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Reviewed 01 January 2010


Sometimes a site name just doesn't fit the content, and that's the case with Yeah, they are creeps lol...but in a freakin erotic way that makes this site one of those little gems hidden among the not so erotic stuff floating through pornworld. The site, quite frankly, is a turn on. I suppose we'd categorize it in the "massage niche" which is a bit new to me, and after watching nubile teen girls oiled up and sensuously, thoroughly and quite professionally massaged by the strong, probing hands of hunky porn guys who then proceed to... oh wow, I lost my train of thought! Where was I? Oh yeah, back to the review!


Massage Creeps is part of the Porn Pros Network and is a new addition to their line-up, going online in September 2009, but with weekly updates as shown on the convenient update calendar at the Home page, they already have 14 videos, most running 40+ minutes long. Hmmm, that's a lot of yummy massages, not to mention very arousing scenes that will make you wish you'd gone to massage school so you, too, could get into the pants (and between the legs) of XXXtreme hotties like this. The porn dudes who administer these rubdowns are damn good with their hands (makes me wonder if some of 'em have been moonlighting doing this on the side, eh?) and I must say, I envied the girls who got the  call to do a scene at Massage Creeps! Finally, some much-needed relief for those tense, tired and aching muscles... especially the muscle "down there" that needs a good work out from the male masseuse.  And yeah, his "muscle" needs relief too, and what better way to get it than relaxing a female until she's so zoned out on his table she'll do anything he wants. I wholeheartedly agree with the statement at the Tour page of Massage Creeps: "Girls Respond  More Sexually To Massages than to any other physical activity!"


The "creep" element of course is that the guy has ulterior motives before arriving at the teen client's home to administer the massage she has requested, but apart from that somewhat misleading word, you get some fantastic shots of teen pussy and tits from various angles on the massage table that'll rock your world. The tease, sneak a peek element plays a role, but it wouldn't be a legit massage if the sex started too fast. Strategically placed towels that move here, there and everywhere to give you a steamy show. When you finally get that glimpse of what she's got underneath, it's worth the wait. The massage isn't just an excuse for the sex, it's an integral part of prepping the chick and the guy for more stimulating activities. I also think this is one of the few porn sites I'd recommend for couples viewing. It would definitely appeal to women as well as guys. As we know, there's not much porn out there that's able to accomplish that. So, guys, if you want to get your lady in the mood, fire up a scene from Massage Creeps and let it roll. Unless I'm seriously off base about this, you'll have a ready and willing partner begging for your sexual attention in 10 minutes or less! You may even learn a few techniques from watching these guys do their thing all over these girls' bods. Some of the babes featured include teen Gracie Glam, Brooke Adams, Lexi Belle, busty Shawna Lenee, Tessa Taylor and more. And they've never looked better!


Before getting into the Member's area of Massage Creep, you'll find it easy to navigate the Porn Pros network, which gives you access to 20+ bonus sites and very good search tools to browse for their latest updates, model name, and check out the bonus webcam feeds. Once into the main site area, you'll see all the scene pics with date posted. Click on a pic of a massage babe you want to see and you'll be in the video viewing area, with scene description, number of photos, running time, and a link to the girl's stats on the right of the screen under "Scene Info".


I previewed quite a few of their vids here (okay, I really wanted a massage BAD!), but living vicariously by watching was the next best thing. The first one I saw featured teen Gracie Glam titled, "Gracie's Tight Cheerleading Body Massage" as a cheerleader in need of a deep tissue massage before a big competition. The massage dude sets up his table in a very realistic, legit way which adds to the theme and I really liked that the guys especially stay in character, which heightens the erotic feel. He steps into another room while she disrobes and gets on the table (heh heh), and when she's ready, he begins the massage. Lots of erotic kneading, rubbing and loosening of tight muscles ensues. The guy uses a bit of New Age babble like chakra and chi, which is pretty funny. But it's all done very lowkey and "professional" just as if it's a real massage. He identifies key areas of her body that may need more work, watch out for those hamstrings, that kinda stuff. It's not just wham bam - it's done quite well and thoroughly. Amazingly, she agrees to less and less coverage until she's only got a towel on her breasts and pelvic area, but of course Mr. Massage Man needs (or kneads?) to get in there and spread her legs for a bit more intensive work. He brings out his special tool, a machine (yeah, the wand vibe lol) and asks if she's ever seen one of these devices. She says yes, she thinks some of her cheerleader friends may have one (I bet!). She willingly allows him to "massage" her pussy with the vibe. I mean, hey, if it's gonna help her win the cheerleading competition, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right? HA! He then brings in a wedge for her to lean over, ass up in the air, for further treatment. The wedge makes an appearance in most of the scenes at this site, which can get a bit repetitious, but it nevertheless is quite an erotic and highly useful piece of sex equipment and works well on the table.


Let's not forget those hot camera angles I mentioned earlier - lots of upshots of shaved pussy, and deep massage of youthful  breasts, legs spread  in various positions... hey, it's ALL GOOD. And yes, he finally brings out HIS tool to finish the massage, doggy and mish, while she vibes. The final treatment? His cum on her face, which he professionally and politely advises her to let "soak in" for 15 minutes. Too funny! But again, they were in character all the way, low key and sexy hot. Both were really good performers, controlled and didn't go all stupid porno, if you know what I mean. The girls keep their composure playing along with the theme, hitting just the right tone for this type of site. It could easily have turned cheesy, but it doesn't at all, and that was a nice surprise as always! Running time: 43 minutes, with 285 Hi-Res photos and 104 Screencaps. The hi-res pics are excellent and large, (especially hottie Gracie in her sexy cheerleading outfit), and the screencaps are also quite large and good quality, downloadable in zip file. for your full viewing and massage pleasure.


I watched another vid with blonde pouty teen Kacey Jordan as a spoiled brat who wants a massage. She complains about being in a new school and various stressful things like that which have made her world very tense!  She's a slut at heart of course. Mr. Massage Man obliges and gives her what she needs. A client is a client after all. He brings out his special tool again, the big vibe. She then gives his tool some hot oral action. Even though there's a certain predictable quality in the scenes, each girl brings her own physique and personality to the scene and they all get a solid banging. It appears that they use the same couple of guys so far, but they're quite good, so no complaints there. When you see the girl climb up on that massage table and begin the process, it's different each time. And of course every scenario is different too. Lexi Belle is her giggly self and laughs when the cold massage oil is first poured on her tummy. Ohhhhhhh! She's always good.


Perhaps a little more variety would be nice, but I think they're trying to stick to the massage theme as closely as possible and don't want it turning into a typical porno orgy where the whole concept is lost. If they are indeed appealing to those who dig watching hot chicks get a rub down, (and man, who doesn't?) culminating in hot pounding mish/doggy sex, they've hit their target audience. The Kacey Jordan vid runs 41 minutes with 416 Hi Res pics and 103 screencaps that track the video. If you want to cut to the action, you can easily fast forward to a clip that puts you into the sex action. One of the vids I saw runs 60 mins, so you are getting some very good full length content here.


Video download/viewing options at Porn Pros are great - you can watching in streaming or download the full movie in WMV HD or Standard, MPG HD/Standard, or you can stream or download individual clips in WMV HD/Standard, MPG HD/Standard, as well as browsing one minute clips. They also have a "video to go" area with DVD/CD, iPod, iPhone, PSP an XBox for you horndogs on the go.


Support is provided by a link at the bottom of the page with 24/7 live chat assistance for membership or billing issues.


As of this review, Massage Creeps is updating weekly and if the site is popular, I'm sure they'll continue to do so. Don't overlook this site or be swayed by the name, either. It's a lot better than you might think at first glance, so please do check it out. Even if it turns out not to be your cup of massage oil lol, there's still the big Porn Pros network with a wide variety of smut to keep you occupied so this is not a bad site to spend some time at. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here, so much so that my review was delayed because I watched more than the usual couple of preview vids. Wow, I'm gonna go get a massage now, okay? All this porn has made me... very tense heh heh...


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