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Update 19 February 2010


This site has been absorbed within and is no longer offered as a standalone site


Reviewed 28 August 2008


Torrents of golden liquid emanating from the sweet springs of Eastern Europe maybe over embellishing the description of but the premise is the same. Gets lots of gorgeous girls to drink copious fluids and then wait. Not for long mind. Then released for your viewing pleasure - gushing pussies flowing with hot golden nectar - some surfers may vomit, but others will stand proud and adore!


If you are into watersports, golden showers, pissing, whatever you want to call it, Kpeeing is certainly a site worth spending a penny or two on. Pulled from the makers of the  network (see our review here), this site doesn’t need a lot of explaining. Peeing is peeing right? Well, yes and no. For noobs happening across this review I’ll explain exactly what you get…


Girls peeing, girls peeing together, girls peeing on each other and girls drinking pee! I haven’t finished yet. Then you get girls sucking cock (while peeing), girls getting peed upon by cock (while peeing) and girls wanking while peeing or a combination of the above! Piss lovers will appreciate these words of wisdom as Kpeeing offers exactly what it says in their tour blurb - beautiful Europeans models peeing - its hot and its nasty in equal proportion - check out the speculum and tampon tasting material (now that’s plain fucking sick!) if you are in any doubt. In addition to all this peeing, there is every imaginable form of girl-hole  fucking on offer, be that cock induced or with dildos or bottles, in fact you name it its in there somewhere. Not forgetting the good ole cum shot facial - the staple diet of seasoned porn surfers.


Graphically the site is fine, in fact the members home page is rather nice with its pseudo magazine cover thumbnails for navigation. Talking of which Kpeeing does have a few issues navigationally. For example there is a Kpeeing Home link and a Kpeeing Members Home link. The former takes you back to the Free Tour whereas the latter is the actual home link. Nothing major but irritating nonetheless. Another issue which really needs to be addressed is the continual need to log in when accessing the other 25 network sites included in the membership deal. This is not a problem unique to this network, in fact there are lots of mega network sites that have this perennial issue. It usually stems from hosting content on multiple servers, hence the multiple log ins. Its not the end of the world, but detracts, from what has become over the past year or so, a very good fetish source.


Content wise Kpeeing is good, it has a blend of photos and video of all the girls involved with additional material sourced from larger sister site Kscans. Quantity has expanded vastly since 2007 and its not uncommon to have 10 movies per model to download. There is no facility to view these online so its downloads only. Windows Media is the only format with a bit rate of 768kbps. Movies are listed in a no nonsense style with caption and file size. Movie quality is excellent (filled the review 22 inch monitor with ease, not HD quality but that’s not advertised). Average length: 5 mins per clip, which is short by some standards, but at least it keeps the downloads flowing quickly just like the watery content - fuck me I wonder who gets the shit job of mopping up all that piss?


Imagery is not overwhelming and is slightly lacking in resolution due to these being vid caps. Its worth mentioning that these are an improvement over standard, however, but no where near high resolution - good enough I’d say.  The thumbnails are smaller than average so if tugging your bell end has taken its toll on your eyesight you may need to wear your specs!


Content is 100% exclusive so what you do get is pretty special and won’t be seen on likeminded sites. Unfortunately there is no FAQ/Help/Support pages, which is something to consider, though the owners boost their score (a bit) for prompt replies to queries we had during  the review process.


There are currently two membership deals on the table. And be careful which one you go for as you may accidentally sign up for just Kpeeing when in fact the best deal is the Kpackage one - a mighty 26 site fully inclusive emporium of extreme fetish.


If you decide to sign up for  Kpeeing (1 site) 30 days will set you back $29.90, however we recommend signing up for 30 days with Kpackage (26 sites which includes Kpeeing) for just $39.95. Sure its 10 bucks more but 26 times better value!


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