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Reviewed 4 June 2008


If you have a fetish for fetish, is certainly one site to consider and 15,000+ members can’t be wrong! With new and exclusive content added 7 days a week and an established name in the adult industry Lady-Sonia is no doubt a successful formula. enthrals from start to finish - the star of the show, being, understandably, dominatrix/masturbatrix, Sonia, or Lady Sonia as she is known to her many friends.  This site will appeal to all that enjoy a slice of high class fetishism. And fetishism is the keyword here because its not just one fetish but a plethora. Bondage, sub dom, fem dom, latex, machine fucking, heels, nylon… wow, the list goes on and on.


If you are a total noob to the adult scene you maybe mistaken for thinking is a single ‘lady’ site, but you’d be wrong. Sonia has lots of lovely naked friends, ranging from the nubile to more mature, Asian to ebony - something for everyone (see sample galleries).


Site design is given a luxury feel with some classy graphics and is easy on the eye, not ground breaking but it works. Navigation is competently accomplished with all areas accessible from self explanatory headings. WYCIWYG - No I haven’t gone typo-mental - What You Click is What You Get.


Lady-Sonia currently holds around 450 Gigs of imagery and movies in her vault - in layman’s terms that equates to fucking loads of quality content! Head to the Photo Archive and you’ll understand. Randomly choosing a photo set from hundreds on offer… 154 MB zip file, containing over 200, 1280x853, resolution photos - coupled with good download times - awesome!


Similarly, movie content is equally impressive. The Premier Movie Library houses a choice of downloads. Users are offered HQ Windows Media in widescreen and because this would make one file massive they have been split into manageable downloads. That said if you have a super fast broadband connection you can still unleash a single file version (avg 200-300MB). even caters for dial-up users (are there any still around?) with low resolution movies totalling about 40MB, again split if you choose. So if you live somewhere where communication is still via a piece of string and a couple of paper cups that’s for you!


Movie content is exceptional or what I’d call hardcore-heaven! Lady Sonia is not only a gorgeous English, cock sucking, huge titted fetishist, but a mighty fine actress too. The theme running through a typical movie is Sonia’s husband Charles (poor sod) is off on business (again) and Lady Sonia is otherwise distracted at home. Of course otherwise distracted means fucking or sucking some young stud to oblivion. Not only Lady Sonia, no, but she generously invites her busty friends around for even greater cock pleasure. These are fun movies with the right ingredients: tit wanking, pussy licking, cock and toy fucking and the all important jizz swigging. Sprinkled with copious fetish input, these have to be seen to be believed - 5 Star videos throughout.


Browsing through the Forum, I came across an interesting post  - from Sonia herself - about  a open photo shoot where members can come along and watch! Surely that’s reason enough to join and see Lady Sonia’s many exhibitionist delights for yourself?!


Not only do Lady Sonia members get admission to some really exciting action, not to mention 100% exclusive, but now three complimentary sites have been added. Four sites for the price of one? Yes! Fetish-Video-Empire is Femdom inspired and where to find all the latest femdom themed movie content. Fetish-Office is Sonia’s personal photo portfolio and is currently expanding the fetish theme. And last but no means least, Bitchy-Boss, a photo library dedicated to female bosses, secretaries and personal assistants. These are all up to the same standard as, presently smaller in structure but could still command paysite status in their own right.


Take a look through the samples here and on Sonia’s site and decide for yourself. Lady-Sonia Membership, which now includes complimentary access to Bitchy-Boss, Fetish-Office and Fetish-Video-Empire, starts at just $34.95 for 30 days recurring, $34.95 non-recurring or 180 days for just $100.00 the latter being the obvious choice for such superb quality courtesy of the UK’s premier fetishist since 1999.


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