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Reviewed 03 June 2009


Every guy's wet dream: a Japanese Office Slut, submissively ready to do whatever the boss wants, whenever he wants, her eyes shyly lowered, on her hands and knees or legs obediently spread wide. Japanese Office Sluts is a hot and horny 14-video collection which is part of the huge ManiacPass porn network, and another quite good addition to their Asian line-up of sites devoted to those who love watching girls from the Land of the Rising Sun bringing their special brand of natural sexuality to the screen. I was quite curious to find out just what the clerical duties of a Japanese Office slut are. Typing? Working on the computer? Actually, fucking, blowjobs, and masturbating for the bosses' personal relaxation after a busy day is a more accurate job description. Japanese businessmen are well-known to be workaholics, so they need an outlet in those superheated Tokyo offices, don't they?


The layout and navigation of this site is easy and clear-cut. Each scene shows three sample pics which gives you a tantalizing view of an Asian office slut, along with the running time of the video, a rating area, and the search categories to find similar scenes in the ManiacPass network. There are no model bios available for the girls so I don't know if any of these girls are known pornstars in Japan. Even though this is a small collection, the good news is that the average running time on the videos is 20+ minutes, the longest being 33 minutes so at least you do get a fairly good amount of content. Mixed in are "bonus" videos described as "behind the scenes" which are shorter clips, running around 9-10 minutes. I downloaded Scene 3 of the collection and found that the video is entirely in Japanese. Since I don't happen to speak Japanese, I could only wonder what the setup was between the slut and the boss, but amazingly I found it didn't really detract much from my enjoyment of their scene which ran 25 minutes and contained 150 good quality screenshots available in zip file.


In the opener, we see the boss sitting at his desk looking through a magazine and finds hidden within the pages some explicit nude photos of the office slut. He tosses the photos in her face while she apparently tries to explain what they are. She's dressed in a short blue skirt, white blouse and blue vest - sweet yet sexy office uniform style attire. Whatever the issue is about the forbidden photos, these two proceed to really get it on - either he is extremely turned on by her pics or he's punishing her for being such a slut. Their first contact is a SUPER hot French kiss and deep tonguing. She's naturally pretty in a prim office way, and I must say that the male performer of the duo is quite a stud, very hot and attractive indeed, so certainly no complaints on that score. He's well endowed and in my book, there's nothing quite as sexy as a well hung, handsome Asian dude. He's wearing a blue shirt (did they color coordinate their wardrobe? lol) and they look really good together. She tongues his nipple and he pulls off his pants so she can give him a nice slutty blowjob. He gets into some rough play with her beautiful all natural breasts and nipples. Sizzlin is all I can say about that! In keeping with the way many Asian porn chicks perform, she makes a lot of sexy pain/pleasure whimpering noises that I personally find erotically exciting. She sports an all natural muff which is a nice change from the bare/shaved look of most American porn. Her white panties (businesslike, eh?) seem to also be a staple of some Japanese porn (see my review of Japanese Schoolgirls), which he pulls down along with her pantyhose. Throughout the scene, she keeps one leg of the pantyhose on, haphazard, just like in real life sex... nice touch. He then goes down on her while she moans and fully gets into it. Finally they start fucking in various positions. He finger fucks her and bangs her fairly hard for a prolonged time, so if you want to see a solid session of pure Asian fucking, this one is for you. Excellent close-ups of her VERY wet sopping pussy, so keep a supply of Kleenex nearby (need I say more?).


My only disappointment about this particular scene is that you don't see an "in the office" type of setting for this one. The Tour page seems to indicate that the setup here is a hotel room where the office slut is expected to provide sex to the boss during her office duties or travels. But it's all part of the business theme here, so it does fit with the overall goal of the site. The sex is really first-rate and there are no toys used (dildos, vibes, etc). Unless a natural bush on a female is a turn off for you, I think these two beautiful performers will keep you intrigued and eager to watch every single video in this collection.


I checked out the "Bonus" 3 scene because the sample pics showed the girl sitting by a computer at a desk, I was looking for a real office slut. This was a solo masturbation scene with the boss peering at her while she fingers her dripping wet pussy. She's totally nude, with small perfect boobs and as with the other scene, she is pretty, authentic and looks like she experiences a real orgasms. Yummy stuff all the way around. The bonus scenes are shorter than the full-length vids (running time on this one is 7 min), and there was no context for the scene in terms of the "office slut" theme other than the fact that she's at a desk with a compute and the boss is leering at her self-pleasure. Frankly, does it matter? Not for me it didn't!


The scene contains 46 screenshots in zip file, fairly good size and clear at 640x480. Again, the girl has a natural bush and you get plenty of close-ups of her wet thatch. A very very good masturbation scene!


The top navigation bar gives links to browse the hundreds of sites within the Maniac network, add scenes to your favorites, and go to Customer Support.


Looking through some of the other scenes, most of them showed a computer or desk in the background so it seems that an effort is made to carry out the office worker theme. There's one hot looking threeway (two dudes doing a white-pantied office slut), sex on desks, and lovely petite cuties licking, sucking and fucking. Damn I love those white panties pulled aside to reveal the pink - a really nice change from whore red! Due to the language barrier, most viewers aren't going to know or care too much about the specifics of the setup. As long as these hot Asian girls do what they do best, I'm pretty confident that'll be more than enough! After watching this stuff, you may pack your bags and head to Japan... but instead of doing that, it's a lot cheaper to just get a subscription to Japanese Office Sluts and enjoy the show from the convenience of your own pervy little house!


Membership details: 30 days: $29.95 or 90 day membership only $0.67 a day - special offer, ONE TIME charge, save $30! Pay by credit card or phone or online check for US customers, direct debit for EU customers, JCB card for Asian customers!


The Maniac network is a SUPER value!!!


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