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Reviewed 07 April 2010


Lactalia is a fetish niche site featuring Talia, a sexy Latina born in Chile who relocated to Montreal, Canada. The site is an extension of her other main site, CuteLatina, which she launched in 2000. is designed to showcase Talia's pregnant sexuality and lactation fetish, as the title of the site suggests. Some guys dig this stuff, some don't, but if you're into seeing a pregnant babe with milk-laden boobies streaming milk from her tits, then you'll certainly get turned on by the content at Lactalia.


The site is part of a larger network that's divided into categories: premium, regular, live feeds, webcam, chat and other bonus features, so your membership at Lactalia gives you access to a hot and diverse range of niche sites, including another preggo site,  


Talia is a pretty chick, not super glam, and the tone here is amateur real sex. She has a nice bod and her tits are erotic, full, all natural with nipples that seem to spurt a never-ending stream of mother's milk. As they say at her site, "Forget skim and 2% - get 100% Lactalia!" She loves to suck and lick her own boobs and get a drink of that delightful white liquid. This isn't a rough or demeaning "bang that preggo" type of site if that's what you're looking for. It's more of a softcore destination but Talia is a great babe who wants to give you bang for your buck by letting you watch her milk her pregnant breasts into a glass or shoot her milk into her lesbian playmate's eager mouth.


Her site is set up quite simply with a main navigation area showing What's New, My Pictures, My Videos,  Webcam and Chat, My Diary and  Bare and Pregnant.  When you click on What's New you'll be taken to the VIP Members update area for the full network offerings to easily check for all the latest content. When I perused this area, I looked for the latest updates at Lactalia. A photo gallery posted on April 1, 2010 and the latest video posted on March 16, 2010, so there is updating happening at this site, although most seem to be photo updates. There's no specific calendar provided so the best thing to do is check this area to see what's new at Lactalia during the month.


The next link at her site is "My Pictures" - there's more pictures than videos here. Currently there are 125 galleries of Talia in various poses. She's not pregnant in all of them, so there's a variety of scenarios and scenes, but she nearly always milks those hot tits of hers or sucks her own nipples and licks her breast milk off. You'll see her pregnant belly bulging and shaved pussy (with sensitive clit), as she wears bikini panties, bras, and other outfits designed to show her natural sexuality. Most shoots are solo but several are girl/girl with her and one of her favorite gal pals Seska. Offhand I didn't see any of her with a guy in the photos. Each set has an arousing detailed description talking about what's going on in the pics, really good. I found the galleries to be very sexy, fetish, erotic stuff and most definitely you will too if you are into this. Sample titles: "Leaking Latina", "Stool Licker" (she licks her breast milk off a black leather stool), "Milky Cam Show", "Dildo and Milk" and lots more! Each gallery averages 80+ photos, more or less, so you'll be sure to find a few to save to your personal lactation fantasy files. The pics are not available in zip file which is unfortunate, but most are big beautiful crystal clear shots where you can get a great view of the milky action. Talia is a creative, inventive lady and that's definitely one of her strong points. She's not skanky lowlife - she's kinky and a dirty girl, yes, but in a good way. One of the most interesting photo shoots is her latest entitled, "Paint Away", a body painting session with her and friend Seska. Quite wild!


Next up is the "My Videos" area. Currently there's 18 videos - not a lot, but keep in mind this is specialized niche material so you get quite a fair amount of unique content for the type of thing it is. Five of the videos are referred to as "webcam" but in previewing them, they are like regular videos, not camshows, so I'm including them in the video count. In the vids you'll see plenty of milk squirting action - some are Talia alone kneading those boobies and dribbling milk, while others feature sensual lesbian fun with Seska. It's really hot to watch these two pleasure each other with tongues, fingers and gentle dildo or toys with Talia's bulging tummy in view. There's also a threeway, and a guy/girl scene. Here's the description of one of her girl/guy shoots: "Got Milk? I do and I have no problem sharing with Adam, after all how often has he squirted on me:-) Adam and I got together for some fun and instead of using lube I lactated all over his cock while giving him a hand job and blow job, licking it all up! He then fucked me and returned the favor by cuming all over my boobs! The full video is over 27 minutes long of uninterrupted action, a nice mini movie for you to download!" One of the oddest vids here is Talia in her kitchen speaking Spanish while she milks herself into a glass and her pet kitten eagerly awaits a drink! Wow, too weird and funny but nevertheless a strange turn on. Like I said, Talia is an inventive, creative lady who wants her fans and viewers to see new things they haven't seen elsewhere.


Most of the vids run about 8-10 min. long (running time is not posted), and they're only available in WMV. It's not HD but it's of average viewing quality. They're not divided into clips, so you download the whole vid. Sample titles: "Milk and Cookies", "Soaking Seska", "Slippery Nipple", and "Milkshake". In Milkshake she ends the scene squirting her milk all over Seska's backside. Very erotic and kinky while sensual at the same time. Best of all worlds I'd say! It would be nice to see improved video quality and more viewing/download options.


Click on "Webcam and Chat" for Talia's webcam schedule, her cam archive, and access to ALL the SexCamCentral cam shows with your membership at this site. Her camshow archive is from her regular site (CuteLatina), and also includes her pregnant camshows too.


Her Diary is fun to read - it hasn't been updated since 2006 so it doesn't seem to be a huge focus, but includes all the archives going back to 2004. Nothing overly freaky here, but you can somewhat follow her pregnancies (she's had two kids) and various updates on what she's doing, pics, and of course her milk leaking adventures lol... there's no doubt that Talia has a major fetish when it comes to her boobs and leaving wet spots on her sweaters and form fitting tops.


Finally there's "Bare and Pregnant" which is another big gallery of preggo photo shoots. These are not of Talia but 60+ galleries of hot pregnant chicks posing in a variety of ways, natural, kinky, most in latter stages of pregnancy, including lactation shots. So, this is a great bonus collection of photos all in one place for fans of this material. Unfortunately (again) not available in zip file but they're high quality great pics, with close-ups of milk, nipples and all the things you come to a site like this to see.


Support for this site is provided through an excellent "Customer Support" link to answer your tech and billing questions. As a member, you get lots of extras like personals sites and their "Extras KickAss Sites" for even more porn so be sure to explore and navigate around and you'll find a lot for your dollar.


For what it is, Lactalia isn't too bad at all... true, the pics aren't in zip file and the technical quality and number of vids could be better but this is a fetish, niche extension of Talia's main site, CuteLatina, so I have to give her points for providing material for an audience out there who really likes lactation/preggo content. I enjoy Talia, she seems to be a cool person who genuinely wants to give her fans a sexy, interesting experience that they can't find just anywhere. And hey, even her thirsty kitten got a good drink too! :)


Membership costs $24.95 for 30 days or $44.95 for 90 days. One year costs $95.40. Join by credit card, phone (US only) or Netcash.


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