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Reviewed 26 August 2008


As they used to say on Monty Python, ‘And now for something completely different’. That pretty much sums up the network of sites. It's definitely something completely different.  I'll go on record  now and declare that I'm a huge fan of Kpackage and its exclusive  collection of 26 sites - mostly hardcore fetish, mixed with some softcore content. I first stumbled on this network when  searching for some fetish videos/pics that couldn't be found easily elsewhere. When I found this network,  I thought I'd discovered  a goldmine and I still feel that way. Their flagship site is Kscans, which started  the  network about five years ago, so for those of you who are new to Kpackage, exploring Kscans is your best bet for getting your feet wet in the unique world that is


The network is focused on Eastern European fetish content, using both professional and amateur models. They also say that some of the most well-known European porn models like Sophie Moone got their start at Kcash, which is the sponsor for Kpackage. I don't know who Sophie Moone is, but apparently she has a lot of fans. So, without further delay, let's take a close up look at Kscans.


On the front page of Kscans, it says: ‘If you think you've seen it all, you haven't seen nothing yet’. That's an understatement! At the top of the page are the main categories of Home, DVDs, About Us, FAQ, Links (to other sites within the network), Captains Cabin, Kporns and Klivecam. In the About Us area, they explain that this is erotic content from the heart of Eastern Europe and they also make clear that this isn't soft glamour photography, nor is it typical professional porn stuff. They shoot what they personally enjoy. I totally  loved the freewheeling and upfront, lay it all out there honest tone of their approach. Their goal is to  push the boundaries and  they succeed 110% at doing that, often with beautiful amateurs who have never been in front of a  camera.


Each of their 26 sites is categorized by niche, with Kscans being in extreme fetish. At the Member area, you're welcomed by an intro explaining how to navigate around the site and what's inside. The left side of the page shows all the current updates, which seem to be quite regular every 1-3 days, so on that score, Kscans is doing well. Most updates appeared to be pictures, but some were videos. They also have updates conveniently archived going back to 2003. All entries had intriguing and hot sounding descriptions such as ‘Judit Fox Bottle Anal Games’ that really make you want to get in there and find out what that nasty girl is doing. In the middle of the page, you're greeted by a very exciting and good looking magazine cover style collection featuring their wild and perverted Kscans models, divided into KModels (more than 60) and KPuppets (about 18). Across the board, the girls are sultry beauties of all types doing  taboo and extreme sex action. At the top right, there's a convenient drop down menu of all the models so you can find your favorite easily.


A typical magazine cover reads: ‘Valentina Velasques - Crazy Bitch. Small breasted sex beast, tight ass, bizarre fetish games, asshole speculum’. Wow, if that isn't enough to grab your attention, you're probably too bored to be at this site! The guys at Kcash have been perfecting  this kind of kinky action for five years, and they have it down to an entertaining science. They also ask for members  to email them with suggestions. They appreciate feedback and want to know what fantasies get them off. I loved that. This is run by Eastern Europeans, so it has a rather different feel from the typical American or UK porn site. Less slick and more of the ‘ick’ factor! However, I thought it still had a solid professional layout, even though it's described as tending toward amateur content. Click on a cover that turns you on and you'll be taken into that model's gallery. Some girls have pics, some have videos and some have both. Most have 100+ photos in their galleries (768x1024 res) and they all looked great. There's a Categories section on the left side which lists what's in that model's gallery. I looked at one girl - Greta Milos - and her photo categories were: phone sex, vibrator game and dildo game. Intriguing! The pics were quite good and arousing. They were not available in zip files, however.


Many of the models also have an intro/bio along with their pics/videos written by the Kpackage Webmaster. This guy really knows how to get down and dirty with his highly personalized and intense descriptions of the girls and what they're doing in front of his camera. For me, this was one of the strong points and highlights of this site - the written nasty-ass descriptions of the action, hot, intimate background info that helped spice things up. Rather than just posting a bunch of pics or vids, they've gone that extra mile and taken the time to mentally get you into it with some details. These seemingly small elements matter, as far as I'm concerned! That's a sign that the folks at KPackage give a damn, and aren't  asleep at the switch. Many sites take the lazy approach and falsely assume  that  it's enough to just  put up the visuals without any descriptive  words, or what they do write is predictable and lacking in real content. Not so here. These guys LOVE what they do and it shows. I was really impressed with that.


Videos are in WMV format at 768kbps and they average around 8 Mb. One model had 27 video clips and another had 50, so generally quite a large amount of video content. Most action focuses on peeing, (watersports), speculum, gyno scenarios, large insertions (baseball bats and bottles), extreme anal, fisting etc. The peeing fetish seems to be more popular at European sites, so if you're into this, you'll be in heaven here.


After fully mining all the sexual gold in the main models area, (and believe me, there's a lot of it to keep you busy), your next destination at Kscans should be the Captain's Cabin. Here, Webmaster Captain K allows  members in for a deeper peek into some of his favorite photo shoots with titles such as ‘Sylvia, my first toilet bitch‘, ‘Pain in the Ass’ (12 pics of a model having a baseball bat painfully inserted in her ass), and other  edgy pictorials. Toilet pics showing  girls with their panties around their ankles on the toilet are often featured. Each pic is accompanied by an explicit caption. Again, I love their use of words to heighten the visual experience. You really won't see this much content in one place anywhere else, that's for sure. I would say the Captain is one nasty sailor! But he's an inventive one! What else can be said, but that the guy just loves his job!


Next, click on Kporns and that will take you on a preview tour of their #2 site which features triple penetration, gangbangs, titty fucking - all the most extreme material you could ever want, with an exclusive movie update weekly. When you click on Kporns models, it says that the Puppetmaster or his assistant has fucked many of the models himself and shoots amateur stuff  with them, mixed with professional porn star content. The tour shows over 90 models, with sexy bios. They're all European as far as I could tell. Some of these gals are a little rough looking,  but it's all good especially for that amateur feel. Kporns updates every two days. So, it seems that Kporns is rolling along nicely.


You can also order exclusive DVD's produced by Kpackage, (Kbitches, Pee Dolls, etc) although I found the prices to be on the high side. However, this is quite unique Euro freaky fetish material, so it just depends on what you want to pay to get your kicks. Plus, they  offer a free bonus DVD with your order (Kbitches Vol 1), so it may be well worth it as an addition to your porn collection.


When you go into a new site within the Kpackage network, you must re-enter your password, but personally I didn't find that to be a big deal. Yes, it would be nice to jump directly from site to site, but it hardly ruined my day. I had no problem navigating around Kscans or the Kporns tour and found things to be laid out fairly well.


So, what about the rest of this large and extremely varied network? The other 24 sites concentrate on fetish material such as pregnant, peeing, fisting, giant dildos, bondage, trannys, enemas, fatties, big tits, latex, hardcore granny sex, etc but they also have  some softer erotica sites such as Kerotic, EuroHotBabes, Top-Nude, AV-Videos (Asian), Blowjobs, and HotPornStarHandJobs. As with all mega networks, the quality and quantity may be variable - I found that their enema site (, isn't as big or updated as often, but it was still quite good considering the lack of high quality material built around that particular fetish. Therefore, I have no problem at all recommending the Kpackage network as one of the raunchiest, most unusual porn collections out there today. It consistently gets high ratings from other reviewers, so I'll say it again: I love it! They must be doing something right to merit the praise. These are porn guys who care and do their best to satisfy the fantasies and desires of their members. You could do a lot worse than investing in a Kpackage membership, that's for sure. Be advised there is no FAQ/Support section, though the owners are very helpful via email!


Kpackage Membership (26 sites) is $39.50 for 30 days; $59.95 for 90 days, $89.95 for 180 days or annually at a very reasonable $99.90.


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