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Reviewed 12 March 2009


The concept of this site is pretty straightforward: hot  women of Amazonian proportions, most of them almost six feet tall (or taller when you add three inch heels!) who use their superior, controlling physical size and lusciously curvaceous bods to utterly dominate and humiliate short wimpy guys. Pardon the bad joke, but these are women a guy can really look up to! I didn't know there were so many tall women in porn, but watching them paired up with these shorty guys really gives you a feel for how imposingly strong and glamorous many of these women are. For my money, that alone is an unusual visual/sexual element of this site. There's also some humor that naturally cums along with this type of scenario. Big lady, little guy - kinda like being at the circus. Woohoo! When you see a six foot chick standing next to a guy who's barely taller than pussy level, it's pretty damned funny. I have a feeling that the guys at Mean World who produce this site are fully aware of the semi-comic angle here and play it up to very good effect. So, I'll admit, I had a few moments of laughter. For me, that's always a plus factor unless it detracts from the action, but here it adds to the overall entertainment value. So let's find out what these big, mean women are doing to these itty bitty wimpy dudes!


The tour of the Home Page of Amazon Bitches shows 30 preview scenes with trailers and scene descriptions and from browsing through the offerings, there's a bunch of hot ass here ready to smother your face senseless. There's also a pretty good mix of interracial stuff - ebony Amazon babes making short wimpy white boys do their bidding in all their steamy cracks and crevices. A number of scenes feature these big ladies actually beatin up on the guys or getting physically aggressive and whupping their ass! Here's a description: AMAZON WRESTLER - MIKAYLA: We at MeanBitch Sports provide staged fake wrestling where the girl humiliates an overmatched male wimpstain. We want the girl to smother her opponent with her big ass! This scene features WRESTLING, LEGSCISSORS, BALLCRUNCHING, FOOT WORSHIP, ASS WORSHIP, and LOTS OF BIGASS SMOTHERING.


So, this is yet another exploration of the femdom niche that Meanworld specializes in. These overpowering girls don't hesitate to knock a guy around. Big bullies, huh? After looking through the tour, you'll want to get into the main action. Click on "Amazons" and you'll be on the main member page. I found the setup and navigation at this site to be a bit confusing and it takes a little time to find your way around. They call the Amazon scenes "mean scenes", so that's where you'll want to go. Beneath that, they also show links to one of their other member sites, POV Slave Orders, so it takes some sorting out to navigate, but you'll get the feel of the site fairly quickly. Currently, there are 41 juicy and intimidating videos in the Mean Amazon collection. They also show the 6 top rated Amazons (each with a short bio), News, a link to the message board, newest Amazons and upcoming scenes. To see the latest updates, click on "View All Updates". They showed 7 updates, and all except one were posted every day, so they do a good job of keeping the Amazon action flowing.  Click on "See All Mean Scenes" and you'll be in the main Amazon gallery. Since I'm a fan of medical scenarios, I previewed "Amazon Medical Assistant", starring gorgeous super sexy and super dominating 6 foot 2 Sydnee Capri. Damn, she is tall! Each movie is divided into separate scenes (this one contained 7 scenes thus far), and were updated at weekly intervals, so there is a wait in between. However, with scenes from their other Amazon movies always updating, you'll be busy watching something hot and fun here every day. The Sydnee Capri scene was very good and she most definitely did not disappoint. At first, it was really funny and somewhat startling to see the height difference between her and the 5 foot 5 guy they paired her up with, but it was also strangely stimulating. Not only was her bod awesome, (fantastic ass),   but she had the all-important femdom humiliating verbal skills to go along with it. As I've indicated in other reviews, it's a lot more difficult to roleplay this type of scene than it may appear. Not just any performer, male or female, is good at it. It has to come from inside them, not a word-for-word memorized script.  According to the creators of Meanworld, many of their women have been dommes in real life, so that gives an air of credibility to the site. In the setup for this scene, our little wimp pussyboy arrives at the medical office and Amazon bitch Sydnee immediately puts him down verbally, calling him a little boy, he should be at the paediatrician's office, etc. It is really funny and entertaining, but still very edgy because she's so good. Once in the exam room, she proceeds to make him suck and lick her feet, and then launches into some serious facesitting with an ass that deserves major worship! He buries his nose in her ample, ebony butt. Wow, great scene, hot as hell, really good.


Movies are available for download in WMV only. There's no streaming or full movie download option. Each scene contains a photo gallery averaging 20 pics, many of which are large, almost full screen and excellent. You'll get an eyeful with these photos! They are available in slideshow format but no zip files at this time.


I was curious to look at one of the more aggressive scenes, so I previewed "Beaten Up", just to see how that went down. Blonde cold bitch Amazon Hollie Stevens is asked (nicely and carefully!) by her simpering, wimpy hubby if he can go to an action movie for his birthday. JUST THIS ONE TIME! Hollie says they are going to the ballet. When he somewhat objects, (the dumbass!), she puts on her boxing gloves, knees him in the nuts and it's on!  I found it to be a little bit hokey, but it was pretty good mock fighting and certainly was an entertaining show. After awhile, I was totally into it! She slaps him in the face until he admits he was wrong to even think about making decisions. When he's down on the ground like a whipped dog, she demands that he lick her feet. She kicks him while he whimpers and turns red in the face. "Beaten Up" contains 14 scenes and seems to have been updated every one-two weeks, although sometimes a bit longer between. Most scenes feature facesitting, asslicking/assworship, foot fetish, and verbal humiliation carried out in a variety of settings and creatively diverse settings.


Click on "The Mean Bitches" and you'll see the full gallery of Amazons with the number of scenes they've done. Again, it's a little confusing (they use the term meanbitches and Amazons interchangeably at times), but you'll find what you need soon enough. It would be nice to have a better search engine or alphabetize the girls in the gallery by name so you can find your faves a little easier.


Their Feedback/FAQ page gives you more info about the site and what it's all about. If you join MeanAmazonBitches, you get access to all of the MeanBitches POV Slave Orders from the last 4 years which consist of around 200 sets of POV Slave Orders from many different Mistresses, and you get a new set of Slave Orders each week. The link to the Slave Orders scenes is conveniently located at Amazon Bitches so you can easily check those out.


As a member you also have access to live Meanbitches video feed (Kitty Fox was shown as one of the available Mistresses on the day of this review), plus some other models.


Final verdict? I found Mean Amazon Bitches to be a solid addition to the meanbitch line-up. If you like your women tall, gorgeous, commanding and ready to open a can of whupass on you, then cum on in little man... this is your kind of place!


Membership details: Join all 4 sites for $37.95 for 30 days, then $29.95 recurring for every 30 days. Or join just this site for $24.95 for 30 days then $21.95 recurring every 30 days (remember that’s a one site deal - only). Join by Credit Card, Check, or Phone (US and  International Phone Sign Up).


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