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Reviewed 01 June 2009


Welcome to a world where Japanese schoolgirls take "sex lessons from horny Asian studs and western pussy hunters."  While this is a small collection (13 videos), it's a wonderfully exciting little gem of a site, the type of treasure trove of vids that puts an evil grin on my face. This batch of schoolgirl pleasures features tiny titty Japanese chickies who certainly have the schoolgirl look down. As we all know, it takes more than a cute plaid skirt, knee socks, white cotton panties and a starched uniform to make it worth your viewing time. If you're in the mood for a taste of more authentic young teen fucking than you're accustomed to seeing from American porn studios, I feel confident that hanging out at Japanese Schoolgirls will fulfill your erotic desires. Most sites produced in the U.S. do a rather poor job in the teen niche market, featuring jaded girls from the typical Porn Valley production companies who long ago lost the ability to portray shy and horny teen innocence, mainly because most of them are into their 20's and already know their way around a porn set quite well. That's why this site is so sweet and hot, so let's get in and look around.


Japanese Schoolgirls is part of the mega ManiacPass network, which also offers 20 other Asian fetish sites, so they do a good job of catering to those of you into Asian porn. Sometimes it's difficult to tell whether an Asian chick is enjoying herself or in pain, but in a perverse way, that's what makes this type of porn hot, watching their oddly blank and submissive look. Like many of the sites at ManiacPass, the setup is quite basic, not a lot of bells and whistles, but it gets the job done.


The first thing that caught my eye was the word used for the title of each scene: "Burusera" , so I naturally decided to find out what it meant, being the true pornhound I am. So, here's your Japanese porn lesson for the day. The word "burusera" is apparently derived from the words "bloomer seller", Japanese school girls who sell their used underwear for lots of Yen. The site itself doesn't show girls selling their panties, but I guess that word adds a bit of spice to the scenarios. So, don't say I never tried to teach ya anything here at XXXpwnage, okay? :)


Once into the Members area, you'll find three sample pics for each scene. It appears that 3-4 different girls are featured, although there's no specific model bio or information provided. The scenes average around 20+ minutes, with the longest being 31 minutes, so that was good. The shorter scenes are called "Bonus" and categorized as "behind the scenes", and they run about 8-16 minutes. The movie length, an "Add to Favorites" link, a rating area, and links to categories within the network (Asian, hairy, teen, uniform, etc.) are all conveniently and clearly shown. Nice uncluttered viewing, no annoying ads. In most scenes, the girl's pussies tend to be natural, though in some they are bald/shaved. Either way, they are hot hot hot, tight and wet. These are super petite girls who do their best to take the cock with a range of sexy and authentic facial expressions. One scene is interracial w/ a Black guy, so I guess he's the "western pussy hunter" they refer to in the advertising lol.


To sample these tight and juicy wares, I downloaded Burusera Scene 4, and watched a solid 23 minutes of highly arousing teen stuff. Whoever this girl is, she's good at what she does. This tinny titted little wonder starts things off with her legs apart, wearing a black and white top and underpants, while the guy vibes her on the outside of her pants. Very good tease and slow build-up, (as a good/shy schoolgirl would naturally do), and he gets her pants off to vibe her clit/pussy directly. All the action proceeds very genuinely and without a lot of hype. This tight little gal has to be warmed up real well so he can fuck her properly. He pulls her pussy lips apart for some nice pink close-ups. He fucks her mish, doggy and on her side, she sucks him like a good girl, and he finally cums on her girlish tits. Some viewers might not like the somewhat incessant whimpering/moaning sounds she makes throughout, but I liked it (okay, I'm weird), and thought it added to the overall feel of the mood. I also liked the simplicity of the scene - no cheesy music or scripted set-up other than the girl's natural reactions and interactions to what he's doing to her schoolgirl body. NICE. Again, difficult to tell at times whether she's feeling pleasure or pain, perhaps a mixture of both. I have to say, this is where most American-made porn misses the boat for me, and I wish more porn looked like this material. Scene includes 139 screenshots of good quality, not huge but fairly good size, 640x480.


I checked out the "Bonus" Scene 2 which turned out to be an extremely good solo masturbation scene with the same talented little gal. Wow, loved it. She starts out teasing then raising her cute schoolgirl top to show off her white bra with little bow. Her pouty expression is erotically perfect - a bit blank, but it works in this setting. The way she looks into the camera really gets me! She rubs outside her white panties (these will sell for a LOT of Yen when she gets done with 'em!), and she vibes herself with a Rabbit vibe until she has a fantastic series of real orgasms. No faking here, she cums hard. Dayyyum! A trickle of creamy pussy juice runs out, nice camera angle... if you're not hotter than hell after watching her, then I guess this just isn't your type of scene. But if it is, satisfaction is guaranteed. Running time: 8:55 minutes. Not sure why they categorize it as "behind the scenes" but whatever the case it's good stuff. It included 53 screenshots. Here's the scene description from the Tour page: "In modern Japanese schools girls learn something more than just calculus, geography or foreign languages. A special sex course that includes masturbation and sextoying was introduced back in 2000 and now you can watch this 18 y.o. cutie do her first dildo homework in front of her digital camera. After fucking her slick pussy to orgasm no wonder she gets an A for this awesome video."


I give her an A, that's for sure!


Movies can be downloaded in High, Medium and Low WMV, and each video has a set of screenshots which can be downloaded in zip file.


The sex at the site itself is nothing overly kinky - it's really the girls and their petite, tight bodies and natural expressions and orgasms that sell this place, plus the exotic appeal of seeing teeny Asian chicks at play. You'll see them use dildos and vibes in some very exciting ways.


A top navigation bar allows you to go to various links such as Browse Sites, Add to Favorites, Go To Favorites, and Customer Support.  Even though this is a small collection which may not be updating any further in the future, it's a tasty Fortune Cookie worth cracking WIDE open!!!


Membership details: 30 days: $29.95 or 90 day membership only $0.67 a day - special offer, ONE TIME charge, save $30! Pay by credit card or phone or online check for US customers, direct debit for EU customers, JCB card for Asian customers!


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