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Reviewed 14 June 2010


If you're looking for all natural, fresh teen lesbians exploring every hole deeply and intimately, LezCuties absolutely won't disappoint. I really got turned on by the action at this site, offered by the great 21stSextury network. LezCuties has grown into a large and sizzling archive, with 300 scenes going back to 2005, so it's weathered the porn storm for several years. For good reason, too: beautiful, quality girls, mostly Euro, with coltish tight titty bods ready for anything that makes them cum. Most scenes also include anal - finger insertion, dildo, strap-on, some fisting (anal and pussy), rimming - they open their lovely hole(s) for their girlfriends to explore and excite to the max. Not only that, the latest vids are stunning HD quality so they're keeping up with (and exceeding) the best in that department, too. As with most sites that have been around for awhile,earlier videos are in standard wmv format, so there is some variability from that standpoint. Earlier vids aren't poor quality, just standard for that timeframe.


There's a lot of lesbo sites around, but certainly LezCuties is a standout among them and well worth a stroke session or two (or 10!) if watching pretty young girls pleasing each other in bed or after school or during a slumber party  is your fantasy. As I've stated in my other reviews, I'm a huge fan of Euro porn, seeing girls that are new to me and hopefully you as well. I would categorize the site as a combination softcore/hardcore - most scenes start with a horny foreplay make-out session, kissing, fondling, feeling, giggling, but not too long or boring. A lot of authentic wet enjoyment going on here!


The site navigation is nicely arranged, with LC calendar, LC scenes and LC models links on the left side of the page. The site updates weekly with an average of 6-7 scenes per month. On this page you will also see Recent News (a message from the LC director Oliver asking for member feedback and scene suggestions), plus recently added and hottest scenes. Thumbnail pics of the LC models are also here to get a preview of the babes. I think you'll agree these girls fit the genre well with their looks and appeal.


Click on "LC Scenes" to start your yummy teen lesbian adventures. In this area you'll find another well organized section, with links to All, Upcoming, Recently Added and Highest Rated scenes. On the left side of the page is an extensive filter area that lets you narrow and fine-tune your search, with all the basics like hair and eye color, breast size, piercings, etc In addition, you can search by even narrower parameters like camera angle and pussy lip/length!


Looking over the first page of the most recent scenes I had that "kid in a candy store" feeling - always a good sign. Loads of tempting thumbnails beckoned me to start clicking and get into it. An element I really like is the ability to mouse over these preview thumnbs and see several pics from the scene - nice touch. There's a great blend of girl/girl and threeway action. I enjoy threesomes the most when it comes to lesbo stuff… just my particular taste. More hands, tongues and fingers in the mix I suppose! Interspersed there's also some behind the scenes content (pics and vids). With such a big collection, it would be nice if they'd make a separate section devoted to the BTS material as I always enjoy it and like to go directly to it.


Most of the girls have long hair, a good collection of blondes and brunettes with a sprinkle of redheads to spice it up - all without the usual porno look. There's a few tats here and there, but most are tat-free (which is my personal preference, no offense to those who dig tats). There are some stunning chicks at LezCuties, that's for sure. Let's put it this way: these are the lezzies you wished lived next door who'd invite a guy over for playtime. Well, sorry there's no guys here, except YOU of course :) It's also  hot porn for chicks who love chicks, the kissing and good feelings make this a destination site for a diverse range of tastes - bi, straight, lesbian, hardcore, (pussy and anal fisting, etc.).


In keeping with my preference for girlie threesomes, I previewed "Lots of Love" and damn it was quite exciting. The scenes at LezCuties aren't into dialogue, so don't expect much (if any) verbal interaction. I would have liked to see a bit more talk between the gals, but what they lack in the verbals they more than make up for in the authentic orgasmic sexual chemistry and horny moaning enjoyment. Who needs talk when you can have fuck, lick and moan? In this case, talk would definitely get in the way so stand aside and let the lovelies do their thing while you enjoy.


Each scene shows the date posted, performer names, rating, story description, running time, plus a trailer for preview. There's also a photo gallery in zip file, plus a "photo samples" gallery for previewing. In "Lots of Love", the three fresh and beautiful girls are at a slumber party which starts with explorations, kissing, smiles and shedding of clothes. If you find that part boring (which I didn't!) you can stream or download by clip. All three take turns with the inflatable dildo, in ass and pussy, plus oral, fingering and kissing mixed throughout. If you're into anal, you'll love that part of it! No slumbering at this party until the end when they've satisfied their lesbo erotic urges. Great close-up shots that don't let you miss a thing, (gaping is nearly always on the menu!), fabulous looking pussies and just overall top-rate lesbian action that does what it's supposed to do: turn you on!  


Running time on Lots of Love: 34 minutes - most of the videos at LezCuties are in that range, so you get good value here, plenty of time to build up to a lot of wet and wild fun! All three cuties in this scene had the "girl next door" look, perky tits, natural brown hair and pretty faces with responsive bodies all the way! The main photo gallery contains 221 absolutely breathtaking full screen hi-res photos in zip file.


You won't find rough sex, BDSM scenes at LezCuties. This site is all about girls enjoying girls. That doesn't mean this isn't a hardcore site, it is.  But there's no bondage or face fucking with dildos. If these LezCuties have a big inflatable dildo or toy up their ass it's because they want it there!


I watched this vid in low H.264 and it looked great. For the earlier vids (wmv format) I recommend viewing at hi whenever possible. I randomly checked out earlier photo galleries and they were all in zip file with big clear pics.


Next I checked out "Lesbian Schoolgirls". I know you're thinking ahh, same old same old, but it was really good. Both are tiny titted sweethearts in their plaid school uniforms - one wearing a skirt somewhat longer than the other. A bit more authentic than the usual porno schoolgirl skirt up to her ass... These two have great chemistry as they kiss, make out and get into some hot oral and dildo action, including anal. Extremely arousing stuff. Running time: 29 minutes with a photo gallery of 208 huge pics in zip file ready for your private stash.


I randomly surfed around viewing parts of other scenes to get an overall feel, and everything I saw was great. They really have a knack for picking girls who are hot.


My only small complaint is they might want to add a bit more dimension to the scenes, use different toys besides dildo or vibe, or get a bit more creative with the settings. Offhand I didn't see any outdoor lesbian fun, beach or poolside, so that would definitely be nice, just switch it up a bit. I really wouldn't want LezCuties to go into heavy bondage, maybe a little light bondage play would keep the interest flowing. More chit chat between the girls would be hot too, although if English isn't their first language they probably keep it to a minimum for that reason.


Videos can be streamed in clips in lo, hi, or ultra high quality H.264 or fully downloaded with a wide array of formats including the above plus lo/med wmv format. You can also use the "All In One File" download option. This isn't cheapo gonzo stuff, it's professional great quality lesbo porn.


Since LezCuties is part of the 21stSextury network be sure to check out their newest additions such as the FanClub area which features blogs, news and diaries from performers at featured sites. I'm not sure if LezCuties has a club at this time but you can always send a request to the director, Oliver. He loves getting feedback!


With a large and continually updating archive of high quality teen lesbian scenes with anal, scissoring, tribbing, double dong, dildos, fingering, 69, - all the horny lesbo stuff you love to see girls do (whether they call it a slumber party or helping with homework!), LezCuties is most definitely one of the better collections of its kind in pornland. As I said at the beginning of the review, this site gave me the "kid in the candy store" feeling and that's a good sign. A VERY good sign :)


Membership costs: One day trial $0.95 a day (converts to monthly membership); One month: 1st month - $29.95, 2nd month: $24.95, 3rd month $19.95 or one year: $95.40. Get access to this great 50 site network, special loyalty access rates as shown above, thousands of exclusive scenes with daily updates!


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