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Reviewed 15 July 2009


Lets face it, fetishes come in all forms (and shapes and sizes, READ big fat bird sites) and it goes without saying that one man’s wood is another man’s flaccid spam and so forth. So for me, a confirmed and total foot fetishist virgin, with no particular desire to crank one out while watching a girl spread her painted toes (however so cute these extremities may be), its not so much a labour of love writing this review its more akin to entering the fucking abyss!


To be honest if it wasn’t for Kelly Anderson (God bless her fuzzy wuzzy socks), I wouldn’t be here at all. No offence intended foot fans, but feet have never been my bag. Anyway, I reviewed Kelly’s main site a few weeks back and of course she was overwhelmed with my totally unbiased appraisal (so I’m a fan boy, whatever), she kindly asked me to take a look at her other site, her… err… FOOT FETISH site…., eeeeek with a capital ‘E‘!


Having stayed well clear of stuff I don’t dig (that’s the perks of running this site), its not one I would have chosen (I’m a glam-man, man), but it’d be rude to turn Kelly down because I fucking love and maybe I should broaden my Limey horizons? So here goes…


Right, good start, the member area is almost identical to and barring one absolutely marginal layout issue I thought it was pretty much perfect for this type of site. There aren’t many nav links, just Home, Bio, Gallery Links and a third party place to purchase clips (aka Clips4Sale). Ah ha, you probably noticed I didn’t mention movies? Well, that’s because when you initially login, the latest movies are right there - forming the backbone of the homepage - in practice this means you will need to bash your browser ‘back’ button a few times, especially if you flit back and forth between the photo section for example (not a major issue but one easily remedied via a new menu link).


I really don’t need to explain the Bio, it’s a Bio, yeah! Its actually very interesting, and for myself, with the attention span of a lobotomised amoeba, to actually be interested enough to read it says a lot about the content… a fascinating insight into Kelly’s fetishes, particularly the foot thing!


Getting back to the content. I counted 43 movies and 50 photo galleries (the latter split into three distinct categories). The movies are mixed - exclusive Kelly material and her friends stuff (non exclusive). In other words we have a fair amount of foot fetish footage (cracking pun) but not all of it contains our girl K. Fair enough I say as long as its good and generally it is. Video options are best with Kelly’s and these are available in a number of download/streaming formats. Low Speed, High Speed plus Podcast Download and PSP (iPod suitable). As always download the highest quality for best results. Some of the other material (her pals) are only available in lesser quality formats (shame).


Photographically speaking I was impressed. Slideshow with size options, crisp and clear plus zips (but not all) makes this section a winner. As previously mentioned, there are three subsections in the main image archive. Titled ‘My Feet, ‘My  Friends‘ and ‘My Fetish’. They are aptly named but I was intrigued by the ‘My Fetish’ section. It says my naughty fetishes and they are indeed naughty, taking a piss in a parking lot was just up my street, whereas the ’sniffing sweaty sneakers’ album had me reaching for the puke bucket! Bottom line… its that foot thing, if this is your fetish you’ll fucking explode your load all over her Nike’s!


Talking of what’s, what, here is an idea of the sorts of things you’ll uncover at Footjobs, squashing food between toes, painting toe nails, sucking toes, cum over feet/toes, ball busting in high heels (obviously), tickling soles and generally lots of close ups of feet and toes!


Summing up here, okay so I’m not totally converted to this niche but if I was this would be my first stop. Its amateur, its very well presented and Kelly is so fucking hot why the fuck would anyone not want to see her do this shit with her feet! Oh yes nice logo by the way!


Updates are a little infrequent, nevertheless its ultra niche am-style so worthy of the 30 days price tag of $19.95 (or $79.95 for 3 months if you are feeling flushed).


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