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Reviewed 27 November 2009


Must be the time of year or something, two new sites in two days! Funnily enough this also has shades of yesterdays review, though only in one respect - more on that later. Anyway, here we have - what do you think about that then? Well, with a title like that I thought it would be full of decrepit old men with furry balls hanging around their knees woefully inserting their rancid meat into sweet little girl holes… WRONG! This is something of a delight for lovers of mature ladies and girl on girl. It kind of kills two birds with one stone, so to speak, as the fucking is actually 100% lezza - yee-fucking-haa!


I say this site is new, well, it is to me and looking through the small archive although the first piece of content was uploaded back in March 2009, it would appear that the site owners have finally got their update schedule underway and are now banging out content, with most of it appearing in the last few weeks.


Okay, this site appeals to me. I like older women and the MILF scene in general. Lesbian sites are always a winner - I mean you can’t go wrong with two girls screwing, it ticks all the right boxes. Going back to the opening sentence for a minute (best to get the gripes out of the way early). As with a handful of sites has elected to go down that crummy streaming only video route. This is a pet hate of mine right now, as it relies on cracking server speeds not forgetting your own connection. Sure it can take an age to download 200MB+ HD whoppers but streaming is even more annoying when that mutha-buffer-fucker is as slow as a snail in an oil slick. Good thing is that there are three resolutions to choose from based on your connection (Low, High and Ultra - all FLV Flash format), with playback quality commensurate with chosen speed. Unbelievably and pretty damn rare I must say, is news that the producers have undertaken the unenviable task of actually subtitling all the movies (barring the Low res vids), so English speakers can get an idea of what’s going on. Very nice touch and welcome - thanks! Each movie has a selection of screenshots and also a preview trailer. All in all its not as bad as I first thought.


When it comes to the photo sets top marks are awarded for downloadable zips and decent quality high resolution imagery of the depraved strapon, fingering and pussy licking adventures that await you once downloaded to your dirty hard drive. There is a negative though. Yep you guessed it content is sparser than a granny’s cunt patch - just 13 photo sets containing around 50 images. The saving grace is that there are almost double the amount of 20 minute long movies (currently 24 at date of review). The update schedule is a little erratic and if this was kicked up the butt with a very pointy shoe this particular groan would lessen.


There are related bonus sites from the same team ( and, plus a aptly named Bonus Zone with a small selection of random hardcore action (photos and movies).


Good text descriptions and movie storylines add to the overall feel of a well considered site and production values are high, but it comes down to one thing right now… content or lack of to be precise! For the record what is available is excellent - I do like this site, don’t get me wrong.


If mature Fräuleins fucking cute German teens makes your cock go all funny and you don’t mind about the issues raised above then its probably worth a punt for a month or two (three months works out cheapest, by the way). Membership costs a higher than average $29.95 for 30 days, $44.95 for 60 days (but rebills at only $39.95), whereas 90 days will cost you $59.95 (rebilling at $49.95 thereafter).


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