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Reviewed 10 March 2009 is one of four sites from the Mean World network and as the name implies, this site caters to the S&M niche - they've stepped up their game to round out the network for viewers who want to see somewhat rougher bondage action in addition to the facesitting, ass worship, and footworship which is the primary focus at their other sites. Now they can watch a beautiful, yet cruel and taunting Mistress do some nasty things to the body of a pussy whipped male who can't fight back. With 33 painfully entertaining movies in their library, you'll have plenty of opportunities to see some solid femdom action.


All scenes take place in a dungeon setting that includes such implements as a stockade, bondage chair, sawhorse, cross, and they even  invented a toilet-seat on springs  they call the Assfacinator” Creative, warped minds, eh? In a press release from 2007, Assassin Pictures which films the scenes, discussed the launch of MeanDungeon, the building of the dungeon from scratch, and the "erotic power exchange" concept they want to focus on here. There's a range of torment dished out - spanking, bondage, clothespins clamped to strategic areas of the male body, hotwax, verbal humiliation and abuse, and the popular facesitting, ass worship and foot worship fetishes. Did I leave anything out? I'm sure I did, but you'll just have to cum on in and see more for yourself.


These Mistresses use an array of tools and devices to make any man weak, submissive and broken - but with a smile on his face, of course. At their Feedback/FAQ page, the creators of the site describe it as "mild" pain, although I'm not sure most guys would think that clothespins gripping and pinching their scrotum and nipples is mild. I guess "mild" is in the eye (or dick?) of the beholder. I must admit, it's entertaining to watch guys getting a taste of their own medicine! There are lots of sites with us babes getting worked over by cruel male Masters, so turnabout is fair play. But not to worry - these guys secretly love being treated like humiliated trash at the hands of such well-known sado femdoms as Sandra Romain, Sativa Rose, Vanessa Blue, Jada Fire (oh my god, what a legendary butt!), and many other well known pornstars who vent their inner bitch in the dungeon. I always highly recommend femdom sites when a chick has just broken up with a crappy boyfriend! Hot wax, anyone? Very therapeutic! (um, I shouldn't let my esteemed male colleague, the Pornmeister from Across the Pond aka P-FAP, read that remark, should I? Don't wanna get booted from the review roster haha). The guys here are all types - some are fairly hot, others are Average Joes who should be damned honored  to be tortured by the most beautiful women in the porn world.


The Home Page contains a convenient drop down menu on the left side of the page showing Newest Updates, Hottest Galleries and Famous Galleries which helps with your initial navigation around the site.  You'll also see News (their latest DVD releases), New Bitches and latest scenes from their other network sites, and POV Slave Orders. To navigate to the main gallery of all the Dungeon Scenes, click on "View It All Here" and you'll be ready to settle in for some hot action.


At the Dungeon Scenes page, you'll see graphic thumbnail pics showing the name of the Mistress and the current number of scenes for that movie. Updates are regular - every day, they add another scene to their various movies. The downside is that you'll have to wait between scene additions if you have a favorite video you're following, but there's enough regular updating across the network to keep you occupied in the meantime. Movies are available in WMV format for download. There's no other options for viewing (streaming, MPEG, iPod, etc). So, it's a pretty basic setup, but it works, especially if you don't have a fast connection to download large files. I found the download speed to be good and each clip is around 3- 4 min. long. The most recent update features Mistress Lana Violet, and her movie currently contains 12 scenes. The first scene was posted on September 12, 2008, and the 12th scene posted March 9, 2009, cuming along at regular intervals throughout that timeframe. The scenes contain excellent photo galleries averaging around 20 pics each, many of which are full screen, great quality, and let you see every sexy, tormenting view.


Taking a look through the home page will give you more detailed scene descriptions to help you decide what you want to download, including preview trailers. Here's a sample description from a scene featuring Mistress Laurie Vargas: "One way to really humiliate slave jack is for a Mistress with a hairy pussy to sit on his face. The thought of a hairy, sweaty, fragrant pussy right on his nose is terrifying and gross to him... and yet it completely turns him on! Mistress Laurie Vargas is a beautiful latina with a big ass and a delightful hairy pussy. She teaches jack to love hairy pussy by wiping it all over his face and making him eat her pussy hairs." Hmmm, this one sounded good and humiliating, so I decided to preview a few scenes. I'm usually not a huge fan of the hairy bush, but the description had me excited. It didn't disappoint. Mistress Laurie gets right to the pussy licking action. She reads her slave's application and explains that she has a bush. He says he's not into that, but she doesn't give a shit and immediately sits on his face, even making him floss his teeth with her pubic hair. In another instalment, she clamps a mousetrap (!) to his balls, puts a dog collar and leash around his worthless neck and paddles his butt red. Laurie Vargas was great... sometimes her accent was a little heavy and I missed a few words here and there, but you can tell she enjoys her work, making a man her little bitch.


I just had to check out a sample of the infamous Sandra Romain doing what she does best. Her male slave is hanging from a cross, clothespins clamped around his mouth as she tortures and teases him with a burning lighter on his bare flesh. She then gets a little more creative and uses a small clamp, pulling on one of his pubic hairs. She decides that's not good enough and gets out a pair of industrial size clamps and pulls some more until he's really squirming. She also whacked him hard with her flogger. She makes it hurt soooooooo good! And god, she is gorgeous, a true Euro domme who has earned her reputation as one of the best in the porn world, lots of verbal abuse - evil, mean and nasty! When she says "You want me to call you a pussy?" in that Romanian accent of hers, even I want to yell, "YES!" Finally I took a look at two scenes starring blonde Aiden Starr.  Aiden conducts her fun little torture games with a smile on her face, and this scene included nipple clamps, slapping and lots of verbal abuse. All the chicks at MeanDungeon look fantastic, and the quality of the camera work, lighting, and dungeon set was very good. While this may not be the roughest action you'll see out there, it's pretty solid stuff, with a twist of humor thrown into the mix, which I always enjoy. Example:  in the Aiden Starr scene, her slaveboy must answer a trivia question correctly to get a sexual reward. She chooses one that's "sixth grade level" for her stupid pussy slave idiot. "Who committed the first train robbery in the United States?" Does he get it right or wrong? Well, you'll have to cum in and see, but I'll give you a hint: it involves twine and his cock and balls lol... (btw, I answered wrong, so I'm glad I wasn't Aiden's slave bitch for the day!) The scene also features a stungun, paddle, clothespins and whip. The Aiden Starr movie contains 17 parts, and each new part was regularly updated.


Again, don't forget the great photo galleries with each movie, averaging 20 or so pics in slideshow format. No zip file option was available for the photos.


Go to the Dungeon Bitch link and you'll see the gallery of all their bitches, with the number of scenes. The ones I looked at didn't have a bio, which would be nice, with their stats and specialities. Also, a bit more convenient way to find just the Dungeon lady of your dreams would be an improvement with an alphabetical search engine.


Check out the Feedback/FAQ link for further information about the site and membership details. As a member of MeanDungeon, they indicate that you do not get access to, but you do have access to the entire 5 year archive of the Meanbitches Slave Orders (their POV site which seems to be quite popular). Many of the girls have appeared at both sites. You can also give feedback about your favorite part of the site and send an email message.


Bonus content includes webchats/video feeds showing "Mistresses" and one that features "Models".


So, if you want to see what happens to that stupid dude who couldn't answer the train robbery question, a membership to MeanDungeon will excite you and educate you at the same time lol...


Membership details: Join all 4 sites for $37.95 for 30 days, then $29.95 recurring for every 30 days. Or join just this site for $19.95 for 30 days then $17.95 recurring every 30 days (remember that’s a one site deal - only).


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