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Reviewed 29 September 2008 has got a serious split personality disorder. On one hand its full of glamour inspired imagery - beautiful sexy young picture perfect models that look, oh so delicate and innocent. Then BOOM, suddenly the illusion is smashed, good and proper, with the once prim girls now pissing and fisting like no glamour site around! So this is no ordinary girlie site - its rocking fucking hardcore - East European extreme fetish exploitation at its best.


I must confess that my esteemed colleague Honey and I are big fans of the ‘K’ network because they offer something so outrageously unique (see Kpackage, Kpeeing and KliveCams reviews). There is a dearth of smut ridden filth, so deep, it will disturb your mind and soul with total depravity - this site is not for the faint hearted. And guess what? Its fucking great!


Kscans was born in 2003 and as such archives from this period. Originally conceived as a soft-ish site, Kscans has changed radically over recent years - primarily attributable to its loyal membership that craved more and more extreme fetish action. Only too willing to please, today, caters for this market exclusively - gone are the pure glamour days - now it’s a girls drinking piss, girls being pissed on, tied up and fucked up the ass kinda site and it works perfectly.


A similar look runs through the entire network and no change here. Elegantly presented with impressive graphics. The usual quibbles about navigation - multiple logins while accessing the bonus sites and a few blind-ish links lessen the final score, but the main links, ie those that contain photos/movies work well and that’s the vital bit.


The exquisite pseudo magazine cover thumbnails add a touch of class and these even detail the content that awaits your click. Content is huge to say the least, with both photo galleries and plentiful supply of updated movie material into the thousands.


The home page is split between three sections: High DVD Quality Downloadable Videos, K Models and K Puppets (not the sort you put your hand up… correction, this is Kscans, indeed you do put your hand up these too!). These are pretty self explanatory headings barring the last. The K Puppet area is where ’Mr Dirty’ himself, aka The Puppet Master delves into the girls holes with all sorts of phallic objects and even his very own hand - I never saw that on the Muppet Show!


The largest area is K Models. Within this category, is further sub categories such as Faces, Behind The Scenes, Pissing, Pussy - Asshole, Steel Rod, Tampons (yes you did read that correctly), Vaginal Speculum (oh I say!) Anal Steel Plug, Bottle, Blow Up Plug, Anal Speculum  and Baseball Bat (now that’s a fucking gigantic dildo, if ever I’ve seen one!). That list is not exhaustive either. Click a link and hey presto, up comes the photo gallery brimming with said content (both photos and video if applicable to that particular model).


Photo and video content is 100% exclusive and updated every two days. Quality varies, but its to be remembered that the guys shooting this material are not professionals, that’s not to say the content is not professional, because it is. It just oozes with gritty amateur type dirty action which is a far cry from stale scripted performances and in many respects a bigger turn on.


Movies are generally encoded at 768 Kbps which produces good clear video. There are also some 384 Kbps examples too which are obviously a bit down the quality scale though still very viewable. The ultimate viewing experience comes from the DVD selection - outstanding visuals.


Image quality is a mix of video captures and standard stills. The latter being good quality in various sizes - none really standardised. The video captures are better than some sites and do the job sufficiently.


Taking into consideration the unique and exclusive fetish aspect of Kscans, its actually a very good value site in its own right. However join the Kpackage deal and get 25 additional sites, all from the same producers, so rest assured its all top notch quality wise. So either way, it’s a win, win situation.


If you decide to sign up for  Kscans (1 site) 30 days will set you back $29.90, however we recommend signing up for 30 days with Kpackage (26 sites which includes Kscans) for just $39.95. An additional 10 bucks well spent I’d say - it makes sense believe me. Awesome network - truly something for everyone if fetish is your scene.


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