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Reviewed 14 December 2009


As you know from reading some of my other reviews, I'm a sucker for a cleverly named site, so of course, Jurassic Cock lured me in and just begged for a review! Jurassic made me think it might have something to do with dinosaurs who fuck. Fantastic! An exotic new porno niche! Fucking Dinosaurs! Well, not exactly. The dinosaurs here aren't the primeval kind, they're the old geezer kind. I was a bit disappointed because I really did want to see what dinosaur sex looked like, but in a sense, I did get to see dinosaurs of the human variety (otherwise known as "mature" in the porno world). Or maybe "fossil" is a better description, but whatever you want to call 'em, they're old guys fucking young chicks at this site.


Actually, what caught my eye was the fact that porn icon Ron Jeremy is in several of the latest updates. Even your momma has probably heard of Ron Jeremy, a "big" stud back in the day and still somewhat active in front of the camera. Most of the run-of-the-mill mature/young sites don't attract "name" males, so that sets this site apart somewhat. I've never watched him that much, so was curious to take a look and see what he's "up" to these days. He's known for being well hung, although these days the size of his pot belly tends to get in the way of his dick. His nickname in the industry is "hedgehog" and I can see why from his looks. Mr. Jeremy seems intent on letting it all hang out and is really more of a porno ambassador and reality t.v. performer at this stage of his career, but he carries the smut torch proudly. He needs to get his back hair waxed, lose some weight, comb his hair... a few little things! But I guess he figures his place in porn history is secure so he does his own thing.


This is a fairly new site, going online in 2008. It updates every two weeks which you can find from looking at the conveniently located update calendar at the Main member's area, and currently has 42 videos in the collection which is a good amount of content for being new. It's part of the PornPros network which has a diverse and rather entertaining hardcore variety of 20+ bonus sites, most with a gonzo/reality feel to them. I have to say, there's some pretty damn fine and funny scenes at Jurassic Cock and the girls are truly smokin. As with all older guy/young babe sites, it'll give you hope that even with a bad combover and flabby abs, you, too, can score one of these hotties. Well, that's the fantasy anyway! Actually, some of these guys aren't in half bad shape and only semi-qualify as "jurassic", and they bring the sexual experience and eagerness to please that these nympho teens crave! Who needs a selfish young stud when you can have an older guy who's happy just to get some of this fine ass?


The Main page gives you your first glimpse of the PornPros network - it looks a bit cluttered at first glance but it's pretty easy to navigate. You'll see today's latest updates with title and sexy pic, and under that, all recent updates. The right hand side of the screen provides you with the a variety of search engines/tools - browse models by alphabetical order, top rated videos, deal of the week, and  pick of the day. At the top you'll also see the many webcam/live chat feeds you'll have access to as a member. Pick a site, category, or model from the drop down menu, and you're on your way.


Once you're at the member's area of Jurassic Cock, you'll see the first page of videos, with graphic thumbnail pics. By my count, our old pal Ron Jeremy is featured in 14 of the scenes, so I previewed several of his. The girls range from teen dream like Tanner Mayes to chicks who are a bit older glam/porno, but hey, it's all good! In any case, they're all younger than the guys, so in general, they depict the age difference theme fairly well. Plus, they get into various creative scenarios that add to the fun.


I checked out the latest update featuring Ron Jeremy with toned, trim and athletic Tessa Taylor, a blond cutie. She's practicing her golf swing when Ron shows up, ready to assist in any way he can (heh heh). She looks great in a tight pink top and short skirt. Ron looks like he put on whatever was in the bottom of his laundry basket that morning. The synopsis says it best: "Tessa Taylor takes golf lessons from the old and grimy Ron Jeremy at his place..." so I guess his clothes were appropriate for his "character". After several unsuccessful and somewhat humorous attempts to use her ass as a tee, (he finally succeeds!), they move the action inside and his oh-so- famous schlong gets a hot blowjob from Tessa and then he bangs her hard. Nothing kinky - mish, doggy and some enthusiastic oral for Tessa from Ron. As the climax of his scene approaches, he has the chick do a countdown to his final blast off all over her face and boobs. 10, 9, 8, 7... BOOOM! He plasters her pretty good! He also likes to kiss in a rather sleazy way, awwww, kinda romantic, huh? It was an okay scene and if you're a Ron Jeremy fan and want to see him as a grimy golf guy now's your chance woohoo! Running time: 37 min, with 420 pics and 102 screencaps in zip file. Click on Tessa's name and you'll see her personal stats (C cup) and the number of scenes she's done in the network (5). The Hi-Res pictures are great and big so you'll get that ultimate close-up and the screencaps are also fairly good too in quality and size.


I previewed two more Ron Jeremy scenes (I'm a glutton for punishment!), one with another hottie blonde, Addison Cain. This vid is at the beach (Ron's hairy back and chest on display!), the sex isn't bad, he can fuck pretty good for an old dude lol and Addison gives a great BJ. He sort of comes off like a schmuck out for a day at the beach with a stunning blonde, which might make you wonder how the heck a guy who looks like this gets to bang a chick like her, but that's the whole point of Jurassic Cock, these experienced though gross guys get lots of pussy, especially if they're porn icons I guess!  The scene ends with yet another countdown to blastoff and I must say he does blow quite a load! Running time: 45 min with 342 Hi-Res pics and 101 Screencaps. Ron can be amusing  and he loves to pleasure his women orally which they greatly enjoy!


Having gotten more than my daily dose of Ron Jeremy, I looked at scenes with a few other guys that were quite entertaining: one titled, "Busty Kitty Gives Old Bum Wild BJ" was hotter than expected. She treats this pathetic, scrawny loser dude to a wet and wild blowjob in the shower which he deeply appreciates! I mean, this guy hasn't had pussy in like a million years and the minute her mouth touches his dick, he just about passes out. Now, that's what I call a man who truly appreciates his woman! Motto of this scene: find a guy digging through trash and pushing a cart and you'll have a great time! Running time: 51 min. You get almost feature length vids here, most run on average 30-50 mins. 449 Hi Res pics and 103 Screencaps in zip file. Another very amusing and yet hot scene is titled "Creepy Geezer's Surprise Teen Visit!" featuring blonde and busty Britney Amber. Sugar daddy shows up with balloons and stuff for her. He's rockin his combover and fucks her hard in various positions. He's scrawny and an uber nerd, she's really pretty and cute, but his jurassic cock gets the job done! Running time: 32 min with 500 Hi Res pics and 104 Screencaps. And yes, there are a few older guys here who are silver foxes that any chick would love to "do", so it's not all icky!


PornPros give you lots of options for video download:  streaming, or download the full video in WMV HD/Standard or MPG HD/Standard, plus Video To Go via iPod, iPhone, DVD/CD, PSP of XBOX. You can also browse 1 min. clips or download/stream in parts (8) if you want to skip to just the scene you want.


A Customer Support link is at the bottom of the page, and they also have a link where you can send in amateur clips/photos to something called Check out their large Pornpro TV area as well, which is their DVD store.


Overall, I found this to be one of the better mature/teen sites I've seen. While the chicks could be a bit more teen in their looks, most are fairly young looking and there's a diverse array of scenarios. The guys are pretty funny but they fuck like rabbits so don't count these "geezers" out yet! The girls come in all flavors, blond, brunette, busty, tiny tit, latina, etc. If they continue to update on their current two week schedule, Jurassic Cock will remain a good addition to the PornPros line-up.  


I still want to see real dinosaur sex, so maybe some enterprising porn studio will explore that micro niche and we can see some REALLY jurassic cocks! A girl can dream!


Membership: One Day Trial: $1; Monthly: $24.94; 90 Days: $59.97. And don’t forget you get 21 exclusive sites for the price of ONE with your purchase when you join Porn Pros, plus webcams and bonus sites too! Join by credit card or check.


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