. Each clip ran about 3 min, divided into 6 clips. Videos are also available in small/large MPEG format, and the clips can be streamed, but there is no full download option for the movies.


Next, I previewed a scene featuring Meathole whore Tory Lane. Another wild one, 9 clips of hard mayhem, Dirty Harry with another guy for 3way action, dishing out the pussy/anal damage, even using (or attempting to use) a plunger on her pussy (she wasn't down for that!) Tory gags (almost vomiting), and is really super wild, especially the sounds she makes while her body gets reemed. Let's put it this way: she makes guttural noises like a chick I once heard in a motel room, one door over. I didn't know whether she was dying or having the best time of her life. (I kinda suspected the latter). So, you get the idea. Crazy, intense stuff on board here! Scene gets very rough, including anal fisting, getting a shoe on her pussy, her face, the whole nine yards. If you're looking for rough sex featuring a slut who knows how to act and react, taking it to the limits, look no further. Again, a hi-res pics gallery only (the pics in this one seemed sharper, higher quality than the Tyla movie), and remember to download in large WMV format, as the small was way too blurry for viewing.


Finally I had to check out an early Eva Angelina scene from 2007. She giggled a lot, revealed her real first name (Nicole), and did the "Hi mom and dad" bit. She says that since she liked fucking and was gonna do it anyway, she might as well get paid. Even though she's in nervous laughter mode, it didn't stop her from fully getting into it (if you do a scene for MeatHoles, you'd better!). Spanking, choking, having her pretty pussy whacked, asslicking, deepthroating, hard pussy pounding - it's all here. This little glasses-wearing hottie has gone on to be one of the more popular pornbabes, so it's interesting to see her fucking around at MeatHoles.


Well, I've only explored the tip of the iceberg on the smut that's available here. Guaranteed, there is lots more crazy crap inside and I would venture to guess that may end up being considered a classic hardcore site in years to cum. Remember that even though the site no longer updates, as a Meat Member you get access to 50+ XXX sites, many of which also feature rough sex, fetish, gonzo style content such as Midnight Prowl and much more, so Meat is really a great value for enthusiasts of this type of content.  They have things pretty well laid out so you can see the latest network updates and highest rated scenes, with tours, trailers and behind the scenes footage. Plus, there's also a bonus DVD feed with hundreds of titles to choose from. True, you can scour the Net looking for stuff like this, but having it at your fingertips in one network - what could be better?   


Member Support is available 24/7 via live chat, email, or phone.  


As Khan Tusian says: "We aren't shooting erotica here!" Nuff said!


Membership includes access to 50+ sites and costs $29.95 for 30 days or $59.95 for 90 days. A limited trial option (3 days) costs $4.95.


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