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Reviewed 01 August 2008

Revised 04 November 2008 (see later)


For loyal fans of Jenna Jameson, life wouldn’t be complete without being a member of her official website, would it? So, let’s take a peek at the goodies she (and her site!) have to offer. Jenna has been the reigning Queen of Porn for several years now, and as you might expect, her site has the polished, professional porn appearance befitting her status. After a few moments of slight confusion upon opening the first page (the club member gateway), there are links to other  porn stars on the left hand side where you have to look down the list midway to find the link saying Jenna Jameson, but once there, you’ll be taken to a variety of hot and sexy Jenna-related areas for your viewing pleasure. The site is divided into fairly easy to navigate areas starting with Movies where you can purchase her DVD’s, check out the schedule for her Live Webcam Chat schedule, or download clips in WMV format showcasing scenes from selected videos which appear at various places around the site. I downloaded one clip which featured Jenna lying on a table clad in black leather as another hot babe ran an ice cube over her body. Very nice, and of course top quality professional video. No need to worry about poor lighting or amateur camera angles at this site.


Moving on, there’s a Photos section with some really steamy photo galleries taken of Jenna in behind the scenes shots (as only the amazing Ms. Jameson can do it!). That girl can get her body into some pretty wild poses! There’s another set entitled Pornstar Pics, which are mainly glam pin-up style photos showing her in all kinds of erotic scenes and costumes (or lack thereof), and an additional gallery of Jenna’s porn star friends. Click on the images and they’ll be full  size so you can see all the juicy details up close.  I would have liked more photos, but that’s just me - greedy! Nothing seriously hardcore here, but if you love the bodacious and curvaceous eye candy that IS Jenna, you’ll find enough to keep you happy and occupied in these galleries.


After thoroughly exploring the photos, your next stop is Club Jenna which is divided into four areas: Club JennaLive, Club Jenna Girls, Club JennaTV, and Club Jenna Movies. Again, this is where it gets a little confusing - for instance, Club Jenna TV is a link to the Playboy Channel and Club Jenna Movies features a mixed bag of videos of different genres (MILF, boobs, etc.) and different porn stars. If you want Jenna exclusively, you have to do a little sorting through other videos in this particular area, and at different areas of the website, but that’s a small issue overall, especially if  one of your other  fave porn stars is here. So, keep in mind that the term Club Jenna is sort of an umbrella term that does not necessarily mean she’s there in that category. If you’re into webcams, Club Jenna Girls looks pretty hot for some private one-on-one fun. The web designers obviously know what people want these days, so they strive to give it. A little raunchy mixed with a little classy - that seems to be the message here.


Next on the tour is  Jenna’s Store. Ya gotta hand it to the lady, she’s made it a convenient area to insure that all your sex needs are taken care of, from toys (yes, you can even order the Jenna Jameson Love Doll, a bit pricey at $249.95 but if you’re up to the challenge, maybe it’s just what you’ve been looking for), thousands of DVD’s, vibes, lube, clothes, and a pubic hair trimmer (Jenna’s Hot Trimmer). Some may criticize her for going commercial and becoming a brand name, but it seems to be working for her.  It’s actually pretty nice to have everything in a one stop shopping area, and the prices seem fairly competitive with other online sex toy shops.


I liked the way the DVD area is clearly categorized (girl on girl, anal, MILF, boobs, etc.) so you can quickly get into your favorite place and start surfing for the video you want. Featured studios include Vivid, Reality Kings, Spice, Teravision, and several others. DVD’s are available in a variety of formats: Pay per minute, DivX download, Windows Media, and Download To Own. The site has over 30,000 streaming video titles. They also have a nice feature called Gamelink which allows you to accumulate points for discounts on your video purchases. I’ve never used that feature, but perhaps it’s worth looking into. When shopping, check out their various specials and coupons, and sign up for their email newsletter to take advantage of even more specials.


The videos in their fairly extensive library run the gamut from hard to softcore, so there’s something for just about everyone’s tastes here. She’s known for doing really great girl on girl scenes (check out Brianna Loves Jenna). Knowing Jenna, she wants to include everybody in the action! And speaking of knowing Jenna, there’s lots of biographical info about her at the site, her life story, how she got into the adult industry, and what has made her a star with staying power. There’s an extensive News archive listing many of her achievements in the industry.  In that sense, this is a fan site as well as a porn site.  They’ve even got a handy little Ebay link to find Jenna collectibles, as well as  an emall where you can buy just about every Jenna item under the sun, from caps  to mugs to T-shirts. There’s a section called Fun Stuff that was  a bit cutesy for my taste, like a puzzle and a screen saver, but after all, she has tried to take her persona into the  mainstream somewhat, so maybe that’s an understandable reflection of her personality. If you’re not a fan of Jenna Jameson, her activities, her contributions, and getting up close and personal with her, then some of the info and other data at the site might not be of interest to you. But if you are, it’s great to have everything in one place to learn more about her life and what she’s been doing or has planned for the future.


Even though this is one hot looking lady, with one of the greatest bods in the business, she’s not your average porn star - whether people agree or disagree, she has shown that she’s part of her community and not just a spread her legs gal. Maybe that’s why people gravitate to her, and why she has been so popular, apart from her awesome sexual talents on camera. So, the fan element of the site is something you’ll either like or not, depending on why you’re there. She’s emerged as something of a sex advice guru, so it’s not surprising that there’s an area called Jenna’s Love Hub where she has a couple of different dating/sex advice columns. Right now, there’s 18 pages of sex advice at  one of the areas, so she’s been a busy girl giving out  her  tips and pointers! If that’s not your thing, then skip over that  and stick to the pics/videos, but I thought her advice was pretty good! If nothing else, it makes for an interesting and even amusingly insightful read at times.


Clearly, the site has been built around the Club Jenna theme, which allows her to branch off into different directions and categories, whether it’s in the area of DVD’s, video on demand, podcasts, webcams, mobile downloads or live chat. An effort has been made here to hit all the bases and cover a lot of territory to give the member a variety of choices. It’s not a huge site in terms of pages and pages of content,  but there’s still a fair amount of stuff to look at. The site says it is updated daily, and if you’re a Jenna fan, might keep you aware of her various appearances, TV shows, and other publicity or promotions  currently happening in her busy porn star life. Again, the main  thing I found somewhat irritating about the site was clicking on a link that I thought was going to be an exclusive Jenna link and finding other porn stars being promoted. But that really wasn’t a huge  problem.


Since my last review of, the ClubJenna network of sites has been redesigned with a few navigational and visual improvements to boot. Because Jenna Jameson's life is different these days (she's pregnant and says she's retired from the adult biz), there may not be as many updates and additions to her site; however, there are photos and videos being added: I found 5 new photo sets and 4 new videos in the update area as of 4 November 2008. Shown at "What's Coming Soon" - three pictures dated 11-15-2008, 11-19-2008, and 5-10-2010. I don't know if these are videos or photos as it was not indicated.


Jenna has also made some effort to update her diary, the latest entry being October 13. There were three entries shown, from September 19 thru October 13. Not a lot, and rather minimal entries, so not much new to report there, but at least she is making some attempt to keep in touch with fans on some level. There's still a link to the old members area to access photos, videos, etc. that were part of the original site. There are some updates there also, most of them in Jenna's Pornstar Pics area. Jenna also hosts a radio show on Playboy Sirius Radio called "The Pa Jenna Party". Even though Ms Jameson has shifted her career focus, if you are a Jenna fan, there is content being added to her site that you'll want to check out if you enjoy her iconic work in the industry.


A new 1 Day Trial membership is just $0.95, 30 Day Membership is $29.95 and a One Year is $95.95. That’s a little higher than average, but then again, this is a porn icon, so if you look at it from that standpoint it’s pretty reasonable. As part of membership at Jenna's site, members also receive free access to 13+ reality sites. Plus, there really is a lot at your fingertips here, between the DVD’s and the online stores. If you’ve been a fan of Jenna’s and want a convenient, one-stop location for her, this is the place for you.


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