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Reviewed 30 January 2009


In spite of her scary little name, Liz Vicious won't bite... too much! Gee, she's only 5'4, 100 lbs of goth sexual depravity, how much damage could she do? Well, maybe you should cum in and find out what makes wild Liz tick. If your ultimate fantasy is a teen goth wild child with flowing red hair and emerald green cat's eyes, an uninhibited sexual exhibitionist who loves showing off her lean body, you'll definitely dig She has a solid following of fans on and off the Net who are into her spontaneous and quirky style of presenting her sexuality to the world. Basically, she epitomizes the goth lifestyle, living it to the fullest while allowing her lucky members access to share her private escapades via her hardcore reality based photo shoots, videos and webcam shows. I'm a big fan of reality gonzo porn and Liz fits the bill perfectly. The camera follows her into all kinds of places - her steamy shower, out on the road, the bathtub with her vibrating ducky, you name it, Liz is out and about. Liz isn't exactly an amateur, because she knows what she's doing in front of a camera, but she keeps it real, unlike many of the moan and groan porn babes with fake tits acting out scripted scenes. She fucks where and how she wants, as the mood strikes. Some of her stuff is solo, with her masturbating and playing with herself, some is hot girl/girl, and other scenes feature her and a sexy guy (her real life boyfriend?) doing all kinds of nasty, adventurous stuff. Her site is also quite interactive and accessible to her fans, another good reason to check it out.


The Home page of the Liz Vicious site gives you some background bio information about her, along with her latest photo sets and trailers of her latest videos. She describes herself as "naughty and playful - definitely one of  those 'forbidden' girls that is always causing mischief and trouble" and she says she will go to "any lengths" to impress guys she likes. Well, lucky you... maybe she'll do a special private show, just for you? With Liz, anything's possible!  She really is a little vixen with sex on her mind 24/7 and a body made for sin. Her tight teen titties and exotic vampira looks will be a turn on if you're into girls who look like they might suck your blood while giving you the best blowjob of your life. Or maybe you're just tired of the same old same old porn and want a change of pace. She sleeps by day, parties by night and god knows what else. It seems to be working well for her, so let's find out more about this nympho babe.


At her home page, you'll see links to: About Me (her bio), all her Video sets (100+) and all her photo sets (200+). You can also see samples of her artwork - Liz is a multi-talented freaky and oh so deep chick who expresses her dark side in a variety of sexy ways. Click on "Contact" where she explains the ways members can reach her: through her private messaging system that allows you to chat one on one with her instantly, plus access to her private email account which she says she checks several times a day. She's extremely open to feedback and suggestions from her members, and in my book, that makes for a great site and has undoubtedly contributed to her success as a kinky goth princess, willing and eager to pleasure YOU. I get tired of these cold chicks - they think all they have to do at their paysite is put up some pics and vids and you're supposed to be honored to be there. Liz doesn't cum across that way - she has a sense of humor about herself too, which is pretty cool. In other words, a fun, oversexed crazy chick like you wish your girlfriend would be!


Click on "Members" and you'll be into the main area of her website, where all the action happens. At the top you'll see the main navigation categories of Home, Pictures, Videos, Private Camz, 3X Links Free Tube, Search, Contact, Free Webcam girls and Chat and Members Only Social Network.


Scrolling down, you'll see her latest picture and movie updates. I wasn't able to determine exactly what the update schedule is, there don’t appear to be dates on her shoots, but it may be weekly. At the time of this review, underneath that is an ad for an electronic cigarette called ‘Smoke Anywhere’. Normally I'm turned off by ads in the main body of a site but, hey, this one is for a good cause. Liz has a smoking fetish, and she does look "smokin" hot, sensuously blowing streams of smoke in many of her pics and vids, (she does say somewhere at her site that she's trying to kick the habit). Either that or she has a deal with the e-cig company! Continuing down the page, you'll find an archive of 58 of her webcam shows, titled "Miss Liz", downloadable in FLV format.


Finally, you reach the main body of the page, divided on one side with all her recent picture sets and the other with her most recent video sets. To view all her photos, go back to the main menu at the top of the page and click on "Pictures" and that will pull up all her current photo sets. She says they are sorted by "when and where" taken.  Again, I looked for dates but couldn't find any, so it's basically the most recent to the latest. At the bottom of the gallery is a search engine where you can search by keyword (anal, bikini, blowjob, boots, etc.). Liz luvs fucking in boots, she's a fetishy chick with her favorite quirks. The search engine, as often happens at sites, may not always match up with what's there, so if you search for "interracial" for example, it pulls up an ad for her movie Succubus. And to answer your question, (see? I'm ahead of you already!), yes, Liz does do a bit of anal. Apparently she's asked about it a lot. I watched one of her anal vids and frankly found it to be way hotter than the pros who take it up the ass like it's a walk in the park. Real chicks often struggle with backdoor activity, and I know lots of guys dig seeing it hurt and being a somewhat difficult on the girl, reality style. So, Liz is a trooper and knows how to please her audience the right way. She even says it wasn’t so bad after all!


In the photo gallery, click on a thumbnail that grabs your interest and you'll be taken to the full shoot. Pics can be viewed in small, med and large size (900x600) and all pics are available in slideshow. Only members who have been signed up for 30 days can download in zip file. Photo quality was average to excellent. You can easily move to the next or previous photo or back to the main gallery. I checked out a set called "Sucking and Fucking", which contained 96 pics showing her amazing teen bod with creamy white skin, as she sucks (and fucks!)  a hot guy in her boots while wearing a spiked dog collar. I really enjoy the scene descriptions, they always sound juicy and definitely make you want to get in there and take a look, with off the wall and creative adventures. How creative? In "Creepy Green Light" you'll see classic Liz at her goth best, "conjuring the goddess of Sexual deviance." She really is a stunning girl who can do erotically amazing effects with lighting, not to mention her porcelain skin and glowing eyes. Photo sets usually contain approx. 100 pics; it would be nice if there were more stats  about how much of what is where, so there needs to be improvement in that area. Other sets had tempting titles such as "On The Road Hotel Shower Fun", "Basement Bondage Part 2" and "Bathroom Quickie" which she describes this way: "I was out and about with a friend when this wave of horniness just swept over me. You ever have that happen? Like when need just fills up your lower belly? Anyhow, I believe in listening to what my body needs, and my body needed to get off! So into the bathroom we went, I unzipped my backpack, tossed a camera to my friend, grabbed my toy, and got some satisfaction." Well, okay! I'm down with that! Or maybe you'd dig seeing her masturbate with her hairbrush handle? Check out one of her personal fave sets, "Graveyard Gothy". Not too surprising that a goth girl would love posing at the resting place of the dead, now is it?


Back to the top menu, click on "Videos" to see Liz on film. Again, you can search by keyword to find scenes that match your tastes. I got hot and bothered by one title: "Fingerbang" and OMG, it was good… She says, "As soon as I found a man for the job, he laid me down for my bang! It was amazing, and I can't wait for you to witness it too!" Well, I did witness it and I can honestly say it was what I've been missing from mainstream porn. She's lying face down while her guy fingers her from behind and wow it's authentic and erotic. Videos can be viewed in a variety of formats: Streaming, WMV low/high speed, DivX Full Episode, MPEG full episode and iPod. The videos are reality style. The camerawork and lightning is about what you'd expect from this type of site, there's inconsistency and shaky angles at times, but I'm willing to deal with that in exchange for getting content that's totally exclusive and different from anything else you'll see from the big porn companies. I checked out a couple of other video clips - Liz shaving her pussy in the bathtub (that's where the vibrating ducky cums in!), and doing some hot solo masturbation. And I just had to check out "Knife Fuck In Chainmail Red" with Liz fucking her pussy with a razor sharp knife (uh, the handle end!). Hey, ya don't see that every day! I can't recall the last time I saw a mainstream glam porn chick fucking with a knife, so that's why this site is certainly in a niche all its own. Videos run around 8-10 minutes long, some may be longer. You'll see quite a range of action here - blowjobs, bondage, girl/girl, good hard fucks, a fetish foot fuck and just general craziness and weird fun that only Mizz Liz Vicious can deliver. There are random gonzo interviews, outdoor fucks, and just whatever inspires her that day. If she's horny she's likely to do just about anything to get herself off and entertain you in the bargain. In addition, when you click on various pics or videos, you'll see even more "random" pics and vids. It is a bit difficult to catalogue all that's here because this site could use some better tracking, so the best thing to do is just jump in and have fun without obsessing too much on what's where. You can always use the search engine to help you out if you're focused on finding one particular type of scene or fetish.


In addition to her own Cam Shows, as a member you also get a variety of bonus webcam areas with girls for live chat, including Amateur, Pornstar, and 24/7 Voyeur feeds.


For technical support, click on "Contact" and you'll be given links to Customer Support, with full FAQ, membership and billing assistance. You can also email the webmaster directly for help. The Liz Vicious site is not part of a network, so membership here is for her site only. So, what's the final verdict? If you're a fan of a total lifestyle, and love the goth look and personality of this unique rebel chick, you'll definitely want a membership which will not only keep you in touch with her via her chat and message system, but you'll be able to keep up with special live events also. She seems to be a girl who enjoys fan interaction. I liked her "in your face" (and on your cock) attitude and honest, authentic sexiness. And don't worry, if you don't join her site, I don't think Liz will take it personally, do you? Let's hope not!


Membership details: 1 month $29.92; 3 Months: $79.94 (non-recurring); 1 year: $99.94. Payment is accepted by credit card, check or you can join by phone.


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XXX Pwnage Rating - 4 Stars
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