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Update 02 November 2010


Due to circumstances beyond the control of the program owners, both and will be closing on 30 November 2010. We have been assured all purchased memberships will be honored up until the closure date. On 01 December 2010, and (gallery links, site links etc) will redirect to other sites in the VIP Members network.


Reviewed 11 April 2010


Kinky Kristi is a 23 year-old babe who's been doing her kinky thing online since starting her amateur hardcore site in 2005. She's put a lot of heart, soul, and of course pussy, mouth and ass into it during that time! She's a hardworking gal from Texas and says she started her site because she loves doing amateur porn, gets off on the idea of people watching her have sex and masturbate and wanted to give fans and viewers a good time. I think she's succeeded quite well in her mission, so let's take a glimpse into her world and find out what naughty things she's been up to during these past few years and what she's currently doing.  


Her site is part of the VIP Members network so you'll be getting not only Kristi but an array of 20+ bonus sites, plus webcams and chat, along with links to various other goodies such as adult personals. Their offerings are divided into premium sites, regular sites, and live feeds, so there's plenty to keep you interested in here. They've been revamping things and working hard to get you HARD so their network is looking pretty good.


Visit Kristi's tour page to see previews and find out more about her and why she decided to get into porn. When you go into Kristy's Member's Only area, you'll see that it's actually divided into two sites - and I like the fact that you can access both types of fetish content at her main page without having to leave and log in to a separate site. The PregnantKristi area is the second preggo fetish site at VIP, (see my review of for the other), so this network is a juicy source for this type of material if you're into it.


The layout of the Main area is pleasingly simple. At the top is the orange VIP navigation bar with links to the full network, and you'll want to pay particular attention to the Calendar link - it shows all the updates for their sites. Kristi also has a "latest update" thumbnail with a short description - "Kristi Cums Hard Masturbation Video Added" which was up as of the date of this review. She also includes her Webcam show schedule. From looking at the Calendar it appears that content, whether videos, pics or camshows, is added about every week or so here.


In addition to links to her Kinky Kristi vids/pics and Pregnant vids/pics, you'll see What's New (an even more convenient and clear listing of all her March and April updates), My Cam Snaps (thumbnail pics captured from her camshows), My Video Blogs (a new feature of the site started in March 2010), My Spy Cams (voyeur cams in Kristi's bedroom), My Private Camshows (information on how to book a private show with her), My Bio (fun sexy background info about Kristi), and My Rude Page (a link to her camshows and pics at Rude TV). It looks like she has a number of ways to enhance the interactivity element of her site which is always a good thing, really an absolute necessity for any site built around a particular performer, whether amateur or pro. She also has a Twitter page and Yahoo group.


Currently there's 100+ videos - there's 94 in the Kinky-Kristi area and the rest in the PregnantKristi portion of the site. Being online for five years, she's churned out quite a solid collection of exclusive amateur porn. Some people refer to this as a solo girl site, but there's a fair amount of fucking, including plenty of anal (she loves it guys!), creampies, doggy, handjobs, blowjobs, ass to mouth, and some fetish action like footjobs, stuffing panties in her pussy and ass, schoolgirl roleplay, etc. Nothing wild over the top so don't expect to see bondage or freaky rough sex. But it's definitely not a bland "playing with toys alone" site. I would say it's a good balance of solo and girl/guy action. She does dig her toys when she's pleasuring herself, from glass dildos, butt plugs, vibes, and big dongs, sometimes two at once up pussy and/or ass. She really gets off on sticking her panties up herself and she loves to suck cock. It's hot to watch her masturbate that creamy pussy of hers, and she obviously loves her work, which is really her play, eh?


More fetish scenes include glove masturbation (she gets off while wearing red leather gloves), anal panty stuffing, cum drinking, cucumber insertion and anal beads. She also enjoys stockings and bodices, although nothing overboard glam. She keeps it real and gets down to business, enjoying herself with a smile. When she's paired with a guy, he's not a pro stunt cock, but the guys here do know how to put a solid fuck into her. Nice close-ups of the anal action, too. Offhand I didn't see any lesbian scenes - it appeared to be solo or girl/guy. My pet peeve about a site with more than 50 vids is not having a search engine to narrow down the content. So, all you can do is surf around and sample the wares.

Last year, she had her boobs done, so now she's a 34DD and she's enjoying shooting vids with her new assets. Over the years she's evolved from being an itty bitty titty, somewhat teen-looking chick to a bit more mature. Along the way, she's had a baby (thus the pregnant portion of her site). Technically, that now makes her a MILF, although she doesn't have that fakey milf porn look. Even though her bod has changed to a bustier version, she's stayed true to her vision of what hot porn is: amateur and shot from her own house or everyday environment which she much prefers to the "industrialized mainstream porn". To each their own, but I tend to agree with her! You may not always get perfect camera angles, but I found the quality to be pretty good from what I previewed. And hey, now she can titty fuck!


I sampled three videos. First, "Kristi Cums Hard!", solo masturbation with a purple vibe, she's in black stockings and sexy black/white bra designed to show off her new boobies. She likes to talk to the camera and get you turned on. Each scene has an arousingly detailed description which is always a plus factor. Another thing I liked is that many of the video thumbnails are moving instead of the usual pics with no action or movement. A nice touch, bit more exciting visually, and makes you want to get in there and watch. The vid is available in WMV Hi or Lo download. There is no streaming or viewing by clips. Running time was approx, 9 minutes. I downloaded in Lo which was okay as far as quality. She works that vibe and has a hot orgasm. Nothing over the top, but a good solo scene nonetheless.


Next I wanted to sample an anal scene, since kinky Kristi is so into that. "Getting Ass Fucked and Anal Creampie" was also good. She starts the scene in a black and red bra and panties, proudly showly her very nice tits. The guy works his cock in and out of her tight hole, some nice shots of that cock going in and gape shots. It ends as she pushes the cum out of her ass. It's not rough anal, but solid stroking and nicely done camera work. Running time approximately 7 minutes. Most of the vids are available in the WMV Hi/Lo format. Would be nice to have more download/viewing options but I didn't find it to be a big problem.


Finally I went back to the very first vid posted at the site, "First Time Anal". I always like to see what a performer looked like when first starting a site. Kristi looks teen and still has her tiny titties, so if that's your fetish, you get the best of both worlds here by going back to her "original" teenie bod. She's wearing black striped stockings and hot black bra pulled down to expose her little boobs. She starts by giving the guy a blowjob and then lowers her virgin ass down on his cock to get her first experience of anal. In most of her scenes, you don't see the guy's face. He's more of a prop. I realize you're not here to watch the dude, but I think she could increase the "hot" factor by making the sex more realistic as it would be in real life. Running time approximately 15 minutes and was only available in WMV - not the greatest quality but viewable. Over time, the quality has improved which is common in sites that have been around a few years, especially with amateurs who love to perfect their sexy skills, getting better and better.


I also sampled her new video blog which just posted in March 2010. It was basically an introductory scene with her talking about the new things coming up and why many people prefer a video blog over a written blog so I presume she'll be using this venue  to talk directly to fans about what's new in her life or career.


Click on "Pictures" and you'll be taken to 100+ galleries (these are her non-preggo galleries). Most appeared to be solo, although there were a few guy/girl such as "Sucking Cock In Public". They averaged 30-60 pics per gallery and many are quite large and hi quality, considering this is an amateur site. The pics aren't available in zip file or slideshow, nor is there a way to cross-reference which gallery goes with a particular vid. You'll see Kristi in a diverse array of poses, different outfits, toys, etc. She says that she also loves fulfilling member requests, so if there's something kinky you'd like to see her do, send her an email and maybe she'll play out your personal fantasy.


As indicated, the other part of her site is the preggo fetish content, divided by pics and vids. She has 30 galleries of photos, tracking her pregnancy from 11 weeks to 42 weeks, in various poses as her belly grows. Some are solo, some are with a guy. Looks like lots of yummy pics if this is a fetish that gets your motor racing. Each photo set has a sexy setup story to enhance the viewing pleasure. They're really beautiful pics so you get an eyeful of Kristi! Unfortunately not in zip file or slideshow. You'll see her masturbating, posing in various sexy panties, bras, and positions, so it's a nice collection!


There 10 Pregnant videos, with titles such as "Pregnant Latex Orgasm", "9 Months Pregnant and Riding My Glass Dildo" and "Pregnant Blowjob and Cum Eating". Even though not a lot of content here, what is here looks super horny!


Click on Customer Support for the excellent FAQ and member information for the VIP network.


At her Home page, it indicates this site contains over 7500 pics and over 22 hours of video, so if there's anything to be said for Kinky Kristi it's that you definitely get a large amount of material spanning five years, plus access to voyeur camshows, her Rude TV feeds, and hundreds of girls doing live camshows 24/7 at her site, including the bonus sites that come with your membership. On top of that I really like the preggo content as an added bonus, that's not something you see everyday with most girls. You get a good supply of updates in the form of pics, vids, or camshows. So, now all you need to decide: is Kinky Kristi kinky enough for YOU? Cum on in and find out!


Membership: One Month: $24.95; Three Months: $49.95; Six Months: $89.95. Join by credit card, phone (US only), or anonymously with Netcash.


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