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Reviewed 09 September 2008

Revised 18 March 2009 (see later)

First things first - some background about LittleMutt is in order. The site is the brainchild of Sal Paradise, a professional filmmaker for many years. Sal had worked in low budget porn earlier in his film career while putting himself through school, and what he saw really turned him off - junky production values and fake looking girls who didn't turn him on (he says the fluffers were sexier than the porn stars.) He finally decided to take  matters into his own hands so to speak, and LittleMutt was born six years ago - dedicated to showcasing all exclusive, natural, fresh 18-24 year-old teens and young women in primarily softcore sexual action, although there's plenty of exciting hardcore content here too. LittleMutt has distinguished itself as one of those sites created by an individual with a true passion, a calling, and a mission to do porn the way he thinks it should be done, and he accomplishes his mission very well. Not sure why the site is called LittleMutt – perhaps it's that panting dog howling at all those lovely pussies!  Whatever, the name makes the site memorable and unique. He could have called it ‘Teen-fill-in-the- blank’ but he's a guy with his own sexy way of doing things, and the name seems to stick in your mind.


The Home Page of LittleMutt (or Elite Smut as they also like to call it), is a simple and uncluttered area with a pleasing style. One thing I liked about it is the avoidance of what I call the Teen Queen Dream Pepto Bismal pink color scheme that so many teen sites are obsessed with. Sal sticks with a basic look that suits his vision. He wants the site to be exciting but not a stereotype of what you're expecting. Unpredictability is their hallmark here. The central area of the page has the Upcoming Galleries and Videos (6), with the rest of the main area showing the current video and picture gallery updates. They appear to update every day more or less, but apparently average at least 3 updates per week, so they are certainly keeping the content flowing, no problem there. You can quickly see from the get go at the front page that the girls are just as advertised - fresh, young, wholesome girl next door types with natural bodies. Some have petite little breasts, some are bigger, but they look like real girls, not chicks straight from the plastic surgeon's office. Nice. There are a few better known porn stars who have shot content for LittleMutt including Penthouse Pet Erica Ellyson and Vivid contract star Megan Mallone. However, most are never before seen girls, lots of amateurs who have never appeared nude in front of a camera. Yummy! I also noted that most seem to be from the US judging from their names and general appearance. Call me biased, but I like a good ole fashioned line-up of American apple pie cuties! True, the girls from Eastern European countries are quite beautiful, but nothing is better than a horny American hunny doing erotically naughty things to herself, her badass little girlfriend or her real- life boyfriend/lover.


Currently, the site offers 410 still galleries, averaging between 75 and 400 pics. Their videos range in size from a low of 6 minutes all the way up to multi-parters that can run 2 hours. Most average around 20-40 minutes. At the very top of the main page, there's a navigation bar that says Sal's Rants (an eye-opening discussion of the history of LittleMutt), Dr. Lola Flynn (sex information/advice column), Fiction (erotic stories by their featured writer), Newsletter (informative LittleMutt weekly newsletter), and Your Cart. Beneath that bar is their main navigation bar: Girls, Stills, Web Videos, Store, Forum and Links. Simple and straightforward. The left side has a Welcome area, helpful links, and Deviations, which is Sal's Fetish Side (a collection of  his favorite somewhat kinkier, hardcore shoots.) That area is definitely worth more than a few minutes of your time, so don't miss it!


Click on Girls and you'll be taken into LittleMutt's world of beauty and lustful animal innocence. There are 27 pages of girls, searchable alphabetically or by date. The webmaster has indicated to me that they are currently working on an improved Categories section that will allow you  to find girls by scene: solo, girl/girl, boy/girl, and other options. This is great news, because a site with lots of girls needs a detailed search method, so this will be an improvement. They do have a basic search engine at the front page where you can search by video or girls by typing in key words, but their new set-up should be better.


I randomly looked at one girl, Tylar Jacobs. Her gallery contained over 150 still photos. She posed in a variety of softcore scenes and she had beautiful, natural breasts. A nice change from typical porn. I clicked on another girl, Sophie, and was taken into her gallery featuring her and boyfriend Jessie in stills and video. I could tell just from looking at the stills that this was a very arousing shoot, based on the real life personal relationship existing between them. This is the type of content that is sadly lacking in today's porn world and if you've been longing to tap back into this fountain of visual sexual, psychological reminder to inspire you once again as to what intimate, bonded, and HOT sex is all about, LittleMutts won't disappoint. It truly won't. Sal has provided explicit, descriptive bios for some of the girls, although not all. Probably some of them prefer to remain low-key since they aren't porn stars looking for the limelight, so that has to be respected as their personal preference.


Click on Stills for the still galleries. At this time, there's no way to search for specific  girls, but as previously mentioned, they are adding improved  search mechanisms. The photos are available in zip files. I sampled one called "Envi - Gardener" (206 stills) and found a sexy gallery of a perky breasted young lady in her garden which included some very graphic spread pussy shots and an insertion of  the handle of her little garden shovel in that  pussy. See? Never predictable. Don't be lulled into thinking there aren't surprises lurking around the corner at this site, because there are. Again, the girls had a very young and fresh look, just as promised. You'll also see some known porn stars sprinkled throughout such as Leah Wilde (I reviewed her in a scene at, Misty Haze, and Amber Rayne. The lesbo girl/girl action is really what LittleMutt does best - natural girls getting intimate and hot with each other, complete with real orgasms captured on film. There are some boy/girl scenes, but that's never been the primary emphasis of this site. I found it quite an arousing collection. There's some bondage scenes, vibes, even a strap-on scene, plus occasional threesomes. The photo quality was in excellent  hi res.


The stills are nice but the videos are where the real action is. Click on Web Videos and you'll find 57 pages of videos, each with an explicit blurb describing the scene. Here's an example scene description to get you hot and bothered: "Andrea Anderson Sweet Butt, Small Perky Breasts, Anal Orgasm, Oozing Girl Cum". And another: "Alex Venice - Anal Extravaganza. Alex has played with ducks, in dirt, strap-ons, played "footsie" with her boyfriend Zak's dick, of course the famous Nurses videos with Amber Rayne and now she's going to put everything and anything she can up her beautiful ass for us." Doesn't exactly sound like dull softcore teen teaser stuff, does it? That's because it isn't. Again, this is Sal's personal vision of what porn should be, showing off these beautiful young girls and his vision gave me a BIG tingle just reading these hot little blurbs. Page after page after page of descriptions like this convinces me this is one freakin amazingly good collection of teen erotica that you need to check out.


The videos range from solo girl masturbation, girls with girls in various sexual settings (massages, oral, fingering, licking, bathing, showers, bondage/spanking, dildos, vibes), plus some guy/girl scenes. Videos are available in WMV and MPG, with some in Ipod. You can download the full Web Cut (full movie) or download individual clips to see if the complete movie is something up your alley. With the movies are accompanying still galleries, often with hundreds of pics available in zip files. I downloaded one clip featuring a lovely small-breasted girl slightly oiled from a sensuous massage lying on a table while being vibed with a Hitachi to three orgasms by Sal. (we only see his hands). Another girl also participates by gently rubbing her thighs and tummy while Sal also inserts a few fingers into her highly aroused pussy. This little clip is going into my private vault - it's a keeper! It was incredibly arousing and the video quality was excellent.  The orgasms are real, the girl's reactions are real, and this young lady was thoroughly relaxed at the end of her cum session. First-rate! LittleMutt apparently also is in the process of going back to improve the quality of some of their earlier shoots with re-editing, etc.


The Store link takes you to their DVD sales area where members can purchase special longer Director's Cut versions of their videos, available in  DVD and VHS. Their current LittleMutt special offer was a buy 2 DVD's and get 1 free deal or subscribe to LM for three months and get a free DVD. All their VHS tapes were being cleared out for $5.99 so if you're on a strict budget and want to pick up some awesome stuff at a bargain, you can do it here.


At the bottom are links to their excellent help page, a models link (for girls who would like to model for LittleMutt), web contact, and general links.


The LittleMutt forum is not extremely active, but there are a few regulars who post there. To quote one of the moderators "We could bend to the will of the average surfer and become random POV site number 1874030 or we can continue to be us and offer real girl/girl action, realistic solo girl videos (our PM [private moment] videos are totally whatever the girl wants to do) and honest real boy girls scenes with real couples." Indeed. This remark perfectly sums up the site, which absolutely deserves a fair share of your time. The Net is drowning in sub-par sites that don't deliver what they promise. LittleMutt is not junk, nor is it so "artsy" that the freak factor is missing.  It's there. What else can I say but that it got me hot, I'd watch just about everything they have  if I had unlimited time to do so, and I highly recommend it.


If you doubt my analysis of LittleMutt, go to their Links area where they've posted reviews from over 15 other porn reviewers. Across the board, they score high marks from all of them for precisely the same reasons I've given them praise – exclusive content, hot, original fresh girls and real sex action, not faked out porn.'s pricing is comparable to the other leading sites on the internet today (see new member rates below). My hat's off to Sal - keep up the good work, man and keep your LittleMutt doggie howling at those hot pussies!


NEW PRICING Updated 18 March 2009


$29.95 USD for 30 day (renewing every 30 days for 29.95) - That's only 99 cents a day. $39.95 USD for 60 days (renewing every 60 days for $39.95) - That's only 66 cents a day. $49.95 USD for 90 days - That's a $10.00 price cut! (renewing every 90 days for $49.95) - Merely 55 cents a day. $89.95 USD for 6 months (Non-renewing) - 49 cents a day. $119.95 USD for 1 year (Non-renewing) - the much requested yearly subscription has been re-established and cutting the price -  Merely 33 cents a day for a full year's unlimited access to the world's best porn featuring fresh young natural girls.


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