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Reviewed 01 March 2009


Do you get off being a foot licking, ass worshipping slave to a taunting, teasing beauty who could give a freakin shit about what your male needs are beyond her own selfish desires? Then is just what you've been looking for to satisfy your inner fantasies and desires to be a used boy toy and thrown away. This femdom site is for all you guys who get off on being told you're a piece of shit while you grovel like a worthless zero, a nothing who doesn't deserve to kiss the ground these beauties spit on! And remember: you won't get her pussy! NO, NO, NO! You might be "permitted" to lick her ass or smell her panties or feel the weight of her body while she stands on your pathetic chest as you look longingly up at her wet slit, but that's all, baby.


The site has been online since approximately 2002, so there's hundreds of videos and thousands of photos awaiting your submissive pleasure here. Mean Bitches has a well-developed stable of dominating, masterful  women who know how to make you feel lower than... well, whatever it is you want to feel lower than, Mister! You are most definitely NOT WORTHY to lick their stiletto heels or sniff their soaked panties! Facesitting, Femdom, Ass Worship, expert, abusive verbal humiliation… it's all here.


The top navigation bar at the Home Members Page of Meanbitches is divided into Home, Mean Scenes, Bitches, Slave Orders, Video Feeds, Feedback/FAQ, Links and Message Board - a fairly simple and straightforward layout. The design is a hot and sexy orange and black color scheme. On the left side of the main page is a News section about Meanbitches. They showed entries giving info about two Meanbitch DVD's: Meanbitch POV and Meanbitch Erotic Femdom4, both released in 2008 and available through their store area. Next to that you'll see the most recent updates of Mean Scenes and Slave Orders by date, indicating the number of pics and videos for each, with a sexy thumbnail photo.


Proceeding down the page, they list the Top Rated Bitches from all their categories - Top 10 Slave Orders, Mean Scenes and their Top 10 Bitches. Their number one bitch at the moment is Mistress Lolana. Other bitch femdoms found on the list include Tiffany Minx, Jenaveve Jolie, Brooke Haven, Sunny Lane and Mistress Kianna. You'll probably find one of your favorite porn girls somewhere in their extensive video archive. In addition, you'll see their "Coming Soon" scene, New Bitches, and "Other Galleries".


So, let's go into this meanworld and see just how mean these babes can get. Click on "Mean Scenes" and you'll have access to approximately 80 videos. So, you are probably asking, exactly what is a "mean" scene? It's usually a setup involving a dominating chick making a guy her bitch - sucking and licking her feet, her ass, pussy, and generally being her submissive slave while she smothers his face with her ass, letting him know in no uncertain terms that he's a piece of shit weak fuck. Foot fetish plays a rather large role in most of the scenes, and most of them start out with a foot/toe sucking session, so if you're into groveling and worshipping at the feet of a beautiful bitch, you'll love Mean Bitches. I checked out one of their latest updates, "The New Roommate" which features vixenish and extremely beautiful brunette bombshell Evie de la Tosso as a chick who answers an ad for a roommate placed by an unsuspecting guy who ends up being her foot-licking slave. She throws all his stuff in the garage because his stuff is "ugly shit" and hers is pretty, haha. She immediately shows him who's boss by making him lick her feet and pussy.


The videos are set up as downloadable clips in WMV format and they add a new scene every week. Each clip averages around 3 minutes or so. They update regularly, but you do have to wait a week in between each new scene. Not one of my favorite features of a site, but since there's such a big archive of scenes in the library at Mean Bitches (going back seven years), there's a huge amount of content to keep you occupied between updates. "The New Roommate" contained five clips and was pretty good as far as it went. If you're coming to Mean Bitches to see fucking and penetration, that's not what the site is about. The focus is submissive men who lower themselves to satisfy the whims and demands of beautiful babes who can and will say whatever the hell they please to their male toys. Videos clips are available for download in WMV format. There did not appear to be an option to download the entire movie or other download options. Each video comes with a photo gallery. "The New Roommate" Scene 1 contained 20 images which were very good and many were large, excellent, almost full screen pics, so no complaint there at all. I was impressed with the photos. Each scene contains an image gallery that tracks the action of the video and they are available in a slideshow format that you can set at different speeds, although there was no zip file to download the pics.


Another scene entitled "Office Bitch" is a girl/girl/guy scenario featuring the very popular hot Latina Rebecca Linares as the new girl in the office. Her boss, Nicky Hunter, dressed in BDSM black latex and stockings, makes sure the male office manager knows exactly what he is:  the damn office BITCH.  Rebecca gets her pussy licked by their shared male slave office boy while they humiliate and taunt him. A very solid, hot scene, with some of the most (expert) controlling Mistresses in the business. Office Bitch contained a total of 8 scenes, again each added on a more or less weekly schedule. A photo gallery (averaging 20 pics per scene) accompany the video. The scenes here usually start out with foot action, humiliating the guy with their feet, spreading his mouth wide with their toes, rubbing their feet all over his face, etc.


Click on "Bitches", which is the main gallery of all the babes at the site, showing the hundreds of Mistresses who have appeared over the years at this site - including renowned "man destroyers" like Sandra Romain, Samantha Sins, Eva Angelina and so many more. Looking through their archive, it seems that just about every well-known porn babe has taken a spin through here!  The main downside is that it's not alphabetically organized, so there's no easy way to find the girl you want. The number of videos and images each girl has is shown and some have biographical info included. So, it would be an improvement to have a better way to search through this area in the future if they can set that up.


So, let's get to what is apparently the one of the most popular areas of the site: Slave Orders. These are POV solo scenes where the girl gives orders and talks dirty and commandingly while she orders you (the pathetic little worm you are!) to think about all the nasty things she'd make you do to her feet, her ass, and her pussy. Thus the term "Slave Orders" - you're her slave and she's your Mistress. The archive goes back to 2004 so that's a lot of Slave Orders to obey, eh? I watched two scenes - one featuring exotic glamour model type Spanish temptress Bridgette B and another with the German sado freak Annette Schwartz. What is it about a German accent that makes this stuff so much hotter? My esteemed colleague the Pornmeister from across the pond is a big Annette fan so now I'm addicted too! Wow, thanks a lot - just what I need - another porno addiction! But she is absolutely great and really knows her stuff. The scene description reads: "This week's POV Slave Orders are from German Mistress Annette Schwartz. She's tall and mean and knows how to put you in your place! She makes you worship her ass and feet, and then makes you jerk off for her amusement!" Bridgette B is more for those of you into the somewhat softer style of being ordered around in a more caressing style - told what to do with a sexy Spanish accent. She often incorporates Spanish into her scenes, so if you love that as well as being a foot freak, she's your girl. And she definitely displays her tight pink little asshole for your viewing pleasure. Again, foot worship is a running theme throughout this site - at times it may be a bit overdone, but for those who are into it, there can never be enough of their favorite "thing". Again, each Slave Orders video comes with a photo gallery (wow, Annette's pics are wild, she is a straight up freak), Bridgette's pics are more fashion model, but you get plenty of graphic close-up shots of her pussy, albeit in a somewhat more glamour style. Running time on the POV Slave Orders videos are around 6-10 minutes each.


Mean Bitches has a fairly active message board where you can join in the discussions about scene ideas, performers, etc. so there's a good amount of feedback with MeanBitches. Glenn moderates the board and takes members suggestions into consideration - always a big plus factor for any site. In fact, the forum is a great way to learn more about Glenn's personal "take" on femdom, the importance of not being repetitious in scenes, incorporating scenes with couples being dominated, etc.  He's not just a faceless moderator dude - he's hands on and really knows his business. Again - this is what makes a site hot or not and good value for your pleasure and excitement. Mean Bitches isn't just a site somebody threw together overnight. It has a committed person as the driving force behind it who knows the lifestyle from the inside out and is always seeking to improve and evolve. He also wants people to know this is NOT a torture/bondage type of site. There's a big difference between that and the femdom scenes that you get at Mean Bitches. For me personally as a reviewer of sites like this, the VERBAL interplay makes all the difference and I always enjoy any scene far more when the female knows how to taunt the guy verbally. That's not as easy as it sounds, and only the best of the best are good at it.  


As part of your membership you get access to live chat with some hot girls (free).


An informative Support/FAQ page answers questions about the site and how to cancel membership. There is an email contact for the webmaster. In addition to this large archive of femdom action, with the $37.95 all inclusive membership deal you get access to three more sites all for one price:, and, so what are you waiting for? I hereby ORDER you to take advantage of one of the best values on the Net!


Membership details: Join all 4 sites for $37.95 for 30 days, then $29.95 recurring for every 30 days. Or join just this site for $27.95 for 30 days then $21.95 recurring every 30 days (remember that’s a one site deal - only). For an extra $10 bucks joining all four makes more sense.


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