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Reviewed 04 November 2010


I’ve reviewed quite a stash of solo girl sites recently and while they have all been passable its always nice to come across a site that truly pays homage to a sexy starlet and geared around the fan. If I was totally honest I was approaching this one with a little trepidation. Maybe I’ve become jaded, wanked too much or just getting bored with similar formats, but fuck me, this site is really good and exactly what a true fan site should be.


Jessica Jaymes is a well known name in the industry having appeared in nigh on 100 adult titles. She was born in frosty Anchorage, Alaska in 1979 (I’ve also seen reports of 1981 but think that maybe a bit of bull). Anyway, that makes her, 31 years old or 29 depending on what you read. Either way she could suck my nuts dry any day and is as hot as they come. She is wonderfully tall (5’ 7’’) and elegant with a 34D-22-33 body to masturbate over. I guess her claim to fame was being the very first ‘Hustler’ contract girl in 2004 and Hustler ‘Honey of the Year‘. Not forgetting ‘Penthouse Pet of the Month’ for August 2008. Funnily enough this cock slapping babe started out teaching 4th-6th graders (apparently), but obviously got sidetracked by cock (fuck you school brats!). Jessica has also appeared in the US TV series ‘Weeds’ (bit part by the sound of it), presented Playboy TV’s ‘Totally Busted’ and participated in the wacko reality show ‘Celebrity Rehab - Sober House‘. So she certainly gets about - enough already, this is her official website, enjoy!


Okay the site design is fucking awesome, everything is how it should be and its girly pink just like Jessica’s yummy gash. Navigation is simple and there are plenty of self explanatory menu headings - in fact so many your mouse will groan with pleasure.


Porn sites live or die by their content and here no kiss of life is required as the archive is big for a solo gal site. Something which is even more surprising (and pleasing) is that although this site has only been online two years there is more to view here than at a lot of more established sites (not mentioning any names). Currently there are 220 dirty movies and 153 photosets. I’m thankful the webmaster decided to separate these into individual categories as I get bored easy and its nice to flick straight to a solo movie or a girl/girl scene, webcam show, etc rather than wading endlessly through a random collection. The thumbnail presentation works brilliantly and provides details such as upload date, category and number of images/video per section. This makes for a visually useful experience (for want of a better phrase).


Stream the movies online or download in one of three formats: WMV, MPEG-4 and FLV. All served up in red hot 1280x720 resolution to fill your computer monitors screen. To be fair their all great looking and average out at about 15-20 minutes each.


Photosets are equally tasty and you’ll definitely want to download the zip files. I should mention that the link appears at the bottom of each gallery but its hyperlink colour is almost identical to the background scheme so look carefully, its there somewhere (hover over it). Expect over 100 images per set, some less, some a lot more.


The update schedule is weekly (or better) so no complaints there - bang on the money. Three bonus sites are included with your membership which just makes me want to cry with pleasure! See links below for more info.


Action is composed of solo posing, lesbian and solid hardcore (blow jobs, squirting, fucking etc) plus some very entertaining webcam shows (plus archive). Plenty to do and see at so you don’t even need to be a fan to really dig this quality production.


There are just two membership deals at this moment: $29.95 for 30 days or $69.95 for 90 days. I know which one I’d choose but I’ll leave it with you porn lovers - blow your budget and blow your load it all equates to the same thing.


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