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Reviewed 04 December 2009


Hot-ish on the heels of comes the unusually titled No prizes awarded for figuring out that this little collage of middle aged cock collectors is from the same producers of fore mentioned site. As you know I do enjoy an outrageously insane website name. I mean what the fuck? ‘Matures Under Boys’ is so mental its almost genius (well, maybe not). Mmmm, considering all this I would expect to see lots of Matures actually Under Boys, maybe not ‘boys’ that’s bordering on illegal, the boys are 100% man-men rest assured. So do we have lots of this so called ‘under’ shit? Yes we do, but as with all things the blanket naming of sites is purely to encompass a niche and this one is sloppy MILF pussy versus young hard cock… and the winner is (drum roll)… Mr Penis, with Ms Flaps a close second.


If you refer to the previous review, you’ll understand that this is new so content is not up there with the greats - currently just 21 movies and 14 photo sets. Also this is German porno thus extremely dirty, depraved and err, made in the land of fine Bier. Foreign flicks are fascinating (and somewhat funny), the lingo: ‘ya ya ya, up ze shitza, oh ya’ is one good reason to watch but then again it would be nice to know what is going on at times - unlike almost every other non English speaking site I’ve ever seen this one (and all the rest in this little series) have had their movies subtitled - f-f-f-fucking marvellous!


The women featured are truly mature, not like a ripe old maggot ridden Bavarian cheese but getting there. Genuine old slappers is where its at, at sites like this and they definitely don’t look like atypical porn stars to me - which is good because fans of mature don‘t like being duped with 30 year old pretence - these must be 50+ in ancient years. I wouldn’t say there are any genuine lookers, they are duffers after all, but alluring in a proper MILF like way. Bit wobbly, bit droopy, bit haggard in the mush department, better leave it at that or I may offend someone! Bella ain’t half bad, nice sexy flesh tone stockings, horny secretary style specs, small but nicely formed (and surprisingly) pert tits and tight half shaven love hole - she doesn‘t look like she’s given birth to a Wildebeest, put it that way. Another chick (or should that be chicken?) I liked is Leah, a silver haired old slut that has the wettest pussy I’ve seen since in a while. The guys are indeed young - I’d say in their early to mid twenties.


Movies are streaming only (worst luck), but the photo sets are downloadable so you can pleasure yourself at a later date. I must say content quality is very good - well above my expectations. Three movie resolutions to tinker with ranging from Low to Ultra, all FLV Flash, which is handy as its in browser streaming. Photos are nice and crisp and although 50 images (or thereabouts) per set is not going to set the porn world alight at least you can save them.


There is a storyline to each movie/photo set but a typical scene involves action in this order: boy meets mature, boy fingers mature, boy gets blow job, boy fucks mature, matures takes load in mouth/or on titties, all whilst ‘under’ said boy. As advertised - I hate bullshit promo - there really is a lot of ‘under’ going on here.


There are related bonus sites from the same team (, and  plus a small selection of random hardcore scenes and sets in the Bonus Zone.


Am I ‘under’ whelmed at all this? No! Just weigh up the downsides - the streaming only movies and limited content before joining. Its good material we just want more of it. One for the future most definitely.


Membership costs a higher than average $29.95 for 30 days, $44.95 for 60 days (but rebills at only $39.95), whereas 90 days will cost you $59.95 (rebilling at $49.95 thereafter).


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